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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't forget the Conservatives in your drug legalization witch hunt

In a press release today the NDP continued its witch hunt of marijuana policy reformers and those with "ties with extreme wings of the drug legalization movement." After purging its own candidate ranks of marijuana policy reformers Dana Larsen and Kirk Tousaw, the NDP took their pogrom to the Liberal Party. 

The NDP are taking issue with a $1000 donation to Stephane Dion’s leadership campaign by former Marijuana Party leader Marc-Boris St-Maurice. The party also asked "How many other Liberal insiders have close ties with extreme wings of the drug legalization movement?"

Good question. According to the publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, Marc Emery, the NDP can include pot smoking Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau on their enemies list.

But if the goal of the NDP is to cleanse drug policy reformers entirely from the federal political landscape, they shouldn't ignore those dangerous radicals in the Conservative Party.

Lanark-Carleton Conservative MP Scott Reid, for instance, makes St-Maurice sound like a member of the Anti-Saloon League. In an essay in Policy Options magazine, Reid wrote:

Many currently banned substances have physical and psychological effects that are no more harmful than those associated with legal recreational drugs such as caffeine and alcohol. Like the prohibition of alcohol in the United States in the 1920s, their prohibition skews the allocation of law enforcement resources, artificially raises prices to extremely high levels, encourages crime by addicts, and prevents the emergence of private institutions and products to deal with the very real social problems posed by addiction.

The NDP's disgraceful treatment of its candidates and their mishandling of the drug policy reform issue has managed to accomplish two positive things: 1) it has discredited this awful socialist political party in the eyes of marijuana law reformers and 2) it has put this important issue in the national spotlight.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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I just scrolled down the current postings and see that three out of the first four have marijuana as their theme. I can only speak for myself but I'm getting sick and friggin' tired of this obsession with pot. This country has a lot more important issues to deal with than a relatively small group of potheads pushing their personal agenda.
The site poster has every right to post what he wants to but for me, this is excessive.
This obsession with drugs speaks volumes to the intelligence and priorities of those posting their screeds on the Western Standard.

Posted by: atric | 2008-09-20 3:53:42 PM

Hey atric....
BTW, Legalizing marijuana would be the most practical, obvious and important, tough-on-crime-measure we could implement in this country. It would pull the rug from out under the Hells Angels et al, free up courts, jails and police forces, and potentially open up a HUGE new source of tax revenue...

Posted by: Zoe Day | 2008-09-20 4:31:07 PM

atric, the real issue is freedom, not marijuana.

Posted by: TM | 2008-09-20 4:35:39 PM

In my campaign as leader of the BC Marijuana Party for the BC provincial election next May 12, 2009, one policy I am going to promote often is an end to prescription requirements. Why are doctors and governments the gatekeeper of our own personal medicine choices? I think the ordinary citizen who can google a drug or medicine can be better informed than a doctor on specific drugs. There are over 27,000 drugs in the pharmocopia in the US and Canada, and a doctor with his limited time to research is no match for a determined consumer researching on the net.

Why can't people get all the painkillers they want when they want them? Why can't people just buy Viagra or Cialis or birth control pills or whatever they believe is in their own personal interest. Needing to wait in line at a clinic to get prescriptions of drugs you already believe you need is incredibly costly to our socialized medical system. Waiting in lines to get someone's permission wastes a lot of our precious life and its a repudiation of the notion we are adults in a free society.

Government is trying to regulate and codify vitamins, herbs and supplements, and require the citizen to get "permission" to obtain those as well.

We all have a right to drugs. Its our own individual life. We have the means to research drugs, understand them, and take drugs responsibly. I recommend Dr. Thomas Szasz's fine book, "Our Right To Drugs" and "Ceremonial Chemistry".

Conversely, all prohibitions brought about by politicians create criminal classes, gangs, violence, prostitution, a financial lure to teenagers, and an end to constitutional safeguards on all aspects of our liberty.

Posted by: Marc Scott Emery | 2008-09-20 5:01:24 PM

Marc, your comments are right on the money. Well said!

Posted by: TM | 2008-09-20 6:36:33 PM

I love it when these naive, insecure twits try to take on Emery on the facts surrounding weed. They're like kindergarten students in a university. I love it.

