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Friday, November 28, 2008

Motion of no confidence

Here is the text of the motion that the Liberals will put forward to the House;

That, in light of the Conservatives' failure to recognize the seriousness of Canada's economic situation, and its failure in particular to present any credible plan to stimulate the Canadian economy and to help workers and businesses in hard-pressed sectors such as manufacturing, the automotive industry and forestry, this House has lost confidence in this government, and is of the opinion that a viable alternative government can be formed within the present House of Commons.

The NDP have said that there is no deal for a coalition government. What then is the viable alternative? 72 Liberals? Even if the NDP and Liberals do sit in government together, would such a government be stable?

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on November 28, 2008 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Looks like the rich of Ontario are scared that Harper won't sign a blank check to bail them out.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-28 3:38:36 PM

It is at times like this that people have a chance to see the real nature and character of their politicians. When the Liberals are willing to thrust the country into a political and economic crisis of immense instability – and this would trigger not only a recession, but a full-blown depression in Canada – over a lousy $1.95, voters realize that there is a reason why the Liberals have been unable to raise funds to stay afloat: because they are a joke and really have no place in the political landscape any longer.

Posted by: Werner Patels @ The Right Comment | 2008-11-28 4:03:44 PM

"Credible" is such a flakey term. Those who believe in bailouts should present evidence to show that they work in the long run.

Posted by: DML | 2008-11-28 6:52:10 PM

To Zebulon Pike:

What about Alberta with the tumbling oil prices?

Posted by: Tim Trudeau | 2008-11-29 1:29:30 AM

Falling oil prices are nothing new, in fact they were to be expected. Albertans still had the sense to exploit high energy prices while they lasted.

Now if there was some scam/scheme like the NEP or Kyoto right now, there'd be problems. Thank goodness the Liebral/NDP/Green Alliance isn't in power. Otherwise Alberta would have to secede.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-29 9:24:14 AM

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