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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Party plan for marijuana reform unworkable: Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party candidate Krista Zoobkoff today launched her campaign in the federal riding of Wild Rose with a press conference with party leader Dennis Young.

Zoobkoff and Young released the party’s strategy for marijuana policy reform at a Canmore hemp store owned by 29-year-old entrepreneur Zoobkoff, who also owns businesses in Banff and Airdrie.

The party’s three-part strategy for reforming Canada’s approach to marijuana policy includes:

Legalize the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana by adults

• After 80 years of prohibition, at least 10 million Canadians have still used marijuana. Legalizing the cultivation and sale of marijuana will ensure the safe, peaceful trade of a drug that is substantially less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

Pardon and expunge the convictions of all non-violent marijuana law offenders

• 600,000 Canadians have criminal records for marijuana possession. These criminal records make international travel difficult or impossible and can limit employment opportunities. The Libertarian Party would pardon Canadians with non-violent marijuana convictions.

Stop the extradition of Canadian magazine publisher Marc Emery to the U.S.A.

• Canadian magazine publisher and political activist, Marc Emery, will spend the rest of his life in an American prison for selling marijuana seeds unless the Canadian governments asserts its sovereignty over drug policy and stops the politically motivated extradition trial against him by the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

“The prohibition of cannabis is more damaging to society than the plant itself,” Zoobkoff told reporters. “The war on drugs is a war on the Canadian people. It can’t be fully enforced, cost taxpayers too much, and breeds violence and organized crime,” she continued.

Party leader Dennis Young said “the Libertarian Party is the only party with a comprehensive strategy for ending marijuana prohibition and ending the organized crime associated with the trade in marijuana.” He was also critical of the Green Party plan for marijuana policy reform.

“Elizabeth May and the Green Party should be congratulated for not running from the important issue of marijuana policy reform, but her plan is unworkable. It will not take the organized crime out of the marijuana trade. Legalizing marijuana for personal use will do nothing to restore peaceful trade in the marijuana business. We must legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana and take the violence out of the marijuana business once and for all,” said Young.

Young also called on May to publicly oppose the extradition of marijuana legalization activist Marc Emery, who faces an extradition hearing -- scheduled to take place between February 9 –17, 2009 -- that could land him in a US prison for the remainder of his life. The Minister of Justice is responsible for the implementation of the Extradition Act an has the authority to prevent Emery from being prosecuted in the US for selling marijuana seeds, or, alternatively, to charge Emery in Canada for the same offence, the penalty for which in Canada is only a small fine.

“May must commit to restoring Canadian sovereignty over drug policy by joining the Libertarian Party in working actively to prevent the extradition of Canadian publisher and activist Marc Emery to the US for selling marijuana seeds. Will Elizabeth May stop the extradition of Marc Emery? If she won’t, she is not serious about a made-in-Canada approach to drug policy,” said Young.

Young is calling his strategy an "adult" approach to drug policy, one that trusts adult Canadians with choice and is realistic and honest about the failure of marijuana prohibition.

“After 80 years of prohibition, at least 10 million Canadians have still used marijuana, and the number is probably higher. We need to be honest with ourselves. The war on marijuana has been lost, and, despite the best intentions of policy makers, it is doing more harm than good. We must legalize the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana in the interest of public safety, public health and personal liberty,” concluded Young.


(Picture: Libertarian Party candidate Krista Zoobkoff outside her Canmore hemp store)

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Geez that car is a cop-magnet.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-25 9:27:58 PM

Any plan for the legalization of marijuana would either have to be tied to American plans to do the same. Otherwise criminals here would continue to grow it for export there. The pot goes south and the guns come north. Now, I've already asked this a number of times, and I'm going to ask again:


Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-25 9:56:24 PM

Shane Matthews, I don't know how you figure that by legalizing marijuana in Canada, more guns would cross the border. Sure, people will export weed to the states, but once the pot is down south, it's their problem. The US will just have to get much more strict on their northern border policy. How did you bring guns into the equation? The only thing coming up to Canada from the US would be stoners, and we all know how peaceful they are. I guarantee that with the legalization of pot, overall crime in this country will drop.

