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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Merry Fitzmas? Is Something Big About to Happen?

Ok. Here are the facts, as they stand right now - it's late, so bear with me.

1) Politico says that something big is coming in the morning, according to the McCain campaign.
2) Someone placed a massive short on Obama on Intrade in the last few hours.  People who know more than I do about these matters say that we're talking about an amount of money in the range of $140,000.

Those are what Donald Rumsfeld called "known knowns." We know two things - which may or may not be connected. The McCain people say they have news - and someone just bet a lot of money against Obama without any obvious public reason to make such a move now.

Now, what are some of the other things that we know?

3) Sky News is reporting that ACORN, the "community organizing" group with close ties to Obama is presently under investigation in eleven states.
4) ACORN's office in Nevada was just raided in a vote fraud investigation.
5) Federal Prosecutors asked that slumlord and Obama crony Tony Rezko's sentencing be delayed a move that is often a sign that a deal of some sort is in the works.
6) The Obama campaign is taking heat over seemingly fraudulent small-donor donations.

Those are all things that we know. Now, the question is simple: what's going on?

Are these things potentially all tied together? They may very well be. That seems to be the rumour that's going around this morning.

Rumour has it that Patrick Fitzgerald (who, I must admit, I despise for having prosecuted Conrad Black) is leading a multi-state investigation in concert with the FBI. It was also Fitzgerald, of course, who prosecuted Rezko.

Could all of these events be coming together? It's a good question. Perhaps Rezko flipped and provided the key to unlock what, between the fraudulent voters and donations, really does look like an election-stealing conspiracy.

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If this is an election stealing conspiracy...It wouldn't be the first one. There is a LOT of weird shit going on.

Posted by: JC | 2008-10-09 6:14:37 AM

This is normal background and boring US election crap.

Posted by: epsilon | 2008-10-09 8:57:14 AM

Even if all of the speculation is true I think we all know that "the messiah" will come out just fine. Various judges in the court of public opinion won't allow it to happen.

Posted by: Pete | 2008-10-09 11:22:55 AM

Even if all of the speculation is true I think we all know that "the messiah" will come out just fine. Various judges in the court of public opinion won't allow it to happen.
Posted by: Pete | 9-Oct-08 11:22:55 AM

If Obama was the "messiah" he should be 15 points ahead not 3 or 4.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-10-09 11:31:12 AM

Folks, there is no telling what could happen here. With Obama's field tactics to shut down an interview on WGN in Chicago, to the ACORN "enthusiasm"(sic) for registering people using the name of Dallas Cowboy football players, to the still very strange shooting of the Arkansas Democrat Chairman by a man who didn't know him and drove 30 miles to do it when he had no visible motive and was conveniently shot by Billy Clinton's old troopers, I'm afraid we have no idea what is coming next. I'll not mention the conveniently timed financial crisis that was precipitated by the simultaneous deleveraging of Balance Sheets by most global banks - that in itself is strange enough, reminiscent of '29 when the Fed both stopped printing money and doubled the discount rate. Strange stuff this year - and all in an election year, too. Funny that - you'd almost think something was up if you were partial to such hypotheses.

Posted by: Dr Duncan Druhl | 2008-10-11 3:59:39 PM

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