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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Libertarian Bob Barr on the failed bailout vote

Here's Bob Barr on Neil Cavuto:

Here's a Bob Barr video on the bailout:

And here's Russell Verney, Bob Barr campaign manager:

Yesterday's vote in Congress confirms to me that only Bob Barr is in touch with the American people, and both the Democrats and Republicans are following Bob's lead!


The New York Times reports:

But a majority of the House voted along with Bob Barr, the Libertarian who said, "We need to make Wall Street take the hit for its irresponsible investment decisions. . ."


And the highly read Politico.com slams both McCain and Obama saying:

There was, however, one presidential "contender" who got on the right side of this issue: former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr. Barr called today's bill "the bailout from hell " and warned it would make Henry Paulson "an economic dictator, empowered to reengineer the economy as he sees fit."


Of course, it isn't just Bob Barr who scored major political points yesterday, it was redemption for the American people when the vote - which wasn't even close - went against Wall Street and in favor of average Americans.

Many of Bob supporters - old and new - took a moment to show their appreciation for this initiative by making generous gifts to the campaign yesterday and today...

But of course, the powerful corporate special interests, with both of Bob's opponents backing them in the Senate, aren't going to give up. The Bush administration continues in their efforts to scare Americans and convince them that only his bill can provide salvation for our economy.

Another vote is going to come, and it may be within the next 48 hours, or sooner.

To appease a few interests, they are likely to make some cosmetic change but the bottom line is that it will still be a bad bill -- and taxpayers are going to be soaked with $700 Billion in bailout funds for Wall Street. And when a Treasury Department official was asked by Forbes.com how this amount was chosen, the response: "It's not based on any particular data point. We just wanted to choose a really large number."

We must not retreat in our opposition to this outrageous scheme. Today Bob is giving speeches on the campaign trail and he is drawing larger crowds, greater enthusiasm, and the media is taking notice. Just as the New York Times acknowledged, only Bob Barr's approach to fiscal sanity will work.

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