Posted by: anon | 2008-09-26 12:00:41 AM

Shane, you're repeating discredited police propaganda. No one responds to you because you're full of it. A couple of years ago the anti-pot cops were complaining about pot being traded "pound for pound" for cocaine. Now that that lie has been found out, they change it to guns. It's still a lie.

Posted by: Tim | 2008-09-26 6:57:48 AM


I never said MORE guns would cross the border. I said that the oft-repeated "benefit" of legalizing marijuana--the elimination of organized crime from the equation--would not happen because most weed grown by gangs is destined for export to countries where it's still illegal. We might not get more guns, but we wouldn't get less either. Oh, and if Canadian weed is America's problem, then American guns are Canada's problem. Get it?


Guns make a lot more sense than cocaine, especially considering the proliferation of illegal shootings by organized criminals. Tell me, Mighty Mouth, if your movement is so overflowing with credibility and resonance with the Canadian polity, why have you yet to win a single seat? Bitter much?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 7:39:55 AM

P.S. And Tim, it looks like the NDP is shedding dope-smoking candidates like an old snakeskin. Must *really* stick in your craw. (Giggle)

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 7:40:36 AM

"...weed to the states, but once the pot is down south,
it's their problem..." quoteth Anon

wowsers! this is the sort of attitude that is putting his Majesty the Prince of Pot in prison for the rest of his life, and maybe why your MP has your email address on permablock

"...The only thing coming up to Canada from the US would be stoners..." quoteth anon

ya, _and the Shining Path looking for a long term franchise .. Oppsies , more than stray dogs will pass throgh the ripped screen door you suggest.- vermin A-Z


>>While we are discussing national dtug policy, oh wipehad Shaman citizen anon...- what do you prefer- a two hose vapourizer or a spring water glass bong ?

Posted by: 419 | 2008-09-26 8:05:12 AM

Yo Tiny Tim

how is any of this..

1) propaganda
2) discredited ?

you MIGHT mean it is :

A) concerning the rule of law
B ) contrary to the transient whims of whipehead society
C) this discissuon scares you, like all rational debate does
D) you don;t have an opinon, just a highschool era manifesto
E) the power of the people are not with you on this one Bub

Posted by: 419 | 2008-09-26 8:20:35 AM

"a drug that is substantially less harmful than alcohol or tobacco" is a dead give-away you know...

Posted by: citizen | 2008-09-26 8:53:00 AM

Canada already is the number one source country for MJ entering the US.

Legalisation would like reduce that number hugely. Why would you bother illegally shipping a product when you can open a store across the border and just invite your customers over?

All the literature from the Netherlands supports this theory, as the amount of MJ illegally exported to the rest of Europe has not increased. The major source of MJ importation comes from Africa. Where it is illegal.

Posted by: Q | 2008-09-26 8:58:24 AM


1. The primary source of U.S.-bound bud is Mexico. Canadians supply only a small percentage of the pot consumed in America.

2. Because if the tourists tried to take any of it home (and we both know they would) they'd be charged with drug smuggling in addition to drug possession and find themselves bunkmates with Marc Emery. Smuggling to the states would not drop and might actually increase, since there would be no police overwatch on local production.

3. The Netherlands is not the only country in the Universe and potheads should stop acting as though it were. In most of the world marijuana is ILLEGAL. America is not alone in that regard and was certainly not first. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never been caught smuggling dope in Iran. And over 60 percent of the dope produced in the Netherlands is destined for the black market, in spite of a law that allows it to be legally smoked at coffee shops (NOT at home).

4. Poor farmers in Africa and elsewhere (notably Afghanistan) often turn to drug cultivation, either to increase their own meagre incomes or because the local warlord forces them at gunpoint to do so. If drugs were legal, there'd be less profit in them and these farmers would starve. But on the plus side, the warlords wouldn't bother them as much.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 9:20:21 AM

Ok ... you americans are far too high strung! How often do you hear of Canadians forcing their will onto other peoples? lol ... never ... because that is the american way!!! Remember Iraq? The foreign policy of the american government is not designed to aid the masses of american people ... it is designed to pad the pockets of the elite! There is good reason that the majority of the free world views americans as a$$holes... pompous and barely educated, little ticks (ahem ... SHANE) that feel the need to impose their way of life onto others. 3% of the world's population ... 25% of the world's prisoners!!! C'mon ... your system is busted! Clearly, you watch too much TV!

