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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Canadian conservatives don't irritate me (as much)

I have always been what you could call a "progressive, fiscal conservative", although I avoid the progressive moniker now, as it has been appropriated by the broader left to include big-government policy.  Over time I came to realize what I really am, is a libertarian. 

If I was living in the United States today, my head would have already exploded.  And I'd probably be a crazy Ron Paul fan.  I'd definitely vote for the Libertarian Party in the U.S., though.

Here in Canada, there is the Libertarian Party of Canada.  Unfortunately, in the last election, they failed to field a candidate in my riding to give me the opportunity to vote for them (I would have).

So the inevitable question would be: why am I a Blogging Tory? Why am I voting Conservative this time around?   The answer is simple:  I am a two issue voter this election:

Firstly, I am opposed to the continuance of the current Human Rights Commission racket. And in the closing days of the previous government, the Conservative Party promised reform, while the Liberals and NDP have promised the status quo.

Secondly, because I'm not a big believer in mass wealth redistribution. The Liberal Party has designed the "Green Shift", a half-assed version of the Green Party's "Great Tax Shift" and back-end loaded it into our current taxing regime, with focus as much on wealth redistribution as on pollution.

In fact, if the Liberal Party had put forward a more puritan version, which actually involved, removing tax on income and shifting it to consumption and pollution, I might actually take interest in the plan. Having CO2 as the principle basis for pollution tax is also a non-starter for me.

Truth be told, when the Conservatives announced the cut to the GST, I was pissed.  In fact, I am all for increasing the GST in tandem with a phase-out of income tax all together. To me, taxing consumption is far fairer than taxing income. 

Many economists believe an 18-21 per cent sales tax could more than make up for the revenue of our current income tax regime which often adds up to 50 per cent of income, when payroll taxes, excise taxes, property taxes, etc. are all factored in.

Ireland is currently the only country in the world which has pursued this taxation model, and by all accounts, it has been incredibly successful in terms of building wealth and growing their economy.

But all this is neither here nor there.

Even if the Conservatives really pissed me off to the point that I could not vote for them in good conscience, the only place I'd have to stick my vote would be the NDP. Which, to say the least, would be (and was) an extremely painful proposition.

The Liberal Party to me, is the Republican Party in the United States. The political positions are different, but the disease is the same. Large, institutionalized, patronage-awarding, corrupt, power hungry, and flowing with cronyism throughout.

And like the Republican Party, they wrap themselves in the nations flag and pretend to be the only party of the nation. They associate their party with the nation, and vice-versa. 

Liberal party supporters view the current situation as nothing more than an exile. They are not in opposition, rather they are the true government-in-waiting. This is not a defeat, it's an inconvenience. Could arrogance exist on a grander scale?

Take for example this guy, Scott Ross. He is convinced that the Liberals will turn around and win this election. No, really. And here's why:

The polls state the Conservatives are drastically ahead of the Liberals, that doesn't mean that they should be. What should be, is what is right, and what is right is a Liberal government. Stephane Dion will win this election not because of polls or because of graphs, he will win because he should win, he will win because it is right for him to win.

That's right. The only reason in his mind that the Liberals will win this, is because the Liberal Party is naturally endowed through some inherent trait of nature, to lead this country. The Conservatives winning is contrary to nature. If that's not a sign of somebody in need of psychotherapy, I don't know who is.

As for Jason Cherniak, the man who claims to be "as influential as the mainstream media", he is equally confounded by what he perceives as a violation of some fundamental law of nature:

At first glance, I don't understand the polls as they stand. It seems pretty obvious to me that Stephen Harper has had a horrible first two weeks in this election. There are more volunteers than ever in many of the Liberal ridings surrounding Toronto and our party is the only one putting forward a real plan for Canada. What am I missing?

Any objective observer might consider that what he's missing, is contained in the very words he just wrote. That he, like a myriad of other Liberals are incapable of perceiving a world in which the Liberal Party is not perceived as the natural choice for Canadians.

This is the beginning of the end of the Liberal Party, at least in it's current form. As it's adherents slowly jump ship, the party leaks money, and the Jason Cherniak's and Scott Ross' of the world slowly drown in their inability to perceive their own arrogance, life will start to go on for the rest of Canada.

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Jason Chreniak is Liberal blogger,and would be lawyer, or already lawyer, which isn't saying much, law degrees are becoming as common as A**holes which many of them are.

Liberal apologists desperately trying to pitch lies or half truths because the truth is not in their favor. They're all in denial.

LeDrew is right on this one, he's a former insider, now outsider, like Manley and others he can't defend the indefensible and doesn't want to be associated with failure. They're leaving it to the likes of Bob Rae, who bankrupted Ontario as premier of that province and a few other keeners. Igatieff who lived outside the Country for thirty years, was the recruited one to be a shoo-in for the top post until Kennedy made Dion King.

It was and still is a comedy of errors. They're in no position to govern but they'll continue to try to fool the people with lies and dirty gotcha games against Harper and the Conservatives.Harper is the only person fit to govern this country in these uncertain economic times.

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-09-25 2:15:50 PM

Libertarianism is becoming a much larger part of the canadian political spectrum.

In fact, this board is a fantasic example of the shift or even power struggle between traditional canadian Progressive Conservatism and the roots of liberalism or libertarianism.

And while the Conservative Party of Canada most closely reflects the views of libertarians, it is evident that the growing disconnect between PC's and libertarians could prove to be a large divisor in the future of the party.

The Liberal Party of Canada is morally and ideologically bankrupt. And good riddance.

Posted by: Q | 2008-09-25 2:34:05 PM

In my line of work I get to speak to young people in their 20s every day. And increasingly I'm seeing a growing awareness of our political situation in the words and thoughts of these young folks. They don't know it yet, but a lot of what they think the country should be like is exactly what Libertarians want. I don't mind helping them along that path either.

And Mike, The LPC didn't fail to field a candidtate...you failed to run as one! :)

Posted by: JC | 2008-09-25 3:33:02 PM

"Over time I came to realize what I really am, is a libertarian."

Mike - I like your radio show and listen a lot but you really shouldn't be blogging if you can't write a grammatically correct English sentence.

Posted by: Craig | 2008-09-25 5:14:00 PM

Ireland is currently the only country in the world which has pursued this taxation model, and by all accounts, it has been incredibly successful in terms of building wealth and growing their economy.


Sure, as long as Ireland can suckle on the EU's tits, there has been a lot of milk flowing from the coffers of Brussles (primarily fed by Germany and France) to Ireland.

It's easy to not charge if you get your money from somewhere else.

Try to stick to politics you know, not the ones you seem to be clueless about.

Posted by: eh? | 2008-09-28 2:01:03 AM

Craig- criticizing someone's english is pretty weak. But moreso when you critize it wrongly. You see the sentence is actually a misplaced comma. Should read "Over time i came to realize, what i really am is a libertarian." So before trying to knock someone try to get it right. Oh yeah, try a criticism with some substance: very weak.

Posted by: darryl from bc | 2008-09-29 4:48:26 PM

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