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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr. Bentley's credulity is e-x-p-o-s-e-d

During Canadian faith healer Todd Bentley’s revival campaign this summer, 31 alleged resurrections from the dead were reportedly connected to the revival in some way. Alas, none happened to be confirmed by doctors or medical staff, which led charismatic Christian leaders  such as Robert Ricciardelli to urge the revival’s leaders to stop falsely claiming that people were coming back from the grave.

One enterprising YouTube user, suspecting that Mr. Bentley would say anything from the pulpit to hype his revival without checking out the truth of his statements first, decided to conduct an amusing test that Mr. Bentley fell for, being reeled in like a fish. It’s funny, and the YouTuber was never credited for his work by internet Bentley watchers, so I would like to share it with you. It’s in two parts. Part one is here.  Part two is here.

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The law enforcement in British Columbia wants to talk to Bentley about many things including thievery in Lakeland but Bentley is hiding in United States at the grounds once owned by the scoundrel Jim Bakker in Charlotte! Bentley doesn't want to face the music.

However Florida State Attorney Jerry Hill who prosecuted Dan Strader and put Dan in jail for 45 years is now seriously looking into the Lakleand Revival and the words and deeds of Stephen Strader and Todd Bentley!

With luck Steve and Todd could join Dan in jail and that is where they belong!


Posted by: brad | 2008-11-27 1:57:29 AM

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