Shut off your television, do your own research ... yes, that means a library and hospital research papers... and stop spouting off about something you know very little about. Marijuana is, on any scale, WAY less harmful than, the completely legal, alcohol. No one can physically overdose causing death, it eases pain in chronic conditions and can be regulated just like alcohol.

Where is that fundamentally wrong? Because you don't agree with it? LOL ... typically american.... "Fu@k the rest of the world ... do it *this* way". No sir ... Fu@k you! You don't like ganja ... don't smoke it! I don't like guns ... and don't own any. Am I in your face for owing guns? Drinking alcohol (which is illegal in same areas of the world where MJ is legal)? No ... because I believe you have the ability to *choose* your own path and direction.

Stop forcing your will onto others america ( <--- does not deserve a capital letter)... and people will stop hating you ;-) But, it's not like it has ever got america into trouble before ... oops ... wait ... it has... you may have them hiding now... but they still hate you all because of your governments foreign policy .... bet that just "sticks in you craw" eh Shane? LOL

Thanks for the soapbox,

A stoned Canadian, who pays taxes, owns property and has a family :-)

Posted by: Stoned Canadian | 2008-09-26 9:26:58 AM

...like Linux users, pictures of ditzy women beside hemp decorated cars will not help the image they are trying to portray.

Something about professionalism and business.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-09-26 9:56:46 AM


1. That’s because we can’t. And locking up those prisoners has produced a sharp drop in U.S. crime rates. Funny how it is that when you lock up the criminals, crime goes down. I’ll understand if the logic of that is too much for your dope-addled noodle.

2. I actually don’t watch much TV, except “House.” And spare us the pothead’s tiresome rant that alcohol is worse; alcohol in small quantities is actually beneficial and overall is much more easily managed than dope. There’s more to the harm a substance does than its LD-50.

3. Americans were not the first to outlaw dope, nor do they have the harshest penalties for its use. It’s been illegal in Islamic countries for centuries, and the penalties include death. You’ve allowed your virulent anti-Americanism to cloud your objectivity.

4. All proper names deserve a letter, stoned Canadian who withholds his real name. And try to get over your hate; you’re tripping over it so continuously it makes you sound like a mental case.

5. You have a family, good for you. You know, most primates can reproduce…

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 11:12:27 AM

we have also used cannabis for 10 thousand years before any country made it illegal. tomax7 you should meet me before you call me ditzy. i guess a photo is all you need before making judgements on someones intelligence. does anyone think the prohibition of alcohol was beneficial????

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 2:22:15 PM

cannabis isnt for everyone, but for the people who do want to use it, should they be punished?

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 2:27:34 PM

Really, Krista? Do you have documented or archaeological proof of that use, or did you just pull that number out of a hat? I never said you were ditzy, but people will judge both your words and deeds (as they do to everybody, so don't feel picked on). The artwork on your car is done with taste and restraint, with nicely harmonized colours, and to judge by your picture I would say you were friendly.

That doesn't make you right on this issue, however. If you've been reading these blogs, you'll know my reasons for keeping marijuana illegal until more scientific studies are conducted. Most of the proof of medical marijuana is anecdotal and inconclusive. Even if it is re-admitted to the pharmacopeia, which seems likely, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to buy it at the corner store. It will more likely be prescription-only, like morphine.

Small amounts of alcohol are beneficial and even moderate amounts are harmless (if occasionally embarrassing). Its results are more predictable and drop off in a steady, easily followed manner. It is easily detected by both man and machine, so cops know a drunk driver when they see one.