Posted by: attitude | 2008-09-20 8:37:38 PM


All governments are control freaks and drugs are just another item to control on behalf of the betterment of society or for our own good or something like that. Mostly I think it's to keep prices high for their pals in the drug industry.

Those are the same pals who cannot corner the market on marijuana which means competition for feel good drugs and analgesics.

I voted for the marijuana party not because I cared much about the issue, but I took a look at the other parties and it was a slam dunk.

Posted by: John V | 2008-09-20 9:49:33 PM


You think that pot were legalized in Canada, then all the illegal exports to the U.S., which drives the bulk of organized crime's operations, would just stop of its own accord?

I love children. So filled with hope.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-20 10:30:19 PM

TM, it's about the marijuana, not the freedom. It's always about the end result. It's never about the principle.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-20 10:31:19 PM


1. You seem curiously confident that you'll even be in Canada in May 2009. The evidence suggests otherwise. And doctors are the gatekeepers of most all potentially damaging medications because they're in the best position to know. The average Netizen doesn't know beans about medicine and, judging by what I see on this blog, many are still struggling with the concept of walking erect--a simple act that their pharmaceutical of choice complicates considerably.

2. Why can't women have an orgasm every time they have sex? Why can't I have a Porsche? Why can't I flap my arms and fly to the Moon? Why can't I carry a loaded pistol? Why can't I fit my car with machine guns and rocket launchers? Why, why, why? Honestly, you sound like a four-year-old who's been told he can't have a lolly. But the answer to your question is that when narcotics were available over the counter addiction became so commonplace that some control had to be exercised.

3. Irrelevant to the discussion.

4. That we all have a right to anything is opinion, not fact, and therefore irrelevant to policy. I recommend you start pumping iron. A twig boy like yourself has the potential to be a hot commodity in the big house.

5. Prohibitions don't create criminals; criminals create themselves. You should know.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-20 10:40:23 PM

You live up to your name, attitude, if not your boasting.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-20 10:41:31 PM

John V.,

1. Of course! Government conspiracies explain everything. (X-Files theme plays.) The truth is out there...

2. Actually, the development of THC inhalers or vaporizers for those with legitimate medical needs might prove a bonanza for the first company to bring it to market. Of course, it won't put a dent in the illegal drug industry, because it has nothing to do with medicine.

3. Throw away your vote if you like; it makes mine worth all the more. You know, you could always light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-20 10:45:04 PM

Shane, freedom is the end goal and the principle.

Also Shane, regarding your comment that "prohibitions don't create criminals; criminals create themselves." Have a look at this article. The ban of junk food in BC schools has led to an underground network of junk food pushers. http://www.mytelus.com/ncp_news/article.en.do?pn=regional/british_columbia&articleID=2997300

Posted by: TM | 2008-09-20 10:55:17 PM


1. Nothing can be both a goal and a principle.

2. Junk food has not been banned, TM. Schools simply no longer sell it. Young entrepreneurs have been doing business at school from the time there were schools. A pretty lame comparison, I must say.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-20 11:06:15 PM


1. Nothing? Support that.
2. The province of BC has banned the sale of junk food in schools, according to the article.

Posted by: TM | 2008-09-20 11:15:18 PM

shane you really need to get a life, quit pushing your own personal problems on others

Posted by: shane | 2008-09-20 11:39:04 PM

shane m, you really sound like a true loser

Posted by: shane is a loser | 2008-09-20 11:41:05 PM

At least I'm not some idiot poser for whom an e-wedgie or a netty slap constitutes the pinnacle of policy debate. Guess it's easy to chuck mud from behind a cloak of anonymity. Back to the sandbox, ingrate. That is, if you haven't stuffed it full of marijuana plants.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-21 12:02:39 AM


1. A goal is a destination; a principle is the path by which you approach. You're comparing a ship to a dock.

2. The school authorities can no longer sell junk food, meaning it's been removed from cafeterias and vending machines. That doesn't apply to private sales between individuals. And even if that were the text of the law, the whole thing's so laughable that they probably wouldn't push it too far for fear of being laughed out of court. Try convincing a jury that Doritos and doughnuts constitute contraband. Hell, try convincing the cops.

