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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rising talent

Shotgunners know that J.J. McCullough is a deadly editorial cartoonist (see below, for example). But they might not realize McCullough is a recent grad of Simon Fraser University, is opinions editor of the university's student newspaper, The Peak, and is a crack writer as well. Check out this wonderful bit of writing, in defence of male leadership. He blows his opponent out of the water.

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Interesting article about leadership.

Today if any political organization has 50% or more women, it would be held up and praised as an example of how society should be. However, this type of politcal organization would then be practicing discrimination.

The main reason is that there will always be significantly more men available in the work force. Another reason is that many women who choose to enter or re enter the work force, will only choose part time work. So on average, any organization that is looking for the best person for the job, would have more males than females.

Posted by: TM | 2008-10-16 5:11:52 PM

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