Pot, on the other hand, has a more profound effect, cutting your fine motor control in half after one joint, and by two-thirds after two. Marijuana intoxication is more difficult to detect in the field. It has a well-documented gateway effect; those who smoke dope are much more likely to move on to harder drugs than those who don’t. And it just plain stinks. That’s the part I really hate. A single toker can stink up our condominium block from cellar to attic.

I have to say, however, that even with all its negatives, your drug of choice would get a much warmer reception if so many of its proponents weren’t loons like Budoracle and malignant narcissists like Marc Emery. You may think scofflaws like these help your cause. They hurt it. Telling people they’re stupid and intolerant because they don’t see things the way you do is not the way to win converts. Changing attitudes takes time, often a generation or two of patient, persistent work that yields no payoff until the very end. Raising the red flag and ratcheting up the rhetoric to hurry things along actually has a pretty miserable track record, unless the government suspects that the silent majority supports the cause. They won’t, until the pro-pot crowd stops insulting them.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 2:49:26 PM

cannabis isnt for everyone, but for the people who do want to use it, should they be punished?
Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 26-Sep-08 2:27:34 PM

Are you a libertarian? Or a one issue candidate?

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-09-26 3:02:05 PM

Geez that car is a cop-magnet.
Posted by: Zebulon Punk | 25-Sep-08 9:27:58 PM

Maybe in Alabama but not in pothead Alberta. Here's a little clip of the Punk out hunting.


Posted by: The Stig | 2008-09-26 3:25:52 PM

shane i am at work so please excuse gramatical or spelling mistakes for i am writing fast. here is what i know about cannabis. i will dig up the sourses as soon as i can. cannabis (this includes marijuana and hemp) is thought to be one of the first crops that we have ever been cultivated in the fertile cresent in iraq, along with flax. there has been an eight thousand year old mummy, from china i think, i will find it exactly for you when i have a monent, that contained cannabis and a pipe that he was carrying with him. 4000 years ago cannabis was used to make soma.

there have been countless scientific studies done on cannabis and there is yet to be any evidence of it being more harmful than many substances that are legal.

the le dain commision, a 2002 and 2006 senate report all found that the prohibition of cannabis was more dangerous that the plant itself. i have the 2002 summary report in my hand as i write this.

alcohol is a gateway drug assumeing that people cant control themselves when intoxicated. alcohol lowers your inhibition with gaba (that is a neurotransmitter) and cannabis does not have this publicized effect. most people i know that use cannabis dont have an uncontrolable need to do heroin. statistical science is just that. it compares two different situations. there are more people that have tried alcohol that have moved on to hard drugs than people that have tried cannabis.

alcohol stinks to.

my drug of choice gets a warm reception from 17 percent of canadaians. that is almost one in five and it is scary to think that 1 in 5 canadians need to be treated as criminals.

most of canadas cannabis is sold in canada not the states. and we are supposed to be sovergn.

most people dont smoke a whole joint to themselves. you can be intoxicated while driving with not enough sleep, perscription drugs, alcohol, and cannabis. if you are intoxicated you show signs of it. some people can have one beer and be ok to drive, they are not intoxicated, and some people can smoke a bit of cannabis and not be intoxicated.

marc emery is a great man that fights for freedom. i think you are steryotyping people and have a prejudice about people who use cannabis. i may be wrong, or maybe you know enough about cannabis. that is ok, most people dont. hopefully you will be open minded to learn. we have a huge history with th is plant. let me also ad that no one has been recorded to have died because of using cannabis.
do you think alcohol should be illegal????

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 3:36:07 PM

my car has not been targeted by police in 10 years. i guess they understand the idea of free political thinking. it is great advertising for my businesses.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 3:38:49 PM

The pot goes south and the guns come north.
Posted by: Shane Matthews | 25-Sep-08 9:56:24 PM

Sounds like a good trade to me. Maybe we could get it drafted as a NAFTA Amendment.

Posted by: JC | 2008-09-26 5:28:50 PM

Are you a libertarian? Or a one issue candidate?

