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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stephane Dion's Green Shift is well and truly dead

Well, if there was any doubt before, there isn't any now.  Someone in charge has directed the Liberal Party webmasters to alter TheGreenShift.ca yet again.  Immediately after Stephane Dion's historic loss, the Green Shift website disappeared, and attempts to reach it at TheGreenShift.ca caused you to be redirected to the main Liberal Party website.

But now the link to the Liberal Party has been deliberately removed.  Today, if you go to TheGreenShift.ca, a 302-redirect sends you to GreenShift.ca.  Remember Green Shift?  That is Jennifer Wright's company.  Wright sued the Liberals over their use of the name, a suit that was settled out of court with the agreement by the Liberals to pay Wright a licensing fee for the use of the name.

All that money spent on lawyers and licensing fees so that Stephane Dion could have his precious "Green Shift", and now the Liberals are sending traffic coming to their former website to Jennifer Wright's website.

Stephane Dion might have insisted on staying on as interim leader, but it sure looks like the Liberals aren't waiting for him to go before expunging Dion's contribution as thoroughly as possible.

From Angry in the Great White North.

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The law suite should still go forward. She can argue that Dion has tarnished her brand name.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2008-10-29 10:22:54 AM

She caved in to the Liberals and their Green Shaft, so she should get NOTHING. I heard a few interviews with Wright where she said she would fight the Liberals "to the end". After a meeting with the Libs, she said she couldn't say what the agreement was going to be...but she would know "in a few weeks". She cut a deal, I am sure, with the Liberals to promote her own business. There's conviction for you.

Posted by: CC | 2008-10-29 2:52:40 PM

I'm just happy that Dion/Green Shift is gone and should be done for good. I doubt if another leader will try to change the complete tax system in Canada for quite some time. My only worry is to have Manley as the new Liberal leader. If that happens....the Conservatives will have a huge fight on their hands.

Posted by: PrairieDog | 2008-10-29 3:35:01 PM

Someone will revive "global warming" as an issue. It's far from dead.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-10-29 5:12:49 PM

Thank you Hugh - that is why we sued. Unfortunately, like life, there are always some who don't get it. Once someone delves into Canada's legal and Political system enough however there is a better understanding.

For the record, our interest is and has always been to not have our name mixed up with anything but what we are. Obviously each day that they used our name/trademark that became less possible. Our choice therefore came down to fight and see what damages we manage to get after the election or agree to settle the fight under the best terms possible before the election. We were always very clear that a court battle was not our goal - we just wanted our name back.

As for that website - it should and will be in our control but it is not yet. It seems they think we want it this way - we DO NOT and we are in the process of trying to resolve that. Most importantly - it is not directed at them.

For anyone who cares about the truth - the biggest lesson here is that Canada does not have a justice system - just a legal system... something comparable to a dying person able to see a doctor after they are expected to already be dead...and something that like it or not does reward based on size.

One fight we were determined not to lose was the message this would send to anyone who might think about trampling small business in the future... or in particular, for Politicians thinking that they are exempt from the law. That fight we did win. If people cannot see that we have always wanted to simply turn the clock back and have the integrity in our name as it was before... well ... we will add it to our list of things to be sad about.. and if there is enough of this type of thinking, maybe we will give up - but for now... we are trying to just focus on the fight for social and environmental justice, where we began and where we belong... I personally feel skeptical of being able to ever resuscitate our name and right now I feel like a part of me has died... but, I suppose if I lost my limbs in a head on collission I would probably go through the same stages of anger, despair, bargaining, ... which means - skip the denial phase... and we'll see about acceptance.

Posted by: Jennifer Wright | 2008-10-29 6:13:10 PM

Why did you drop the law suit, Jennifer? At the beginning of an election? I was on your side, until that.

Posted by: CC | 2008-10-29 7:25:19 PM

Zeb, global warming will remain a hot issue for as long as there is money to be made off people's fear of it.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-10-29 11:03:34 PM

Thanks Jennifer,

I cannot fathom what I would do if Stephane Dion of all people hijacked my business.

Congrats on being such a class act.


Posted by: epsilon | 2008-10-30 1:18:19 AM

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