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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Monte Solberg: Pure awesome

Solbergmonte_cpc Former MP Monte Solberg -- free of the shackles that kept him from saying the things he probably wanted to say after retiring -- has put together one of the finest bits of column-writing I've seen in a while (here's the other one I'm particularly happy with today.) The gist? Government can't fix your problems.

Here's a nice long excerpt from the piece:

Good, election season is over. Now we can all quit pretending that presidents and prime ministers can wave a wand and solve everyone's problems.

I know that this is alarming news and I apologize for not mentioning this before the election campaigns were over.

It's just that mentioning it to certain people during the campaign would have been like explaining to children that Santa has perished in a horrible reindeer accident and there won't be gifts this year. But the time has come to tell the truth, and the truth is this: Leading scientists have now proven that 97% of the problems faced by you and me are best addressed by you and me.

I wish to make two points before some people start to protest these new scientific findings.

First, this new study has been confirmed by the experience of all of human history.

Second, I have used the words "scientist" and "scientific" so it's really not appropriate for ordinary non-scientific people to question what science has uncovered.

This new information is especially relevant today as people look at their stock portfolio and ask these two questions: Where can I find the Kraft Dinner, and what is the government going to do to fix this?

The answers to these important questions are that the Kraft Dinner is on aisle five, and that saving money by buying Kraft Dinner is a much better solution to our problems than politicians who use the crisis to try and justify massively expanding the government.

Simple, right?

It's not complicated. The more politicians spend, the less taxpayers get to save. I should know. I am a recovering politician.

Go read the rest. If you want more info on Solberg, check out the retrospective on Solberg Matthew Johnston put together here.

h/t JT

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A real loss - he should have been the finance minister.

Posted by: Craig | 2008-11-06 5:45:15 PM

I used to keep an office in the same building as he. It got a little scary meeting Zulu warriors in the common area. I guess that comes with the territory for an Immigration Minister. Such is the changing face of "Canada" I suppose. Just wondering if Mr. Solberg's sense of smell is reminding him why he got out of Brooks in the first place. Yikes!

Posted by: dp | 2008-11-06 6:57:29 PM

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