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Monday, November 10, 2008

A voice from the grave's edge

Today's Vancouver Sun features an extraordinary cri de coeur from former columnist and member of Parliament Paul St. Pierre. Here's a taste:

Our Canada is now very close to a condition in which everything that is not compulsory is forbidden. We have become prisoners of the state. Like modern jail prisoners, all our needs for balanced diet, climate-controlled shelter, approved and tested medication, mental health counselling, higher education, suitable entertainment, grief counselling and consensual safe sex are available free. The inmate lacks only freedom itself.

Here's the link to the entire piece.

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I was so stunned that this ran in the Vancouver Sun, not even a week after Obama-mania, I wrote a LTE in praise of Mr St. Pierre. Truly amazing...

Posted by: ShatteredShields | 2008-11-10 5:10:23 PM

Paul hits the nail on the head. Too bad most will refuse to see the sense that he is making and rationalize away his statement with...."But I have nothing to hide" How very sad and pathetic.
I do hope more people with his experience and credibility will continue to try and wake people up.

Posted by: JC | 2008-11-10 5:48:36 PM

Now if the Vancouver Sun and other MSM ran this theme on their front page and gave it the same amount of coverage they did for Obama, then maybe more people would wake up.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-11-10 6:28:14 PM

Having had the privilage to hear Paul St Pierre speak at a book reading he is also eloquent in speech. He believes strongly in our freedoms and is extremely anxious that we start fighting for them. It was six years ago that I met him and he believed the internet was the route to salvation for freedom loving people. At this point in time I get the feeling he is not so sure. Having read all his books I am definitely a fan but there is a message there whether you like his style or not.

Posted by: Blake | 2008-11-19 11:23:14 PM

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