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Friday, September 26, 2008

Green Party candidates respond to Elizabeth May's attendance at peace rally with Hezbollah supporters

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, was at a "peace rally" in 2006 in Toronto. That rally was notable for anti-Israel and pro-Hezbollah sentiment. Here's some background on this issue, and May's press release in response to the controversy.

Robert Jago, whose blog is really worth checking out on a regular basis, and who broke this story, has done yeoman's work to get plenty of Green Party candidates to respond to his questions. Here's a sample response:

"I am strongly believe that Hezbollah’s postion should be condemed, as a terrorist organization, that does not promote peace. Personally I believe that we in Green Party, a party which is supposed to be a party of peace, should stand in opposition to organizations which promote hatred.

PS - here is the Green Parties press release on this subject, it does appear that there could have been a miss understanding so I am glad that you brought this up. http://www.greenparty.ca/en/releases/23.09.2008

Georgina Wilcock
Green Party, Don Valley West"

The grammar is irrelevant. The message is a good one. But the responses are not all as forceful, blunt, and clear as Wilcock's. Read them all in Jago's post entitled "Green Party candidates on the record: "Is Hezbollah a terrorist organization?"

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"The grammar is irrelevant."??????

I count eight major errors that anyone who is barely literate should not make. It's one thing to make silly little typos in a blog post or an email to a friend, but from a political candidate to a voter???? Someone as barely literate as this should not be in any position where reading comprehension is a job requirement. She might have the right opinions on Hezbollah and other issues, but that's not enough.

People who are willing to vote for Sarah Palin because they agree with her on the issues she has stated opinions on should similarly beware. We all know personally someone who broadly agrees with us on the issues who, despite that, we also think is just not smart enough to be a national leader. A basic level of intelligence really is a job requirement. This email betrays a real lack there. So if she does have the right opinion on Hezbollah, it might just be a matter of dumb luck.

Sorry to go off topic a bit there, Jaws. But I just could not believe how awful the email was. So let me redeem myself by making an on-topic comment: The Green Party says that at that rally: "In her remarks she strongly condemned Hezbollah". Now if someone could show that this is not true, that would be interesting. But if it *IS* true that she did this, then I wonder whether it really matters whether the rally was a peace rally or a Hezbollah rally. In fact, speaking to condemn Hezbollah *AT* a Hezbollah rally would be quite laudable, no? So unless someone can show that she did not condemn Hezbollah in her remarks, I would say she is ok on this one. Maybe one of the many people who photographed her bothered to record what she said? Maybe not. Maybe photographic innuendo was all they were really looking for.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-09-26 7:47:42 AM

Both content and grammar should be important to all Canadians. English is the official language of Canada. As a Canadian, should I even remotely consider a person eligible to lead the country and make national decisions that has trouble writing some simple sentences in English? I am a fool if i do.

Posted by: Rose | 2008-09-26 8:34:51 PM


"People who are willing to vote for Sarah Palin because they agree with her on the issues she has stated opinions on should similarly beware. "

And people who would vote for Biden who believes FDR was president when the stock market crashed and TV was prevalent should similarly be aware.

OR...we could pull back from "gotcha" posts by ideologues.

I would prefer someone with perfect grammar, perfect historical comprehension, perfect scientific acumen, etc. BUT I am a mature adult, so I choose the person or people whom I feel will best represent my expectations for a better world.

Criticising grammar as a personality defect as opposed to merely correcting it drops my respect by several points.

Posted by: h20273kk9 | 2008-09-26 8:49:27 PM

Where did you expect May to be, at some corporate retreat? Well, at least not publicly!

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-26 9:36:57 PM

Zeb said,

"Where did you expect May to be, at some corporate retreat? Well, at least not publicly!"

I'll bet "carbon credits" that she has no problem showing up and supporing corporations that sell carbon credits.

BTW, I saw Jack Layton being interviewed and dissing corporate welfare while in the same interview, he said he would provide government support for "manufacturing jobs"....also known as UNION WELFARE!

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-09-26 10:08:55 PM

h20: may's deal with the liebrals makes her a paid agent of the corporations, like they are. Sucks to be her.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-26 10:14:25 PM

This is a dead story. It took 15 minutes to get the back story about the rally.

The original call out letter was from a bunch of moderate peace groups, including the “Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation”. Hezbollah is NOT on the list of organizers or sponsors of the event.

There is a whole thread on Rabble.ca with posts by the event planners. There are also posts from some participants talking about it the next day.

Most informative is a post from someone called “Ohara” on Aug 13, 2006

To wit:
“Though I was heartened to see that the marshalls took some action in demanding that terroism promoters and anti-Semites should go home.”

“Go organize your own rally, don’t sabotage (ours), he said”

So clearly the rally organizers had no desire to have Hezbollah and their ilk at the rally and told them to leave when they arrived.

The thread is right here read it for yourself:
(rabble.ca) http://tinyurl.com/torally

I think it is pretty clear that Elizabeth May received an invitation to speak at a peace rally (badly) organized by some moderate peace groups and that more radical groups crashed the event.

I would hope that responsible journalists would perform at least 15 minutes of research before posting such inflammatory material.

Or you could have just asked Ms. May for her opinions on the conflict, she tends to be very candid.

Posted by: Dave | 2008-10-01 4:51:04 AM

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