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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Onion: Ron Paul promises to return when country needs him most

Picture_2 Things are panning out almost exactly as Ron Paul was predicting for the last 30 years. When he had a national audience during the 2008 Republican primary process, he was dismissed, insulted, and jeered; even now that he has been vindicated, instead of listening to him the political and media establishment are taking advice from Hank Paulsen, Ben Bernanke, Barney Frank, George Bush and all the other guys who assured us that there was no problem, the economy was on solid footing, the housing market was not in a bubble, sub-prime would not be that big a problem, inflation doesn't matter etc. If you're as frustrated as me, rest assured that there is a reason: the world is not yet ready for Ron Paul.

Though it may seem like this is the time that the world needs Ron Paul the most, he knows better. Like the sagely Merlin of Arthurian legend he will disappear only to return when the time is right. The Onion reports:

WASHINGTON—After piling the last of his Campaign for Liberty signs in the back of a beat-up Ford truck Thursday, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) once again abandoned his candidacy for president and rode on out toward the low western sun, but not before vowing to come back to Washington "when [the country] is ready." "When the river swirls and the wind blows, and when uncontrollable inflation forces us to revert to the gold standard, and the Federal Reserve bank is exposed as the unconstitutional, neofascist cabal it really is, you'll see me coming over that hill," said Paul, leaving a dusty cowboy hat and a stack of "no" votes on his seat in the House of Representatives. "But don't you fret, America. If you ever feel like your government is getting too big or too intrusive, just give a little whistle, and there I'll be. I'll be there quicker'n you can spit." Although no one has seen or heard from the Texas congressman since Thursday, sources report the Ron Paul for President campaign has gained an additional $2.3 million in contributions since his disappearance.

And while we're making Ron-Paul-as-wizard jokes, I think its an appropriate time to remember current.com's fantastic sendup of the first Republican Debate at the Reagan Library:

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You mean he isn't back already?

Look at the stock market!

Look at the government!

Why would there be a time when we need him more?

Posted by: Jeff B. | 2008-10-25 5:42:45 PM

People laughed, mocked, and joked about Dr. Paul and what he represented; saying he thought too far into space, thinking out of reach. And yet we sit here today woundering how we got here or how we let the economey and market get so bad. Well, let me tell you, the GOVERNMENT made you believe that you are too busy to go out and do your own research and that everything they say is true. Remember, they're politicians! There job is to lie to us..... RESEARCH IS THE KEY!!!! Believe half of what you see, and nothing you here!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH ON RON PAUL AMERICA!!!!! You'll learn what America should and use to represent.

Posted by: Anita | 2008-10-25 9:07:54 PM

While I consider myself a supporter of small government, individual freedom and personal responsibility, I see it as painfully obvious that the indoctrinated masses do not.
No one is going to listen to RP's message until the socialist system they vehemently support has cost them all they own. We're not there yet.
So those of us who have the clarity of vision to prepare for the coming melt down should do so.
To the rest...good luck when you eventually find out your socialist government doesn't have the magic wand you think they have.

Posted by: JC | 2008-10-26 9:51:22 AM

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