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Friday, September 12, 2008

Elizabeth May to have a chat with TVO

Leftdog was threatened with a lawsuit by the Green Party's attack dog--campaign manager John Bennett--yesterday. Worried that the Green Party "will seek means to prevent legal proceeding further slander," (word-for-word, from John Bennett, Green Party's director of communications), Leftdog decided to take down the video. And shared his thoughts with us.

TVO is going to go ahead and ask Elizabeth May whether she thinks Canadians are stupid, or whether she thinks that other politicians think Canadians are stupid, or whether she thinks her director of communications is stupid, on tonight's The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

UPDATE: TVO, meanwhile, has no plans to sue or otherwise do anything about Leftdog (via his blog):

Jill Javet, TVO's director of corporate relations, made this statement on the matter this morning:

"TVO confirms that the audio of the clip in question is intact. As such, TVO is not and will not be pursuing legal action of any kind on this matter."

"John Bennett of the Greens insisted that Taylor doctored the audio tape (Taylor denied this) and informed at least one blogger that both the Greens and TVO were considering legal action if the video remained posted on his site."

Someone should try and discover whether John Bennett just made the whole "TVO is looking into it" story up himself. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but it struck me as terribly fishy, and worth digging into. TVO's statement, meanwhile, does not confirm nor deny that TVO was looking into the matter for legal purposes--just that they compared their own video to Stephen Taylor's YouTube version, and concluded that Taylor did no splicing at all.

TVO was also awesome enough to give us more context than the video Stephen Taylor posted up earlier:

UPDATE2: Elizabeth May appeared on TVO, and claimed that she had said "I fundamentally disagree with that assessment." We have the story, as well as the video, here.

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I think what what Ms. May meant by, "and I absolutely agree with that assessment" was her analysis that the other leaders are afraid of the word "tax" and they thought Canadians were stupid not to know that the Carbon tax would be worked in to be revenue neutral. Not that SHE thought Canadians were stupid.

Posted by: Fundi | 2008-09-12 1:53:04 PM

I really think she was saying she she thought Canadians were stupid. I don't know if she said "They think Canadians are stupid" or "I think Canadians are stupid", but she said she agreed with that assessment right after. I don't know how else to interpret what she said without assuming that she doesn't speak properly. It just seems weird to start a sentence and then drift off to a completely separate thought part way through, yet put together the 2 independent thoughts form a proper sentence. Maybe she is just really scattered in how she talks all the time?

Posted by: Ken | 2008-09-12 2:02:09 PM

No doubt about it, she thinks the people are stupid. Wow, her campaign just came to a fiery, crashing end.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-12 2:38:35 PM

You know what? I could care less what Eliza May said.

What concerns me is that her Director of Communications threatened to sue a blogger who ran the video, when Miss May, herself, had bewailed the fact that she didn't have a voice in the debates. She wants freedom of speech and then turns around and limits others' freedom of speech. Nice play, Liz.

If anyone had a case for suing, it would be Stephen Taylor who Bennett, essentially, accused of splicing the video.

What's good for May's gander isn't good for anyone else's goose. Go figure.

Posted by: batb | 2008-09-12 3:09:44 PM

I've listened several times. She clearly said "*I* think Canadians are stupid".

She might have meant "they", but she said "I".

Posted by: Marc | 2008-09-12 4:36:31 PM

This lunatic Elizabeth May is now claiming (she did another interview with TVO to "clear" things up) that she says....

get ready for it...

She now says that what she actually said on the video is "I fundamentally DISAGREE with that assessment"

What a flip-flopping-fruit-cake this woman is.

Posted by: Ian | 2008-09-13 2:13:01 PM

Regardless of whether or not she actually said "I think Canadians are stupid" or meant to say "They think Canadians are stupid", as many people have said, she also said "...and I agree with that assessement." Which leads to the fact that she does think Canadians are stupid. The video makes it even more obvious than the MP3 version!

Whether she meant to say something else or not doesn't matter because it's what she says that will be remembered. Not what she meant to say.

Ah the beauty of modern technology.

Posted by: Joe | 2008-09-13 3:58:03 PM

And so what if she said that Canadians are stupid? Frankly, many of us just are. If we weren't stupid, we wouldn't be happily going on with polluting the environment and continuing practices that are inevitably destroying our planet, or voting for a government that doesn't give a damn.

Posted by: Hooman | 2008-09-13 4:35:34 PM

By the way, I've listened several times and she clearly says "and they think Canadians are stupid". It's quite obvious that she meant to say after that "and I fundamentally don't agree with that assessment". The sentence would just not make sense otherwise. So she was speaking very fast and got ahead of herself. That's all.

What people need to realize is that Elizabeth May is not a trained politician. She's just a normal person like you and I who decided to enter politics because of the lack of any serious action on the environment by several governments. If people insist on dissecting everything a politician says in such American-style detail, then we are only ever going to end up with polished, trained, fake politicians that are basically actors. If that's what you all want, then keep this sort of criticism up.

Posted by: Hooman | 2008-09-13 4:48:25 PM

This just in: the Elizabeth May team says "It depends upon what your definitions of are are".


Posted by: Paul McKeever | 2008-09-14 10:20:54 AM

For Betsy May:


Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-14 10:28:06 AM

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