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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jason Cherniak Throws in the Towel

He ends off by saying "it's not too late yet" but this post from Jason Cherniak  basically marks him as throwing in the towel on this election.

I mean, really folks:

The hardest part about selling Mr. Dion was his English. Sometimes I argued that it wasn't as bad as people said, but that never really worked. The key to dealing with that complaint was simple - this is Canada. We don't vote against people because French is their first language! That is not the country we want to live in and our people on TV need to remind other Canadians of that on a regular basis.

This isn't desperation - this is just plain hilarious.  Especially coming from Liberals who regularly insisted that, to pick one example, Preston Manning was a non-starter as a national leader because he "only" spoke the language that 75% of Canadians speak.

"If you don't like the fact that our leader can barely make himself understood, you're a bigot" is an argument whose absurdity defies easy definition. 

As I've said elsewhere, I might not like a lot of the hesitancy shown by the Tories but, at this rate, Stephen Harper could spend the rest of the campaign sitting on his front porch and win in a landslide. 

Remember - I picked Dion to be the next Liberal leader far in advance.  The Liberals took him because he was French and because no one particularly hated him.  He didn't have any other real virtues then.  Now he only has one of those two.

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His comments brought a smile to my face. It was not that long ago when we had old Jean, who could speak neither English nor French correctly.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-09-25 11:52:39 PM

The idea that people didn't vote for Stephane Dion because of his English is bogus. Jean Chretien couldn't speak English very well, either, although his sounded better.

People decided not to vote for Stephane Dion because they didn't like the overall package. The language issue may have been part of the overall equation, but it was a minor contributing factor. People just didn't like what he was all about and what he projected.

Posted by: SUZANNE | 2008-09-26 5:34:57 AM

You aren't really comparing Dion's English to Manning's French, are you? Manning needed a translator in his French debate. I promise that Dion will not need similar help in the English debate.

Posted by: Jason Cherniak | 2008-09-26 6:26:24 AM

Also, I'm obviously not throwing in the towel. At least be honest since you claim to be a real media outlet.

Posted by: Jason Cherniak | 2008-09-26 6:27:07 AM

Jason C, you may want to reflect on the fact that the problem is much bigger than Dion. Consider that it has more to do with what the Liberal Party has become and is. All the PR in the world cannot erase from our memory the damage it has wrecked on this once great and free country.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-09-26 11:58:10 AM

"Manning needed a translator in his French debate. I promise that Dion will not need similar help in the English debate."
~Jason Cherniak | 26-Sep-08 6:26:24 AM

Well I think your promise is hollow.
Watch this:

A child asks the question, "If elected, will recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel?"
DeYawn turns to a translator to understand the question and then mangles the answer.

Perhaps Dijon will not need similar help because nothing could possibly help him.

Posted by: Speller | 2008-09-26 5:14:20 PM

Listen up, Jason Sillyniak. I am getting sick and tired of your sanctimonious whining. In your profession, I thought, members had to conduct themselves professionally and ethically. I see very little of that in your blog posts.

Let me remind you of how you insulted and attacked Gerard Kennedy because his French wasn't good enough. In fact, even a deaf person could tell that Kennedy's French is much better than Dion's English. Yet you kept pounding and hounding Kennedy and maligning him.

At least, in one of your recent posts, you finally admitted to lying about this all along:

"The hardest part about selling Mr. Dion was his English. Sometimes I argued that it wasn't as bad as people said, but that never really worked."

Translation: I lied about Dion's English, but you guys didn't fall for it.

You owe Kennedy a very big apology!

Posted by: Werner Patels | 2008-09-26 6:02:09 PM

Manning may have needed a translator to understand french. The audience needs a translator to understand Dion. The Liberals have used this "both official languages" test for decades. Nice to see it bite back for once.

Posted by: Gus | 2008-09-28 8:28:04 AM

Jason, it's looking more and more that you simply are not gong to get a cushy appointment in Ottawa. You bet your career on the wrong horse.

Bad timing eh dude.

Keep catching those farts though fella, eventually the Liberals will get back in. Political change is like climate change. It' just happens no matter how much anyone might wish it didn't.

Posted by: John V | 2008-09-28 8:13:02 PM

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