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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Separatist to be Dean of the House of Commons

In case you missed it, Bloc MP Louis Plamondon has become the Dean of the House of Commons.  You get that title if you are the longest serving MP in the House of Commons.  Don't worry it's not a position of any real authority or importance.  It is more of a position of respect.  The only job that I know ofPlamondonlouis_bq_2 that's attached to it is presiding over the election of the Speaker of the House.

The Dean of the House of Commons is meant to be the steady hand.  The man with experience that other members from all parties can go to for advice.  Mr. Plamondon first became a Member for the PC Party in 1984.  With nearly a quarter of a century of experience, he is certainly qualified to give such advice.  Still I find this funny.

The ironies of giving a separatist such a title of institutional respect brings a smile to my cynical heart.  It demonstrates that the Bloc Quebecois has become an entrenched institution in Ottawa.  It was never suppose to be like that.  The Bloc were suppose to be the outsiders fighting the system from within.  Now they are an integral part of the hated federalist system.

It also says something about turn over in Canada compared to the States.  I forget the exact number but something around two thirds of the Members of Parliament get re-elected on average.  In the States it is more like 90% get re-elected.  The Dean of the House of Commons goes back to the mid 80s and the US Dean of the Senate goes back to the late 50s.

Even if it means that our most stable party caucus is the party that wants to leave the country, I truly think that Canada has the better of that deal.  No old tyrants in our Parliament thank you very much.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on October 29, 2008 | Permalink


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"No old tyrants in our Parliament thank you very much."

You forgot about the Canadian Senate, which is a part of Parliament. There are still patronage appointees from the Trudeau, Clark and Mulroney years in that chamber. Isn't it great that they can create and vote for/against laws? Sigh.

Posted by: Cory D. Schreyer | 2008-10-29 10:59:08 AM

You have to have some authority to qualify as a tyrant. I prefer to think of them as relics of political favors.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2008-10-29 12:06:14 PM

He may be long serving but he's not serving the country when their raison d'etre is to break it up.The entire lot of them are serving Quebecois who have the same agenda. Right now they're sitting in the HOC to extract all they can from us and offer nothing to the ROC. It's all about Quebec.

How can we have respect for any one of those traitors?

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-10-29 12:14:42 PM

Only in Canada can treason be rewarded.

Posted by: CC | 2008-10-29 4:08:49 PM

Wow, I see little cowards still like to make themselves feel big by screaming "treason!". Glad to see the old ways hanging on.

It is, of course, not treason to advocate a change in the Canadian constitution. And specifically, not treason to advocate a change in the composition of the country. Otherwise, we'd have had to hang everyone who let Newfoundland in. And that would have been fun as entertainment, but onerous as duty.

Posted by: ebt | 2008-10-31 3:37:18 PM

This is another example of what frauds Bloc members are, collecting gold plated pensions and accepting appointments of privilege all the while perpetuating the charade of seperatism. "Give me da' cheque or I'll seperate"... Everyone speak da' french, or we'll seperate...Cowards...go already.

Posted by: Sean | 2008-10-31 11:37:57 PM

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