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Thursday, October 23, 2008

(Video) Maine congressional candidate John Frary debates some forgettable Democrat windbag

Frary_2 In a single glance, with his brimmed hat, cane, and cigarette in mouth, you can tell that John Frary isn't your typical candidate for Congress. After winning the Republican primary, the retired history professor sold his stock portfolio to run against the "ignorant incumbacrat" Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud in Maine's second congressional district.

Frary doesn't want to go to Washington to join the class of layabout professional politicians, but instead to ruffle some feathers and get results. He makes few campaign promises, but he means them: to always say exactly what he thinks, to serve a single term, and to donate his entire salary.

He's an old school conservative of the variety one sees far too rarely, in disposition and politics a composite of H.L Mencken, Robert Taft, and William F. Buckley with a generous dollop of his own curmudgeonly personality: he's firmly pro-life, a root-and-branch opponent of both the liberal welfare state and the War on Drugs, and a strong believer in limited government, home-schooling, offshore drilling, the right to bear arms and the gold standard.

Frary doesn't hold back, he's frank and politically incorrect, with references to "enviro-kooks", "union thugs", victim group "perpetual whiners" and his "ignorant hack" opponent peppering his campaign materials–oh, and what campaign materials! His website is like nothing I've ever seen in politics before: its full of intelligent commentary, brimming with wit, and features as a campaign theme song the Liberty Bell March from Monty Python's Flying Circus. Besting his website is a brilliant piece of campaign literature, an eight-page pamphlet called the "Frary Home Companion" [pdf]

A constituent asked: "Does the Second Amendment give me the right to shoot my neighbors dog?"

Frary's response "Well that would be my interpretation, but I am a well know cat person"

And that's just on the cover–it gets better.

For a study in contrasts, take a look at this debate between the indomitable Frary and the weak-kneed milquetoast pol Michaud:

In his most recent column "How to Cause the Next Depression" Frary says "we could use someone in Congress who actually knows which historical examples might apply to the current Panic, from the Gold Standard of the Byzantine Empire to the Tulipmania Bubble in Holland to the restrictions on free trade that followed the last great crash in 1929 and caused the Depression"

I couldn't agree more and I'm looking forward to flipping on C-SPAN while Obama-Pelosi-Reid lead the US down the road to socialism to see the good professor Dr. Frary give a lesson on the subject to the "sound bite spewing metrosexual mediocrities currently infesting the Potomac" (i.e. his colleagues).

"A serious candidate" pronounces Frary "allows himself to look grumpy when he feels grumpy," and there's plenty in Washington to be grumpy about today. If you're a U.S. citizen and feeling grumpy, go ahead and send him a cheque, he could certainly use it.

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All I can say is.


Its nice to pretend but Frary is clueless

Posted by: MaineMarine | 2008-10-23 11:11:10 AM

People are running to the border here? They have no idea what to do when a politician tells the truth!

Posted by: Bluesman57 | 2008-10-26 8:07:08 PM

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