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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elizabeth May on TVO, explaining the "Canadians are stupid" comments

The continuing saga (Parts one, two, three, and four) of Green Party lawyer vs. left-wing (Blogging Dipper, John Bennett. That means NDP supporter. Not a Blogging Tory) blogger Leftdog may now be over. Maybe. Here's Elizabeth May explaining herself on The Agenda:

She claims she said "I fundamentally disagree with that assessment." But, really, I still don't think she did. I was listening carefully. I really was. Someone could probably slow it down with some technology and we could be certain of it.

But, anyhow, she makes a good case for her position. She's right: If she had said that she thought Canadians were stupid, people on stage would have taken issue. And no one did. Okay, Lizzy, fine.

Leftdog says: "A couple of inaccuracies NEED to be clarified yet here:
1) Bennett, the Green Party Director of Communications referred to me twice on Mike Duffy tonight as a 'Conservative Blogger' - that is what he may wish to advance in his own defence, but it is NOT true. Everyone knows I am a proud Blogging Dipper.

2) May states that there was an immediate apology to me ... well 36 hours after the first threat of legal action.

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This has to be the most phoney politician I have ever seen. And I use the term "politician" lightly. She says one thing and then say "I was misinterpreted", several times. She can't even lie well enough to convince herself. It's written all over her. This woman should NEVER been part of the debates and allowing her to do so, only serves to threaten our democracy. Scary woman.

Posted by: Boggy | 2008-09-13 10:56:30 AM

Note to Betsy May: TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-13 11:20:03 AM


Posted by: Robert W. (Vancouver, BC) | 2008-09-13 9:26:29 PM

She certainly said "I think..." and she said "I agree...".
Perhaps she misspoke, but that's not what she's arguing at all. She is, in fact, lying about her statements.
Whether the other panel members heard and objected to her statements is immaterial, it doesn't change the facts.

Posted by: Johan i Kanada | 2008-09-13 10:50:55 PM

I guess according to May I'm stupid, therefore i'm voting for Harper. May's lame excuses are shameful.

Posted by: Mark-Alan Whittle | 2008-09-14 1:16:32 PM

She very definitely said "...and I fundamentally AGREE with that assessment." Watch her lips closely- she went right from the word "fundamentally" to the word "agree." There was absolutely NO "dis" prefix on that word, and she can blame the microphone levels all she likes.

But she gestures to her right at that moment, as if agreeing with or acknowledging something one of the others had said previously. Had someone else already expressed the sentiment that "all the other politicians are scared to death to mention the word 'tax,'" and THAT'S the assessment she was fundamentally agreeing with?

That makes more sense to me somehow. I really don't think she meant to call Canadians stupid- what I do think is that as she now tries to explain "what I meant was" from something which happened in early 2007, she has chosen, and perhaps fabricated or imagined, the wrong explanation. As a result, she seems quite disingenuous.


Posted by: Uncle Ian | 2008-09-16 3:19:39 PM

The YOuTube piece was posted by Manning Institute fellow Stephen Taylor and re-posted by Leftdog. It is another example of Tory character assasination, because it is more than evident that the entire context of the TVO panel discussion was that the people who are opposed to a Carbon Tax think Canadians are stupid. And Yes, she does say the words "And I fundamentally agree with that." but it is also clear that the video provided by TVO and intentionally concealed by Taylor, is that she makes the comment "they think Canadians are stupid." facing the camerea, after which she starts another sentence with the words" I cannot" but then shifts gears, turns to someone down the panel who has obviously interjected a comment that cannot be heard and then says "And I fundamentally agree with that."
She is NOT saying she thinks Canadians are stupid, her fundamental belief is that Canadians are fair, and if allowed to understand the carbon tax, they will support it. Stephen Harper has used a campaign of character assassination to soften up the Canadian electorate, he has bullied the press and Elections Canada and has otherwise operated an unprincipled Prime Ministership. Steven Taylor's little YouTube stunt is just one more example of "bearing false witness." in a campaign laced with Tory false witness. No wonder Canadians think Harper is the 'nastiest' leader.

Posted by: Jerry Prager | 2008-09-18 7:11:58 AM

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