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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good old spell check proves useful in more ways than one

One of the main supports of B.C. evangelist Todd Bentley’s “Lakeland revival this summer was the live coverage provided by God TV, a London-based charismatic TV channel, which broadcast his daily services to the world via satellite TV and the Internet.

Following the collapse of Mr. Bentley’s campaign, God TV owners Rory and Wendy Alec felt that they had to issue a statement about their friend and former feature performer. The statement was saved here on their website. It was also saved several places on blogs shortly after release.

It’s been critiqued on religious grounds but Mr. Bentley’s internet critics have missed small, but perhaps important details. I fear that Mr. Bentley may rue the day that “spell check” was invented….

Being Canadian, I use British spellings for some words, so I spotted something very interesting. In the paragraph in the God TV statement starting "Todd ministered each....", criticized is spelled with a z. Isn't the British spelling "criticised"? Also, in the paragraph starting "At the same time....", "honoring" is spelled without a "u". The British/Canadian spelling would be "honouring".

I am sure that Rory and Wendy Alec would not buy a computer program at a computer software store in England that defaulted to American spellings. Wouldn’t it be odd for a British TV channel website to spell words incorrectly in this way?

I'll bet that this seemingly independent statement was sent back and forth across the Atlantic for editing and rewriting before release. If so, Mr. Bentley certainly saw it. That would be significant because Mr. Bentley has begged off making a reply to his religious and media critics on the grounds that he is burned out, needs to consult with friends and such.

If my guess is correct, and Mr. Bentley had time to edit and rewrite the God TV statement, he has time to answer his media and Internet critics. It would be not that he “can’t” answer in these matters…rather that he “won’t”.

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spell check is cool but it is not romantic like this poem

Awakened with a Kiss, a poem by David Jeffrey from Canada

A love unknown to me, but growing day by day.

Residing within my heart, where it chose to quietly lay.

Days and years went by and ever stronger it did grow.

Real love lay right before me and little did I know.

I played in false romances, growing more bitter with each pain.

But always, confiding in my dear friend, time and time again.

Till a warm summer night, and with reckless might, she took me in her arms.

And with a kiss, the love emerged and I was awakened to it's charms.

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Posted by: Marco | 2008-10-18 11:45:37 PM

The evil heart mocks one who has fallen; the love-filled heart seeks his recovery. Cases like this help us to see what is in our own heart.

I've noticed from reading blogs that enmity and hate fuel far more comments than love and goodwill.

It seems that the Bible's assessment of the human heart is accurate. The only question that remains -- what about its assessment of the penalties and remedies?

Posted by: Richard Ball | 2008-10-19 3:12:14 AM

People like Todd Bentley are a total disgrace to the Christian Church. I do not rejoice in his personal fall but I would rejoice to never hear him ranting and raving again. It's all religious show business, nothing more. Those who who think that revival will come via these means are seriously deluded. Todd does not represent historic Christianity but some kind of typically American aberration thereof. Stay away is my advice.

Posted by: Ras Erasmus | 2008-10-19 1:51:27 PM

On Bentley and those in his type of "ministry" see: http://www.justinpeters.org and be sure to watch the video there!

Posted by: CLS | 2008-10-23 7:24:05 PM

"I'll bet that this seemingly independent statement was sent back and forth across the Atlantic for editing and rewriting before release. If so, Mr. Bentley certainly saw it."

Yes, this is quite certain, because Todd Bentley certainly reads every one of the millions of e-mails each day sent across the Atlantic.

So, even if we grant that he saw the statement, why should he feel obliged to comment on it? Doesn't it make sense in all kinds of ways for him to keep a low profile at the moment?

By the way, lots of the software we buy here in the UK defaults to American spellings. Some of us bother to change the settings. Those who are writing to largely American audiences may not bother.

Posted by: Peter Kirk | 2008-10-25 3:17:29 PM

Todd Bentley is the biggest fraud in the Christian world since Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn was exposed on the CBC's Fifth Estate and NBC's Dateline. Todd Bentley was exposed ABC's Nightline (I'm an American, and watched the entire episode) and also by discerning preachers and people on YouTube.

I just happen to be a Christian and involved in the Pentecostal movement, so I knew about this before most.

Posted by: Aaorn | 2008-10-26 10:04:06 PM

The phony Benny Hinn Rebukes Todd Bentley, Patricia King, and Their Simple-Minded Followers

LYING SIGNS AND WONDERS Benny Hinn - Freedom from Deceptive Revival (2)

“They have refused the love of the truth, they don’t want to hear the truth, they just want to feel good”

Benny Hinn - Freedom from Deceptive Revival (3)


Posted by: brad | 2008-11-27 1:51:06 AM

Bailout 2008 David Jeffrey--go to it

Posted by: moonu | 2008-12-01 9:01:58 PM

I wanted to comment on this blog-post as someone who worked with GOD.TV as the sole maintainer of their website for several years -- not during this issue.

GOD TV has several different websites setup for different regions. In the case of the link that you are referencing, it is protocol to use American spellings. The website maintenance was never an exact science and even I can't really offer insight to how it is now done beyond the fact that they have a small team in the UK that makes the updates. When I maintained things, I made efforts to keep things looking right between regions, however, I'm in the US, so I let spelling rules slip.

I just honestly wouldn't read in between the lines about the spelling thing. Without getting involved in opinions on the founders' legitimacy, I can honestly say that the GOD.TV people are really quite wonderful and it has always been a pleasure working with them. They are all very genuine people and I cannot even begin to figure out how I feel on the Todd Bentley business. It's just sad really when someone's personal life eclipses their calling.

Posted by: Chris Hickman | 2008-12-09 2:34:41 PM

David Jeffrey poems are awesome

Is he published?

Posted by: marco pollo | 2009-02-04 9:08:16 PM

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