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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newspaper ignores Obama victory II: Sapulpa Daily Herald under fire

The Terrell Tribune in Texas was joined by The Sapulpa Daily Herald from Sapulpa, Oklahoma, in not publishing news about Obama's victory last week, sparking a protest in Sapulpa, just like the Tribune did in Terrell.

The front page of the Herald did include one paragraph reporting that the majority of Creek County voted for John McCain.

According to the Herald's news story about the protest:

Members of the Afro-American community have been very vocal about the Herald’s failure to put Barack Obama’s win in the Wednesday edition after the elections.

The Herald has dealt daily with a barrage of phone calls and visits and the protestors began arriving in front of the newspaper offices Friday morning.

As for what was on the front page and covered in the paper:

On the Nov. 5 edition, the Herald headlined Sheriff Steve Toliver’s win and followed that with Rep. Mark McCullough’s win. Continuing with the front page coverage, the Herald headlined Senators Jim Inhofe and Frank Lucas heading back to Washington, D.C. and the voters of Creek County approving the funding for the new juvenile detention center. A brief synopsis of how the state voted in the presidential race was included along with judge retention results, corporation commission results, and state questions.

Publisher Darren Sumner was quoted as saying that he would have done the same thing had McCain won:

"Our main focus is to be a local newspaper," Sumner said.

He agrees the Presidential election is a big news event, but with a circulation of 5,000, readers don't turn to the Herald for big news.

"I'm sure they read about it (the election) and watched it on T.V.; or got on the Internet and followed it as many people did and knew complete coverage before we were gonna go to press."

Watch the story:

NB: I tried to find an email contact at the Daily Herald, but all I got on their "contact us" page was "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet etc." A common placeholder letting the web team know that text is supposed to go there.

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What's next, can I not roll up a newspaper containing a picture of Obama for fear of disrespecting The One?

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-11 8:45:36 AM

"the Afro-American community"?

That is SOOOOOOO 1970s!

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-11-11 8:52:43 AM

These people are nuts. If they aren't interested in the sort of stories that this paper wants to cover then don't read it. This is not like it is the only source of news for this community.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2008-11-11 8:54:03 AM

Newspapers should be unbias and write the facts.

Posted by: Davis, Southlake | 2008-11-11 8:58:24 AM

My hometown is less than 12K and the paper circulation is about the same as Supupla and Terrel newspaper. Like the other two towns--my hometown voted McCain too, but our editor had common and fair sense and published the presidential race with Barack picture. Newspapers should report history no matter if it is local or national, etc.

Posted by: Jared Sumtner, Bastrop | 2008-11-11 9:09:27 AM

unless the name of the newspaper is Pravda or something similiar they are free to publish whatever the hell they want regardless of what little left wing stormtroopers say

Posted by: x2para | 2008-11-11 12:29:51 PM

I am from Sapulpa, (class of 1967). I currently live in Sedona, Az.,
and John McCain's cabin is approximately 15 miles from my home.
Sarah Palin came here to prep for her debate speech. I work in a spa where McCain's secret service guys come to exercise, and we
welcome John when he is here. We are a tiny bluespot (11K) in
a solid red state, and our newspaper is unbiased when reporting
the news, especially with such an exciting and historical election!
Come on Darren Sumner, apologize for your poor judgement.
Make me still proud to be from Sapulpa! You can print this!!
Sharman Marchant

Posted by: Sharman Marchant | 2008-11-11 1:39:31 PM

I am an 'Afro-American’ and this is a free country where a newspaper can print whatever it wants. Besides, I think it speaks more to the local residents of Sapulpa that their editor knows they are more interested, and will continue to support a paper, where the interest is greater about the pot holes on Main St. than they are about who is elected President of the United States. Those country bumpkins are so far off the radar they probably don't have to pay taxes, have any kids go to Iraq or think beyond the end of their nose. But to be fair we shouldn’t expect too much from them - I read in a recent edition of The Sapulpa Daily Herald that next year they might be able to get 'store bought shoes'.

Posted by: Allen | 2008-11-11 3:37:56 PM

Did they print anything about Bush's win over Gore in 2000 and over Kerry in 2004? If so, they should do the same with Obama, obviously. No preference, no omittance.

Posted by: Jessica Leon | 2008-11-11 5:40:37 PM

I would also add that if they want to say they're a predominantly Republican area and that's the reason for reporting Bush's victory in 2000, go back to when Clinton was elected. Did they print anything about his victory? If so, then I believe the underlying intent is quite clear.

Posted by: Darrell J | 2008-11-12 7:06:01 AM

Why doesn,t this suprise me? Children gather around (hey... this also applies the two of you hanging out in the back) and I'll tell you why.
It,s obviuos that their core readership consists of incestuous, mouth breathing, alcoholic hillbillies. What a coincidence, that's also the base of the republican party.

Posted by: al | 2008-11-12 3:05:32 PM

Please don't judge those of us who live in backward places. "They" do that to us all the time. I am living in a town, surrounded by little towns, and NONE of the local papers printed anything about President Obama's win! I went to complain and was ridiculed for suggesting it should have been front page news. Actually, it wasn't inside newsworthy either it seems. I will forever be disgusted by that!

The President of the United States affects every town---as we have noted this past 8 years, sadly enough.

Posted by: bnk | 2008-11-14 10:03:30 PM

Of all the problems that are currently affecting this world and THIS is what people choose to focus their attention on. How sad is that?

Posted by: DB | 2008-11-17 9:16:17 AM

You can't compare what was front page when Clinton or George W. was elected.
The current publisher was years away from being the publisher of the Sapulpa Daily Herald. I have known Darren Sumners for several years. He has been involved with small town newspapers for several years. he has always been successful publishing what he thought the small town market was interested in.
I can tell you in no way is he racist>!!!
He just runs his bussiness the way he see's fit.
That is what freedom is about.

Posted by: Don D | 2008-11-25 12:13:05 PM

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