Posted by: The Stig | 26-Sep-08 3:02:05 PM

That's a good point Stig. I'm a Libertarian and I'm not enjoying seeing my party (seemingly) hang its hat on the drug issue. There's just a whole lot of more important things that need dealing with. Like corruption in government, the economy and our banking system...and the right to self defense...and on and on...

Posted by: JC | 2008-09-26 5:32:02 PM

i am a libertarian. i beleive in economic freedom, personal freedom, and humane rights. i am not a one issue person but this is an improtant issue. should we not talk about it?

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 6:01:17 PM

I believe the LPC is promoting 6 main ideas. All fall within the scope of limited government, personal and economic freedom. But the subject here is pot, so let's stick to the point.

There's no sense in bringing out the fact that Harper lied about being small government and grew it 14.8%;

There's no point in saying Harper lied about income trusts and stole from senior citizens;

There's no point in saying Harper voted FOR the gun registry;

Those points would all be off topic, but if we said that I own my body - Not the gov't or Shane Matthews;

Or; Canada followed Bush's foreign policy and is now following his domestic policy - those points would be fair and on topic. Harper sold our sovereignty. He's a coward and an opportunist who stands for nothing. Maybe he's a nihilist who just wants unfettered power.

Posted by: attitude | 2008-09-26 6:10:59 PM

i am a libertarian and do not only have one issue to talk about. it that were the case i would have become a marijuana party candidate. i want the freedom this party stands for. i want to decide where my money goes. i think bill c 51 and bill c 10 should be stopped. i want to be able to defend my self and not worry if my government will. i beleive in free markets and not proping up econamical sectors. i think gays have the same rights as me. i dont want to lose anymore of my rights. i want economic freedom. i think the prohibition is a bigger problem then you think. if you want to talk about other issues than please do.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 6:11:01 PM

i am a libertarian and do not only have one issue to talk about.

Fair enough. I have two question for you. What is your opinion of property rights in regard to the Security of Information Act? And why shouldn't Canada return to the Gold Standard? Thanks.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-09-26 6:39:55 PM

I want to support the Libertarian Party, as I fall somewhere in the middle between Libertarian and Conservative ideology, but as far as I am concerned narcotics users, sellers and growers are criminals and illicit drug use in society should be eradicated.

Posted by: Paul | 2008-09-26 6:46:40 PM

1. Okay, but just this once.  Four thousand years ago I can believe, as civilization was well along by that time (the Great Pyramid at Giza is FIVE thousand years old) but ten thousand puts us almost into the last Ice Age. That’s too remote for anything but archaeological records. And I’ve heard of a 3,000-year-old Chinese mummy (a Caucasian, no less!) who had marijuana with him, but not an 8,000-year-old one.

2. That depends on your definition of “harmful.” A commonly given one is its LD-50, which says you’d need to smoke five times your body weight before you could expect to croak. But as the Jafar the Genie said, you’d be surprised what you can live through—even if you wish you hadn’t.

3. Canada’s Senate commands less respect from me than a plate of fish guts. They’re also not scientists. They’re far from the last word on this or any subject.

4. Ethanal does not contain gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It is an extremely simple molecule, CH3-CH2-OH. GABA’s formula is C4-H9-NO2. It’s true that ethanol and marijuana have different effects on the brain, but that’s no more than what I said. And the gateway effect refers to not what you do when under the influence as much as it does “getting your feet wet” with a less potent drug before moving on to the big stuff. Since virtually everyone drinks alcohol regularly (more than eat carrots regularly), it’s a poor candidate for a gateway drug.

5. I can drink a Long Island Iced Tea and you’d have to come within a metre or two to smell it. But when the guy on the third floor touches off a doobie I can smell it in the car park four storeys down. Sorry, pot’s the hands-down winner in the skunk category.

6. Argumentum ad populum only carries so much weight when outlawing substances, Krista. More than one in five Canadians speed; should we stop ticketing them? More than one in five Canadians has stolen something; should we legalize theft? Sorry, but that’s just not an argument. While most people get away with it, those that don’t have no excuse. Even if most pot grown in Canada is consumed here (and I am not convinced), most of that grown by organized crime is for export. So legalizing pot will not stop organized crime.

