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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meanwhile, on this side of the 49th . . .

Canadians were lucky to have Communist China become an issue during the campaign; we Americans have not been as fortunate so far.

Then again, it didn't happen in Canada until the last weekend, and we still have nearly three weeks to go.

Posted by D.J. McGuire on October 16, 2008 in International Politics | Permalink


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Canadians were lucky to have Communist China become an issue during the campaign; we Americans have not been as fortunate so far.
Posted by D.J. McGuire on October 16, 2008

When did Communist China become an issue in the Canadian election?

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-10-16 2:11:11 PM

What Canadians are lucky about is that Harper can form a government with 38%. In the United States, 38% would spell disaster for a Republican. Goldwater got 38% in 1964 and won only 6 of 50 states. Bush won 50.7% in 2004 and 48.3% in 2000. Republicans won 1980(51%), 1984(58.7%), 1988(53.4%)presidential elections. McCain will probably pull 46-48% of the vote and lose. I wish the left was as divided down here. If so, the Democrats would always lose. My only question is why are 62% of the Canadian public voting for the leftist parties? Listen, Harper is not a right-wing extremist. Heck, in the U.S., he would be considered center or slightly center-left. The NDP and Bloc are socialist and yet pull 28% of the vote. The Greens are environmental wackos and have ties with the european green parties. They are leftists not pro-business centrists(as some Toronto Star columnists claim) but yet got 7% of the vote. Come on, May's family were leftists who left the U.S. after their candidate George McGovern was routed in the 1972 presidential election. Finally, you have the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party seems to be a mix of leftist, anti-christian social policies where no real dissension is allowed on issues like abortion, the death penalty, or homosexuality. At the same time, the Liberals can't seem to decide on a solid economic policy. Many Liberals seem to want to adhere to NDP economic policy. Others want a mix of balanced budgets, deficit reduction, limited increases in government spending but no tax cuts. They seem to have lasted this long as a party by following many NDP social policies, giving big government handouts to Quebec and the Atlantic provinces(NEP being just one example), and portraying Conservatives as supposed extremists. Hello, Liberals look in the mirror! It is the policies of Chretrien, Trudeau, and Pearson that have laid Canada low. At last, Harper seems to be attempting to bring some sanity to the governing process. From what I read, Mulroney,Clark, Charest, and Stansfield(Red Tories I believe you call them) sound more like Liberals than Conservatives. I wish there was a Reagan in Canada(maybe it was Manning) but I guess Harper is the closest that is currently available.

Posted by: Ken | 2008-10-16 3:46:48 PM

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