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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eternally Byfield


Ric Dolphin writes:

This is one of the photos contained in The Book of Ted, a hardcover collection of 70 of Ted Byfield's best Alberta Report columns that my small publishing company, Keystone Press, produced in 1997. It shows Ted and his wife Virginia in 1955 with children (l - r: Mike, Phillippa and Link). I came across a couple of boxes of the book recently when I was cleaning up my garage and was amazed at how engaging - even fresh - many of Ted's erudite harangues remain. Yet one is left with the picture a superannuated Quixote, tilting at windmills that have gained the status of turbines. And in Canada today, where a "conservative" prime minister crawls so far up his own rectum as to be indistinguishable from the Liberal "thugs" whom Ted rails against in his most venomous, NEP-era columns, wind turbines are as unassailable as abortion itself. And on the topic of abortion, here's an excerpt from rather good Byfield exposition on the gruesome practice from 1980:

Here is a problem in "values" of the type that modern social studies teachers are encouraged to pose. Several men are out in the woods hunting. Suddenly one of them sees something move in the bush. At last, he rejoices, a deer. Then a warning flashes through his mind. That might not be a deer. That might be one of the other hunters. Question for the class: Should the hunter fire at the thing if there's a chance it's another human being? The approved answer is no.

I encountered serious trouble once by asking this question on a CBC television program. In fact, the tape was killed, the program was never run, and I was never invited back. For the man I asked the question of was the celebrated Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who was currently making his appeal of a conviction for performing abortions. He was one of the current heroes of the CBC and I was supposed to know that you therefore did not ask him questions that were "hypothetical" or "unfair."

The question may be hypothetical but it is certainly not unfair. The doctor, along with other liberals who defend this hideous practice, in effect argue as follows: we do not know at what point during pregnancy a fetus or an embryo becomes, in fact, a human being - whether at the instant of conception, or at the instant of birth, or at some other intervening stage. Because of this uncertainty, abortion may be permitted at some elementary phase of growth. In other words, since we do not know whether the thing is human or isn't, then it is all right to kill it, the very reverse of the conclusion that sane people would reach in the case of the hunter. The moral principle must surely be: if you don't know, you don't kill it. The abortionist argues: if you don't know, you may.

For more on the Book of Ted, including an account of a recent beery lunch I had with the irrepressible octogenarian himself, and details on how you may acquire one of the few remaining volumes of the book, visit my blog at www.ricdolphin.com.

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Dr. Henry Morgentaler = Joseph Mengele wannabe

Posted by: Condor | 2008-11-20 2:14:57 PM

Thanks for the update, Ric. It's good that the Byfields have some good news in their lives (the replaced house) at least...

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2008-11-22 7:04:25 AM

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