7. If people smoke alone, then yes, usually it’s a whole joint. In a party atmosphere it does get passed around. However, is the limiting factor the intensity of the drug, or its cost? If it were to be much cheaper, as advocates encourage, would people smoke more? Also, how marijuana effects you is not as simple as dividing by your body weight, because it’s a far more complex potpourri of chemicals than alcohol.

8. Marc Emery is a self-absorbed narcissist and a shameless media whore with a pathological need to attract as much attention to himself as possible. This is merely his chosen cause; if it wasn’t this, it would be something else. For Marc the fight and the attention it brought him were their own reward. They have brought him to a rich end, truly.

9. No, for the reasons I list above. But if alcohol were illegal I wouldn’t break the law to buy some.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 7:06:27 PM

Some clarifications for the Libertarians.

1) The Green Party and Elizabeth May issued a press release in the spring condemning the attempt to deport Marc Emery. The Western Standard republished that link and we had a spirited discussion here.

2) The Green Party of BC as well as the Green Party of Canada have both released comprehensive strategies to license cannabis growers, put the same restrictions on access as we do on liquor (keep it out of the hands of children and sold in licensed distributors), so you can probably read our entire policy at www.greenparty.ca/visiongreen. It has been public for a year.

Some clarifications for other poster:

1) "Cannabis intoxication is hard to detect." Police officers have a series of test to determine whether someone is capable of driving. Regardless, Cannabis use is prevalent already and these challenges currently exist.

2) "The pot goes south and the guns come north." True, a lot is likely illegally exported. However, domestic crime is typically not a result of export. Gang wars and violence happen over sales turf and the domestic market in canada is huge and fuels a whole chain of drug abuses. Most property crime is sustained because the local drug dealer can afford to buy stolen goods or trade drugs for them.

Posted by: Dan Grice | 2008-09-26 8:27:21 PM

so shane are you arguing that humans didnt exist at the time of our last glacial period or that we didnt start to grow our own food at that time. how much ice was iraq under? lol
i am now off of work and can put more time into this issue because it seems of great importance to you.

hemp and fertile cresent 8000 years bce.

cannabis seeds used for food in china 6000 bc

first recorded use of cannabis as medicine in chinese pharmacopia 2727 bc

in every part of the world humankind has used cannabis for a wide variety of health problems 2727 bc almost 5000 years ago

thank you for the correction on the mummy. i take full responsibility for that mistake. in my defence i was writing from my memory and was off by 5000 years. but thanks for the clarity that it has mostly been legal and not illegal.

"you'd be surprise what you can live through-even though you wish you had not" why would you write this. based on the principle of this quote or the beleif that most people use cannabis and regret what it does to their life? i dont understand why they would feel this way. have you come across evidence of cannabis destroying lives. i would like to get more info. maybe its the nervous system toxicity (drowsiness).

the smelly fish guts, i agree sometimes. so where is your scientific evidence of the harmful effects. it is proven that cannabis is far safer than many legal substances. should we make everything illegal incase we find something wrong with it in the future.

4. is 1 in 5 canadians not enough people to make cannabis a poor candidate for the gateway theory as well if what you are saying is true about alcohol?

i agree that cannabis is more smelly than most alcohol. there are special instances when being around a brewery and smelling the grossness. i think its the barley but im not sure.

most pot grown in canada is not for export by organized crime. people in the states can get it cheaper from mexico and their own country (california)

your veiw on marc emery is your veiw on marc emery. i strongly disagree. that is all i can do. what do you mean it has brought him to a rich end?

the fact that you would not question the laws or fight them if you didnt beleive in them is scary. govenments make mistakes. just because they make a law does not mean that the law is moral. im sure happy as a woman i can vote and slavery is ended. i am bringing this up as principal and not putting these issues on par.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 8:55:42 PM

the stig.
i beleive that property rights need the same protection as our personal rights. if the government has information that will help protect those rights, we need access to that informaiton. i think that transperencey in the government is of the utmost importance. we pay the money and have a right to know what is going on. i think canadians have lost trust in their government because of secrecy. i also think this is why so many canadians dont want to get involved in politics.

i think that we need sound money. i am a business owner so i have concepts of money but i am not a financial expert. i tink we need some standard. i dont think we should print money out of thin air and devalue our dollar. this is dangerous and inflationary.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 9:15:08 PM

i am now off of work and can put more time into this issue because it seems of great importance to you.
Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 26-Sep-08 8:55:42 PM

You've failed to convince me that you are anything other than a one issue candidate.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-09-26 9:15:49 PM


Your comments are vacuous and bland. What is even more disturbing is that I find myself siding with Stig.

