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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Conservative letter versus Liberal letter

Central to the current political crisis is the Liberals' inability to fundraise as effectively as the Conservatives. To underline this I received two e-mails asking for donations. One is from the Liberals and other is from the Conservatives.

Liberal Friend,

In times of turmoil, Canadians expect their political representatives to set aside partisan difference, roll up their sleeves and get to work protecting their jobs, savings and pensions.

Yesterday's economic update is a betrayal of that basic principle. Not only have the Conservatives failed to offer any stimulus for the Canadian economy, they have introduced a proposal expressly designed to silence the opposition by eliminating public funding for political parties.

Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty know this proposal is controversial. In fact, they are counting on it to distract you. Together, let's keep them accountable.

The simple fact is that the Conservatives messed up. In less than three years, they have frittered away a $13 billion surplus and $3 billion contingency fund and are predicting a $6 billion deficit.

But once again, Stephen Harper has put partisan interests ahead of the national interest. At a time when Canadians are looking for a sense of hope, Harper's Conservatives are looking for political gain.

You deserve better. Canada deserves better.

We need your help now. The Liberal opposition is committed to a fiscal stimulus program that will restore the health of the Canadian economy. The Conservatives insist on playing politics while the economy spirals downward.  Please make a donation right now and help make sure we have the resources to hold them to account on your behalf and on behalf of all Canadians.

Thank you,

Doug Ferguson
President, Liberal Party of Canada

Authorized by the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, registered agent for the Liberal Party of Canada

Not a bad letter but it doesn’t exactly make me want to charge the barricade. Read the Conservative letter and see what I mean.

Dear Mr. Macintyre,

The Liberal Party was completely rejected by Canadians in the last election. They received their lowest share of the popular vote since Confederation.

Now the Liberals are trying to take power through the back door.

As you read this letter, the Liberals are holding secret negotiations with the socialist NDP and the separatist Bloc Québécois to overturn the wishes of Canadian voters and take power.

They want to take power and impose on Canadians a Prime Minister without a personal mandate, a Liberal-NDP Coalition not one voter has ever endorsed and have it all backstopped by the separatist Bloc Québécois who simply want to destroy the country.

We need your help to ensure that they do not succeed! 

Senior Liberal insiders are trying to fool Canadians into thinking their scheme has something to do with the economy.

But it is clear the Liberals do not care about the economy. They only care about re-gaining power and re-gaining their entitlements. They've learned nothing since being turfed out of office over the sponsorship scandal.

On October 14th, Canadians passed judgment on the Liberals.

The Liberals have no mandate to lead a government.

The Liberals have no mandate to cut a deal with the NDP.

And the Liberals certainly do not have a mandate to cut a deal with the separatists who want to destroy our country. 

This backroom deal is so unprecedented and so undemocratic that Canadians must have their say.

This is Canada. The privilege to govern must be earned, not taken. We cannot let this happen.

When an election occurs - and it must - the Conservative Party will have to wage the fight of its life.

We now know we are no longer competing just with the Official Opposition. We are competing against a coordinated campaign between Liberals, socialists and separatists to impose their agenda on Canadians.

I am asking you to make an emergency donation of $200 or $100 - whatever you can afford to protect Canada's future and protect Canada's democracy from being hijacked by politicians who care about nothing more than power and entitlements.

In the last election, Conservatives stood together and spoke out loud and clear about the kind of Canada they wanted.

Now we must stand together once again to ensure that the wishes of the voters are respected.

Time is of the essence. Please respond immediately. 


Irving Gerstein,C.M., O.Ont
Chair, Conservative Fund Canada

PS: We also need you to write letters to the editor, call Talk Radio and let the Liberals and NDP know what you think of their plan to overturn the Government without seeking the consent of Canadians

The Liberals ask me to donate money to help give them a political advantage. The Conservatives ask me to donate to save democracy.

The Conservative language is fierier and more passionate. It is also more personal in that they used my name. The post script is a nice touch, they aren’t just asking for money. They are asking for you to be involved in any way that you can.

There are simple tricks to making a good fundraising letter. Even the formatting, with the small easily to read paragraphs, is better in the Conservative letter. As long as the Liberals can’t figure out these small details they will be at a continuous disadvantage.

