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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Warren Kinsella hits a nerve, Craig Yirush answers back

You know you’re out of line when you offend the mild mannered, gentlemanly Craig Yirush, a former Fraser Institute researcher and legal scholar.

In a submission to the Western Standard, Yirush offered his thoughts on a recent post by Warren Kinsella.

Here's the latest smear from Warren Kinsella, scourge of all the Canadian neo-Nazis currently living in their mothers' basements.

At the end of a post congratulating Dion for dumping 9/11 'truther' Lesley Hughes, Kinsella had this to say:

"And why is Ezra Levant, who defends Jim Keegstra and neo-Nazis, still an official Tory spokesman."

Let that one sink in for a second or two. Ezra defends the free speech rights of individuals he strongly disagrees with.

And what does that make him? Why a Nazi of course. As well as the moral equivalent of someone who thinks that those who died on 9/11 were murdered by their own governments, with, of course, the complicity of the 'Jews'.

Ezra doesn't need me to defend him from Kinsella, especially since nobody who cares about honesty or political principle takes the self-described 'ass-kicker' seriously anymore. But the flawed logic at the heart of Kinsella's argument illustrates how much work still needs to be done to defend free speech in Canada.

Thanks, Craig. Since you’re a pro-freedom blogger without a blog, why not join the Shotgun?

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I scrape better than Kinsella off the soles of my shoes after walking the dog.

Posted by: Sigmund Frayed | 2008-09-30 4:15:31 AM

What do you expect with Kinsella. There is no logic or reason behind his approach. As one MP said about Kinsella several years back, he is a hateful person.

Posted by: john canuck | 2008-10-06 10:13:50 AM

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