Shame. Please grow a coherent, intelligent platform for those of us with IQs above 140.


Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-09-26 9:21:22 PM

Shane Matthews:

Your dyspeptic diatribe against marrijuana has long since lost touch with anything remotely resembling reason.

You clearly have an "issue" for which there is no political solution.

Before you resort to calling me a "pothead" or some such, chill, brofo: I am as hardcore anti-drug use straight edge as you can get. I think the only thing that would make you happy would be if we were all in a vast open-air prison up here north of 49. But forget that: even in prison you still wouldn't score a spouse ;-)

Posted by: LVM | 2008-09-26 9:26:02 PM

i am sorry you feel that way stig. i do respect what you have to say and am happy that we live in a country where we have the freedom to discuss these issues. i hope we never lose that and am willing to fight for that.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 9:29:48 PM

This thread is about the Liberatarian party dissing the Green party about their cannabis policy- when really, who cares?
Its a make work project to discuss this- neither one of these fringe parties will win the election- either one or possibly both parties might fade away into redundancy by this time next year .

Posted by: 419 | 2008-09-26 9:44:03 PM

i am sorry you feel that way stig. i do respect what you have to say and am happy that we live in a country where we have the freedom to discuss these issues. i hope we never lose that and am willing to fight for that.
Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 26-Sep-08 9:29:48 PM

While I don't agree with your position on marijuana I will defend your right to express it. And best of luck in the election.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-09-26 9:46:44 PM

thank you stig. i really appreciate that.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 9:54:00 PM


1. No, I’m arguing that agriculture didn’t exist. Stone-Age man was a hunter-gatherer, not a farmer. Iraq was not under ice but the human population was extremely low, lower than some species we today consider endangered.

2. Little if any substantive proof of settlements in the Fertile Crescent exist before about 4,000 B.C.

3. Cannabis seeds have little nutritional value; why would anyone eat them?

4. Now we’re talking. Of course they didn’t have amoxicillin in ancient China.

5. Drugs like marijuana and morphine don’t actually cure anything; they just numb symptoms.

6. A great deal was legal in the ancient world, including purchasing unwanted infants for sacrifice in the belly of a burning fiery furnace. Pleading to what was legal 5,000 years ago is not a defence.

7., 8. Long-term brain damage, lung damage, and hormonal problems have long been associated with regular marijuana use. Hell, some male heavy users even grow breasts. Not many men are shooting for that distinction. There are reams of papers out there listing the harmful effects of marijuana, but apparently you don’t want to believe any of them, so there’s no point in my repeating them here. Just google “marijuana health effects” if you want a rundown, and steer clear of any site that smells of either Leftoid activism or hellfire-and-damnation Puritanism.

9. One in five Canadians have TRIED marijuana or use it maybe a few times a year. They’re not regular users. People who keep coming back for more and more eventually find they want more than pot can give them, and many turn to something stronger.

10. Yes, breweries smell. However, there really aren’t too many around. Do you have figures for how much Canadian pot is exported? It’s true that most US pot comes from Mexico, but in the Pacific Northwest, we’re closer, and our stuff is at least as good. We can take a perverse pride in that, I suppose. But the Americans are not amused.

11. Marc Emery will likely spend most of his adult life in prison once all is said and done. I think we can agree that’s not an end most of us would choose. But he has only himself to blame. It’s not like he hasn’t been warned.