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The bad Conservatives still do think they can buy an election with Money now do not seem to be able to reach the poor people or to get their support of Canada still, which seem to be a majority of people of Canada, those who rightfully despise the money hungry Conservatives.

Supposedly astute Conservative Stephen Harper Harper was a fool not to realize, see this already too.

No wonder he got a big shock, shot this weekend..

His False Pride comes before the big fall. History lessons reap themselves too.

as to the unprecedented take back, repossession by the east, by the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc supported by the majority of easterners now too this is something the west has also already experienced even when the oil and gas industry was nationalized by liberal Pierre Trudeau and was why he was and remains so popular in the east.

Wake up Conservatives the reality is you behave badly the east does not mind sending the police to your home to arrest you... Mr. Harper and Joe Clark included... the law, justice now works both ways.. in the east as well as in the west

and how long will your so called oil wealth even help you now that the oil prices have drastically dropped again too.. you may need a bailout from the east again Alberta too?

Posted by: the Non Conformer | 2008-11-30 8:58:26 AM

When you read these two letters the differences are striking. The Liberal letter is forward looking, honest and factual while the Conservative letter is rife with labels and mistruths. The Conservatives state that the opposition parties are conspiring to undo democracy which is false. The laws of our land clearly state that the opposition may form a coalition following a non-confidence vote. The liberal letter does not contain such fabrications. The liberals state that the government has failed to provide any reasonable response to our current economic crisis and should be replaced.

Posted by: Mark Cruickshank | 2008-11-30 9:14:52 AM

I thought this was a conservative blog, not a liberal/CBC weenie one. Back Harper all the way - at worst he's the better of two evils. At best, he's the only hope freedom, democracy and justice have. If he loses, then the corporations and unions of Ontario will resume their reign of terror and incompetence.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-30 9:22:45 AM

You should follow the news more closely. Party funding is no longer central to anything, as was already announced, in a weird choice of personnel, by John Baird.

Withdrawing it from the government's legislative proposals was, of course, the second stupidest thing Stephen Harper has ever done, at least as Prime Minister. But it's too late now.

And soon it may be too late for him to do anything stupid ever again -- at least as Prime Minister.

Posted by: Jeffery Ewener | 2008-11-30 9:52:32 AM

One thing both letters have in common is this,
your participation is unwelcome and unnecessary until they want your vote or your money. Then all of a sudden it becomes a great struggle for "our way of life" and you "must" do something.
What a dog and pony show...
The "so called" leaders of our nation care about one thing...themselves.
Don't forget to pay "Your" Taxes. :)

Posted by: JC | 2008-11-30 10:04:39 AM

Pike, huh? First of all blind obedience to a single political party is not what this blog is about. Second of all I don't think I wrote anything bad about Harper. I didn't really write anything bad about the Liberals. I merely posted both letters and commented on which was more effective.

Jeffery, this whole thing started because of the subsidy. I think I'm justified in saying that it is a central issue. Though I am very dissapointed to see the government back down on this.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2008-11-30 10:18:42 AM

There's no blind obedience from me, Hugh. I'm an Albertan, and the difference between the Conservatives and the Liberals is the same as that between right and wrong. The Liberals were the enemy long before Pierre the Terrible and the NEP. Alberta has always suffered under Liebral rule. The Conservatives may not be perfect, but they're way ahead of the alternative.

You Ontarians don't see this difference because neither party will pick you people out for harm.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-30 10:45:35 AM

Ahh the power of good direct response copy. Those of us who are in fund development in the charitible sector have known the science of it for years. It appears that now, some political parties are catching on.

Btw.. the Liberal letter is, in direct mail theory, is about the worst copy I've seen in a while. They would do themselves well to hire professionals instead of getting a party hack to do it.

Posted by: Tamara | 2008-11-30 1:18:30 PM

I just donated to the Conservatives.

Posted by: caban | 2008-11-30 5:57:03 PM

Harper is done. The CONservatives turkeys who got a Thanksgiving reprieve and were emboldened to believe they would make it through Christmas just fine, even if they swaggered around! lol. Imagine, the leaderless Liberals have Harper on the run! Harper, biggest clown since Joe Clark! Joe passes the idiot mantel onto Steve!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-11-30 6:07:12 PM

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