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Thursday, November 27, 2008

$2.3 billion in crown assets for sale. Will Flaherty spend the cash or pay down the debt?

Kevin_gaudetThe Canadian Press is reporting that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty hopes to keep the government out of deficit in part by selling $2.3 billion in crown assets, including real estate, and making $2 billion in cuts by eliminating department waste and reining in perks for ministers and top bureaucrats.

The government is also proposing a temporary removal of the right to strike in the public service, perhaps indicating its intentions to get serious about reducing the size of government, and neutralizing the union opposition in advance.

I’m impressed.

As for the sale of government assets, it’s not entirely clear if the Harper Government intends to add this money directly to general revenue, or if the party will follow the advice of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) and apply these windfall revenues against the national debt, and use the interest savings for tax relief stimulus.

Kevin Gaudet with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation thinks the government should “turn assets into tax relief” by selling crown assets, paying down the debt and applying interest savings toward tax relief, which is exactly what the government’s own “tax back guarantee” policy does.

You can read the complete Western Standard interview with Kevin Gaudet here.

(Picture: Kevin Gaudet, national spokesperson for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation)

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Please start with the CBC. Get cash if you can. If not, simply abandon the assets or given them away. Either way it is a $i.1 billion per year saving and a massive reduction in free Liberal and NDP shilling and pervasive dressing the facts of the news in leftist spin. Fire all of the employees and legislate absolutely no severance.

Posted by: Gary | 2008-11-27 7:37:21 PM

$2.3 billion in crown assets for sale. Will Flaherty spend the cash or pay down the debt?

Have they "ever" really done anything to pay down the debt? Have they "ever" really done anything to lower taxes in any meaningful way?
Lets not forget that the one thing every (socialist)government wants is more control.
And its difficult to control an educated, affluent and armed population so, dumb them down at school, tax them out of their wealth and disarm them...

No they won't do anything to leave us with more money in our pockets...the National Debt is forever, and its meant to be.

Posted by: JC | 2008-11-27 8:00:21 PM

These proposals are nothing but a speed bump on the road to complete control of our economy and our lives. We are too far down the road to turn back now.

The small government with minimal, but important responsibility ended with the consent of the public to allow our politician to take money away from people who won't vote for them to give to people who will.

It's all over but the weeping then the revolutions, then more weeping.

Posted by: John V | 2008-11-27 9:47:49 PM

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