12. I’m a grown man, Krista. I am not automatically attracted to something just because it’s illegal. That is grade-school thinking. You’re right in that not all laws are just, but let’s face it—no Charter right, or even fundamental justice, is violated by prohibiting alcohol. There are many counties in the U.S. that prohibit alcohol to this day. The Tennessee county where Jack Daniels is made is totally dry, and of Texas’s 254 counties, liquor is unrestricted in only 39. All the rest are either totally dry or permit only certain types of beverages. Prohibition in the U.S. did NOT end in 1933. All that ended was nationwide Prohibition.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 10:10:53 PM


1. Disprove it or shampoo my crotch.

2. I have two, actually, two boys. So much for not being able to score a spouse.

3. You start off with insults, and then tell me to chill. Why don’t you go stick your head in the blender and push frappé?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-26 10:13:38 PM

"cannabis has little nutritional value"

shane come on. cannabis seeds are a complete protein and it is more digestable than soy or lentails. they are extremely high in essential fatty acids and have the best ratio of omeg 3 and 6 for the human body. they are high in vitamin e. their nutritional profile is very extensive and are considered a super food.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 10:19:38 PM

i am sorry if this statement gets posted twice. i havent seen the first one pop up yet.

just because some canadaians only use cannabis a few times a year, doesnt mean anything. if i drink only a few times a year does that mean i should loose the right to choose to use it?

prohibition an cannabis is in direct violation of sec 7 of the charter of rights.

i want your sources for the brain damage issue. soy and plastic also disrupt our hormones. lets make the illegal. marijuana is non leathal......

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-26 10:33:24 PM

Supporting Cannabis or any other kind of illicit narcotic use only encourages the enslavement, moral bankruptcy and erosion of societal intelligence and personal freedom.

I want you Krista Zoobkoff, as a self professed drug pusher to tell me that you can truly say your looking out for the best interests of a free and prosperous society, or your own interests in pushing your poison.

Drug users are enslaved, once they are hooked they become slaves to their dealer, their pimp, their drug. They are not free to live their own life. A drug dealer legal or not taxes and profits by enslavement.

Drug users loose their ability to think rationally for themselves, they loose their ability to conduct themselves in a manner deemed fit for society, they cheat and steel and harm others to feed their addiction. Drug use shatters families and leads to moral decay.

Legal narcotic use is a policy of left wing socialism because it is a perfect tool for controlling the masses. Increase drug use, and get people into expensive government institutions and bloated programs. Addicts became dependent on drugs and will become dependent on government to support them. The government will then continue to tax and sell drugs to pay for those bloated social programs.

Why create a Socialist military state like North Korea when you can created a Socialist Doped up state like Canada.

Posted by: Paul | 2008-09-26 11:54:39 PM

what do you mean by poison. i base my opinions on scientific study. i am not a drug pusher. i leave that up to doctors. i am also for the right of people choosing not to use it. did the prohibition of alcohol do any good. ending prohibition of alcohol decreased crime. do you think alcohol should be illegal. i want the freedom to use alcohol responsibly if i choose to. i also want the same choice with cannabis. you are making the mistake of binding all drugs together and i think that is dangerous

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-27 12:11:03 AM

Don't get me wrong. I'm not in disagreement in principle with you on this issue.

It's just that it is naive, pales in comparison to the really big stuff related to our freedoms, and says absolutely nothing about what you would do to protect us from those who do and would abuse pot causing me hardships.

I really don't care if they smoke it and jump off of bridges, however, I do care if they land on my car.

Does that clarify why I find you vacuous and single minded on this issue?

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-09-27 12:18:08 AM

cannabis users are as enslaved and food eaters. do you think we should through obese people in jail. this is dangerous thinking

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-27 12:21:49 AM

I would put food eaters in jail if I found them gnawing on my leg, my furnture, or jumping off of bridges onto my car.

Otherwise, I step over them when the weather turns to -40C and they expect handouts.

got it?

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-09-27 12:23:53 AM

are you saying cannabis users are homeless or want money???? 1 in 5 canadians are cannabis users.

got it??

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-27 12:26:38 AM

what has a cannabis user ever done to you personaly??

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-09-27 12:31:09 AM

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