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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

O-Kay to Obama

While we're waiting for the voting results in Canada tonight, a little something about that other election:

I was wondering whether the headline on Jonathan Kay's column in today's National Post, "Another Conservative for Obama," was meant to be simply a general statement about Kay's support of Barack Obama, or whether it directly related to any other prominent conservative commentator's decision do the Democratic thing.

It turns out to be the latter, as Christopher Buckley, son of the late William F. Buckley, recently wrote that he, too, would not be voting the McCain-Palin ticket--an announcement that now has cost him his National Review column.

I know that many (most? all?) of the libertarian writers on this blog are not supporting the Republicans. But are there neo-cons and so-cons Shotgunners who've given up on the Republicans too?

Posted by Terry O'Neill on October 14, 2008 in International Politics | Permalink


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I know that many (most? all?) of the libertarian writers on this blog are not supporting the Republicans.
Posted by Terry O'Neill on October 14, 2008

They're supporting Bob Bwahahahahahaha Barr Bwahahahahaha. So they'll end up with Obama. Instead of a Conservative Republican the libertarians want a socialist Democrat. Clear evidence that libertarians are no better than Democrats.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-10-14 6:08:21 PM

You mean, instead of a liberal, big government Republican, some of us will wait for a Gingrich/Goldwater/Reagan-style Republican before we decide to support the GOP.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-10-14 6:13:59 PM

Reagan before become presidnet
he was hollywood rich ACTOR

as most of you like his speech
called freedom

i do not repsect Reagan a penny
he only talk nice because he was actor

and know how to play his rules of law well
in fact

what is result sadam in 1980 war with iran
and all result resion of 10 trilion later spice up with BUSH was becuase

Reagan was stupid in first place and not know
the middle east culture
and helped sadam

when that Reagan started helped sadam to figh Iran and islam for all means

he give weapan as toys later sadam kill so mnay people with it

then politic of reagan was very wrong

in decion of iraq later cost US trilion to kill sadam

cut all busines with middle east and help saud arabi for oil late taleben came up who are wahbi branch of saudi arabi

and all later reagon give weapn to Iran by force of Lebana to both kill each other

you people whho like this reagon for he talk nice must loose your mind look at amount of damag he did
and how muhc he helepd Isreal wrong land fight
not realy jewish fight
while they could dig oil in USA an d not begging arabs for oil

all mess was Reagan

even in time of Shah in Iran he interfer and previous gorup did that and tried to change Shah of Iran like Mrs, Buto of Paksetan with west culture and both are gone of politic


i can not explain all history in detial is long story but you can read in this site I explained history of back time of Reagan

Republican are real mess with world
are not able to control anger

republican need all go to anger managment course and police ban all repulcian with bail of
do not touch all guns for 10 years
in all kinds include all conservative mind of

who ever i saw under name
conservative are bunch
angry men who use bad language to control their anger really
i hate angry men who can not control their anger and find solution in war ONLY are has no brain

for me it does not matter too much of to say

now liberal are better than republican

CIA are with liberal

pentagon are with favor of repulican

it is matter political scinece in world must get changed in all countries

history book must be get rewrite with real truth
from past
that how much politician come
with vote of peopel and destory all systems
humnity ecomnic relatioship of people and joye of people who could live in peace any where

why should be some live their home and country and ocme and live among bunch of cowboy angry men who do nto know nothing only becuase tehy start war in middle east and not leave them alone
change all political systems and stop fighting

Posted by: new | 2008-10-14 6:36:51 PM

They're supporting Bob Bwahahahahahaha Barr Bwahahahahaha. So they'll end up with Obama. Instead of a Conservative Republican the libertarians want a socialist Democrat. Clear evidence that libertarians are no better than Democrats.

Posted by: The Stig | 14-Oct-08 6:08:21 PM

You are such an idiot. Good lord, do you get up and eat a bowl of stupid every morning...or maybe the meds need adjusting.

Libertarians want a socialist Democrat....you just make this shit up or is it the "voices"?

Libertarians want neither a neo con nor a socialist. Both of which you are, doorknob.

Posted by: JC | 2008-10-14 6:40:03 PM

Iran, and the middle east in general would be an excellent place to use ERW's. It would get rid of the scum but leave the oilfields intact.
Posted by: The Stig | 13-Oct-08 1:24:57 PM

Low life.

Posted by: JC | 2008-10-14 6:40:48 PM

The strangest Obama endorsement today came from Chris Hitchens. I thought he was a pure GWOT/kill muslims voter. Just bizarre.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-10-14 6:41:12 PM

I can certainly understand not supporting McCain with the same logic as not supporting Harper (as the lessor evil of serious alternatives) but to then support Obama instead of Barr, that's just rude, ignorant, and Trudeaupian. Either vote is one for Obama but only one of which is in good conscience and conveys a message. Buckley is a pretentious snob who belongs with Obama.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-10-14 7:43:32 PM

A president Obama will be extremely protectionist because he is beholden to the big US union. He will attempt to repatriate manufacturing jobs currently in Canadian US branch plants, in fact he has announced a "job credit" for employers who create new jobs. We know the UAW strongly support him, and McCain has stopped campaigning in Michigan now and conceded it to Obama.

The Ontario auto jobs for the Detroit Big 3 may well vanish south of the border if they want the $50 Billion bailout package from Washington, and you can bet an Obama administration will force the car companies to increase their US workforce at the expense of Ontario .. making Ontario into a Rust Belt. It's even happening now with factories closing and production going Stateside .. Obama will kill Ontario ... Obama is the enemy of Canada.

Posted by: Observant | 2008-10-15 12:09:58 AM

Hey, Libertarians! Obama is a socialist. He is the offspring of George McGovern and Pierre Trudeau. He will raise taxes and massively increase spending. He has voted for every gun restriction imaginable. He opposes use of the secret ballot in union elections. Also. he wants to talk to Chavez, the Iranian leader, and Castro. Barr is simply a nut like Ross Perot. The choice in the election is between a patriot and a socialist quisling. However, I guess for you guys that libertarian purism outweighs America's well-being. Thanks, you're real patriots!

Posted by: Jason | 2008-10-15 12:54:56 AM

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