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Monday, October 06, 2008

NFA not willing to abandon Tories, but welcome Libertarians to gun control dialogue

Libertarian Party leader Dennis Young said yesterday that he’ll push for a National Firearms Appreciation Day to be officially recognized by the federal government.

Young is proposing September 18th for this day of reflection, which would mark the anniversary of the death of former National Firearms Association (NFA) president Dave Tomlinson.

While gun rights advocates are an important constituency for the Libertarian Party, NFA officials are taking a cautious approach to this election:

“National Firearms Association appreciates the gesture of the Libertarian Party in calling for a National Firearms Appreciation Day in honour of our deceased National President, David A Tomlinson,” said National President Blair Hagen in a written statement. “Although National Firearms Association is advising it's members and the firearms community of Canada to continue their investment in the Conservative Party of Canada and the defeat of the Liberal Firearms Act by supporting Conservative candidates in the 2008 election campaign, National Firearms Association welcomes the participation of the Libertarian Party of Canada in the national dialogue on the future of firearms control laws and Canada's cultural heritage of firearms ownership,” continued Hagen.

Young has been critical of Harper’s decision in 1995 to vote in favour of legislation that created the national firearms registry. Harper voted in favour on Bill C-68 on the second reading, but against the bill on the third and final reading of parliament.

“The NFA has more confidence than I do in Harper’s willingness to put firearms on the agenda. The pressure in parliament is overwhelmingly on the side of further firearms restrictions and prohibitions. The Libertarians hope to provide some pressure on the side in favour of gun rights,” said Young.

While Hagen and the NFA are standing behind Harper for now, the National President concedes that “governments have taken the firearms community for granted before.”

Young is a former soldier and military police officer.

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Winning is more important than being "right". That's why I vote Conservative instead of Libertarian. Oh yeah and they don't have a candidate in my riding.

Posted by: Pete | 2008-10-06 2:25:26 PM

That is to say I won't split the vote.

Posted by: Pete | 2008-10-06 2:25:48 PM

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