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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Al & Mike Show Episode 43 - Incrementalism

Gerry Nicholls joins us to talk about incrementalism versus a more direct small-c conservative approach. Jay Currie joins us as well.

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If the PCs don't start reining in the HRC/HRT, and the IRB immediately, then we may well find ourselves a signatory to this nonsense as well.

The New World Order - is it possible that this is all part of "the plan"

Posted by: Calgary Clippper | 2008-10-30 6:45:16 AM

ooopps - this should have been on the no free speech in Australia thread

Posted by: Calgary Clippper | 2008-10-30 6:57:06 AM

Guys (Al, Mike and Jay)

The best show ever! I hope that there are more shows like this in the future. The best podcast by far.



Posted by: David Gladdying | 2008-11-13 10:32:17 PM

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