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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tory insider: former Toronto-Centre Conservative candidate Chris Reid "dumped"

Earlier, I posted about the conservative reaction to the "resignation" of Chris Reid, the former Conservative Party candidate in Toronto Centre. Small "c" conservatives are livid. Furious.

Reid is a fierce supporter of gun rights, small government, individualism, and personal responsibility. He said so on his blog, which he took down prior to being a nominated Tory candidate. He spoke with me yesterday, reaffirming that he stands by the blog postings, and offering more reasons for his views.

About two hours ago, I received an email from a Tory insider. Here is the meat of that email:

"I can say with 100% confidence that the party knew of his blog before he even started to run. They were the ones that told him to take his blog down before he became the candidate.

...On his initial resume given to the party, it had a URL for the blog on it. How much anyone read of his blog really can't be known obviously, however, there weren't so many posts on it that 10-15 minutes wouldn't have been enough to skim all of them...

I guess the message they are sending to their members is that it is ok if you believe this stuff as long as you continue to volunteer and donate, just make sure no one else knows what you think.

I think it is ridiculous that he had to go through this embarassing situation of being dumped when all the information that came out was previously known to the party."

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He never should have resigned, I have read his blog often and agree with him 90% of the time.
Probably the first candidate that had to resign for writing the truth.

Posted by: Durward | 2008-09-23 7:00:28 AM

CPC campaign leadership has stifled and smothered local candidates at a level never seen before. None are permitted to make a statement to the media or alter campaign materials in any way, or do anything that irritates the Campaign Director.
The PM gave a speech (available on video) that grassroots would have 100% autonomy in their candidate selection, and that CPC central would not interfere.
Since then the list of CPC nominated candidates over-ruled by the Campaign Director (who in the CPC constitution is given absolute control over candidate) includes Casey (they fired the whole executive there), Warner/Reid (Tor Ctr), Marler, Green, Barr and more that were not permitted to apply.
So this central control and throttling of free speech has become an issue in the election (that plays well to the 'scary Tories' sobriquet) rather than the dumbo eruptions of Gallant, White, Thompson, Anders, etc in the past.

Posted by: Brian Lemon | 2008-09-23 8:05:58 AM

Just another reminder that the political pimps running the CPC actually react to fanatical leftwing partisans rather than conservative party members.

Posted by: WL Mackenzie Redux | 2008-09-23 9:16:50 AM

Oh, but wait until Harper gets a majority government. He'll push those spin doctors aside, employ all those embarrassing principles, and systematically dismantle leviathan.

Does anyone want to purchase a bridge?

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-09-23 9:55:18 AM

It used to be that gay conservatives like Reid worried that their sexual orientation might be a liability to becoming a candidate. Now they have to worry that their conservativism might be a liability. What a strange evolution we've witnessed in the conservative partisan politics.

Chris Reid sounds like a friend of liberty and a great candidate. Too bad.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-09-23 10:07:50 AM

I would have voted for him as well if I lived in his riding. I don't like homosexuality as a Christian. To me its a vice. Anyway his stand on issues is the important thing . Shows a backbone with morality. That's how we should vote. Not on ethnicity or sex, nothing but who is more likely to be true to their convictions.

Chris Reid proved his credentials of being a honorable man, to my way of thinking. By action not words.

We have as I have stated many times 4 flavors of socialism in this Nation. There are no true Party's that represent real conservatives or Libertarians. Harper is proving daily he may just be an Easterner dressed as a Westerner. He’s' become Ottawashed. His is just another autocratic gang, else he would have done something about the gun registry & the CHRC.

Unlike your kind we demand an accounting of our leaders . We are quick to point out faults. Unlike your herd who only follow the trends of the week. The political fads of the day no matter how disconnected to reality. Who worship scoundrels even knowing their corruption. You have no idea what is really bothering us, & it aint you . You should have free speech as well as deplorable as your actions where . I bet your one of those fanatics who love to out people & destroy there lives. Seen it once happen to a work buddy. He used a shot gun.

Chris Reid is a real Canadian Patriot, we need more!


Posted by: Revnant Dream | 2008-09-24 12:26:25 AM

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