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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Liberals must come clean on “secret deal” with Marijuana Party: NDP

What a tangled web we weave when we bogart the marijuana vote. This statement was just released by the NDP in the ongoing marijuana wars:

Liberals must come clean on “secret deal” with Marijuana Party

The Dion Liberals just issued a press release entitled “Layton must come clean on Marijuana Party deal”.  The same release, word for word, could have been issued raising questions of the Dion Liberals and their ties to the Marijuana Party.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has not “come clean” with Canadians about the terms of his deal with the former Marijuana Party Marc-Boris St-Maurice.

The former leader of the Marijuana Party, who ran against Prime Minister Paul Martin in the 2004 general election, quit and joined the Liberals in 2005.

“I believe that if any party will ever legalize marijuana in Canada, it is the Liberals," St-Maurice said in a statement, “And I hope to bring my knowledge and expertise on this issue to help the Liberal Party develop new policies, programs and legislation which address the marijuana situation.” (CBC.ca , February 28, 2005)

St-Maurice also donated $1000 to Stephane Dion’s leadership campaign.

Stephane Dion must immediately answer the following questions:

- What are the specific terms of the deal he made with St-Maurice and the Marijuana Party?
- How much money have Mr. St-Maurice, the Marijuana Party or other drug activists raised for the Dion Liberals?
- Do the Liberals still plan to use these funds now that they are beginning to distance themselves from their drug activist supporters?
- How many other Liberal insiders have close ties with extreme wings of the drug legalization movement?


Read more on this issue here.

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