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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Earning your Western Standard bonifides the hard way: “Right or Wrong”

Nothing gives you street cred on the Western Standard faster than having been driven off the air by a politically correct campus radio station.

After an on-air discussion of Islamic history on the “Right or Wrong” radio program, the Carleton University-based station, CKCU, cancelled the program.

"Right or Wrong," with co-hosts Emrys Graefe and James Cohen, is now, of course, the latest addition to Western Standard Radio.

In a news story in the campus paper, The Charlatan, co-host Cohen said:

"One has this impression that universities are these wonderful free-speech zones where no idea is sacred and you can freely debate it and have exchange of ideas.  The truth of the matter is that universities, and Canadian media for that matter, adhere more to the principles of someone's right not to be offended."

The Charlatan also reported that:

The 'Right or Wrong' program continued to air its opinions with the Western Standard magazine last week.

Editor-in-chief Peter Jaworski said he was made aware of the show by reading an article about its cancellation.

"I don't know why CKCU would cancel them, I think they did a fair job," Jaworski said. "I'm happy and excited to have them on board here at the Western Standard."

Once again, welcome aboard Emrys and James.

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