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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alleged Assassination Plot a Ploy?

Jack McHugh, over at the SFEBlog has a post about the supposed assassination conspiracy against Obama.  Big surprise, it appears the media and law enforcement have over sensationalized it.  Whether or not this is a deliberate attempt to secure a specific electoral outcome I don't know, but all the incentives are there for media and law enforcement to over sensationalize this...and everything else.

Newspeople need customers and, "if it bleeds, it leads".  Law enforcement officials need taxpayers to feel that they are very very important and that without them we'd all be dead, and that they need more money.  Both of these arrangements make it advantageous to overblow security threats and violence.  As John Stossel would ask, are we scaring ourselves to death?

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This is the 2nd time they've made a big deal out of a threat with no credibility. Remember the guys with the "Sniper assault rifles" which turned out to be a semi-automatic rimfire .22 with a $40 scope? Yeah REAL big threat there. I suspect this is much of the same, people with no real plans and no real capacity being made into monsters.

Posted by: Pete | 2008-10-29 11:54:22 AM

Not that neo-nazis aren't monsters in a way but they're hardly the ones that keep me up at night…*cough*socialists*cough*

Posted by: Pete | 2008-10-29 11:54:55 AM

"Not that neo-nazis aren't monsters in a way but they're hardly the ones that keep me up at night…*cough*socialists*cough*"

I agree. And the neo-nitwits don't put their murderous fantasies into film noir and call it art like the socialists either. Remember that movie "Death of a President."

It was a real insight into their psyches and it wasn't pretty.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-10-30 3:44:46 AM

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