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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tunya Audain: Reversing Canada's march to big government

Tunya_2 The North Shore News profiles North Vancouver Libertarian Party Candidate, and home-schooling advocate Tunya Audain:

"The reason I am running is to give people an alternative vote," said Tunya Audain, a West Vancouver resident for 33 years and retired bookstore clerk.

"Anybody who votes for me is saying they want an alternative to big government growth."

Audain, who has been involved with the Libertarian movement for 20 years, wants to send a message to Ottawa that an increase in government is the wrong way to go. The mother of two is worried about what she calls government intrusion, manipulation and over-spending.

..."I am not (in the race) for the power, I am in there to start talking about economics and the benefits of a free society. We are becoming more unfree all the time," said Audain, who is also the secretary of the British Columbia Libertarian Party.

...Audain said it is these principles that drew her to the political movement.

"I started out with the usual soft feelings, thinking that government could solve problems," she said. "But I could see that government, central control, just causes more problems."

Despite her frustration with government, Audain is committed to running federally to promote the positions of the party.

These positions include an end to gun control, the adoption of privatized health care and the elimination of income taxes and all government subsidies, according to the party's website.

"The best government is the one that governs the least," she said. "Let the free market prevail, let the individual be responsible for their actions."

When asked about some of the issues currently dominating the campaign -- the economy, climate change and arts funding -- Audain said she would like to see less government involvement in all three.

"The government has no duty to fund job creation in any field," she said, in reference to arts funding and her party's call to privatize the CBC and the National Film Board.

"I am alarmed that the NDP would greatly increase public taxpayer dollars to arts funding."

"We just feel that the government should not be subsidizing free expression."

Audain had similar concerns about the government's role in addressing climate change, something she said she is skeptical about.

"We see the carbon shift as just another shaft to the taxpayer. We are against Kyoto, against carbon taxes," she said. "All these proposed remedies just produce larger and more powerful bureaucracies and more and more regulations."

Although Audain lives in West Vancouver, she is running in North Vancouver because, she said, it was more convenient for her when she lodged her registration paperwork with Elections Canada.

Read more here.

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I've met Tunya. She's for real. And I wish her all the support she needs.

Posted by: JC | 2008-10-01 12:27:02 PM

I have never met her and she will not be running in my riding, but the woman has more common sense than I have seen with the three major parties. Pointing out that the "main" issues are the economy, climate change and arts funding says it all. Other than providing a stable environment for a truly free market, the government has no role to play. In trying to play it role, it makes things worse. As for so-called climate change, pretending that mankind can change the climate is pure arrogance and lunacy. Arts funding is a bad joke and an insult to tax payers. The only acceptable thing for government is to get the hell out of funding anyone.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-10-01 8:48:39 PM

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