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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pulling the trigger earlier

With news of a new, "non-invasive" way of determing whether a pregnant women is carrying a child with Down Syndrome, comes the inevitable question: Will this breakthrough lead to more women having more abortions?

In a story that somehow fails to mention Sarah Palin's son, Trig, the CBC reports: "It's highly likely that within the next two years, this test will be available to Canadian women and prospective families," said Krista Flint, executive director of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society in Calgary.

"We know that these medical advancements will continue, and we think information is terribly important to families. But we want families to receive fair and balanced information, not just about the challenges of a life with Down syndrome, but also the richly rewarding lives that are possible for citizens with Down syndrome."

In the U.S, it is estimated that 80 to 95 per cent of pregnancies with an early determination of Down syndrome will be terminated.

"I think we have to be honest about the fact that a determination of Down syndrome very early in a pregnancy is very likely going to be accompanied by pressure to terminate a pregnancy, and that's been the experience of most of the families that are connected to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society."

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I think women have the right to have an aborotion.Now that their is a way tetsing for down sydrome early on in pregnancy;It may cause some people to terminate pregnacy, but not all.

Posted by: Amanda | 2008-10-07 2:10:26 PM

I am incredibly torn by these issues. So much in fact, I dont know if I can properly explain my feelings or preferences.

I hope enough people realize the incredible joy and passion that the 'rest of us' can experience by living with those less fortunate.

Being just like everybody else, often isn't what it is cracked up to be.

Posted by: Q | 2008-10-07 3:03:04 PM

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