The province is perfectly aware that people are going to eat junk food, which is not illegal, whatever they do. They just don't want themselves to be the conduit through which it passes. They're probably afraid of being sued by fatties with diabetes a few decades down the line.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-21 12:08:06 AM

P.S. Even if what the students were doing was illegal, TM, the fact remains that the kids are selling because others are buying. No one forces them to sell. They do it because people buy. Both seller and buyer are responsible, and this can happen with or without regulation. The worst a regulator can be accused of is bad judgement.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-21 12:10:38 AM

Marc I agree to a certain extent in the sense that doctors should not deny patients drugs which the patients think can help their ailments, however giving people the freedom to just 'buy' any drug or combination of drugs they 'think' might help them is insane!

We should always seek professional advice when dealing with health problems, your health is a very serious issue and so is the health of others which we place in danger if we give people access to these drugs without any or very little professional advice. You could however offer that advice in a different way, online etc but what you seem to be proposing Marc and in a slightly brute force manner, is to allow patients to buy drugs without consulting any information whatsoever or very little, and more importantly with no indepedent verification of what advice is given.

Doctors are trained professionals and we know what standards they maintain. Your suggestion may mean for some people the doctor is replaced with a monkey. Perhaps those situations require very stupid yes but the government has a duty to protect people from their own stupidity. Not by prohibiting drugs but by making it mandatory to recieve advice from a trained professional before they are able to access certain harmful drugs, or harmful combinations of drugs.

Posted by: Adam | 2008-09-21 12:28:12 AM

atric, the real issue is freedom, not marijuana. TM"

Actually TM I think the real issues are not just freedom but also include public health ie- death and injury.

An obsession with a right to almost absolute freedom is to be honest, quite unhelpful and in some ways may result in harm. So yeah, the real issue is how to reduce harm and giving people absolute freedom is not the best way of doing it.

Posted by: Adam | 2008-09-21 12:42:14 AM

Marc Emery: "We all have a right to drugs. Its our own individual life. We have the means to research drugs, understand them, and take drugs responsibly."

Fine, if people using drugs did use them responsibly. I find they tend not to. Marijuana haze is annoying. And if the civility level of our society can in any way be connected to the wide-spread use of cannibis as a recreational drug, then no thanks.

We're living in not a kinder, gentler society today but a coarser, meaner society. Frankly, I don't know one person who smokes pot on a regular basis who has society's good at heart. They tend to be me-first, who-me-be-responsible-and-accountable? narcissists. You said it yourself, Marc: "Its our own individual life." Well, actually, it isn't. You live in a societal group larger than just your "own individual life." But, drug users don't seem to get it. It's all about me-myself-and-I.

I'm with atric. Preoccupation with drugs and making them legal is sophomoric and not adult, IMO.

Let the insults begin...

Posted by: batb | 2008-09-21 7:04:30 AM

A true Conservative would have druggies in chain gangs clearing garbage from highways.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-09-21 7:43:20 AM


1. Exactly. The word freedom can and is used to describe a goal, but also a principle. That is just the way it is, whether or not it seems right to you.

2. Agreed.

"he real issue is how to reduce harm and giving people absolute freedom is not the best way of doing it."

Posted by: Adam | 21-Sep-08 12:42:14 AM

Adam, in principle I agree that some issues seem unhelpful to a cause. However, the problem with your statement, is that it presumes freedom is somehting that can be given by the state. It cannot.

Posted by: TM | 2008-09-21 9:52:18 AM

While it is a good idea to get medical advice from a doctor, it shouldn't be mandatory. Especially if you have a chronic condition. You are ultimately responsible for your own health, not the doctor. You still have to know enough to know you need advice from a medical professional.

Posted by: Tanya Derbowka | 2008-09-21 12:24:58 PM

batb: As TM mentioned, this is about freedom.

My question to you is: Who owns your body? If you own it, you may or may not decide to ingest MJ, rat poison, sharp instruments etc. It's up to you.

If the gov't owns your body, they decide what goes in it. This is the problem with the right and left. They believe the gov't owns them and they wait instructions before taking a chance or gaining life experience. They replace their parents with bureaucrats. Have the courage to own your own life, man.

Posted by: attitude | 2008-09-21 12:29:33 PM

Shane Matthews is hitting the nail on the head. This is why the pot revolution never gets off the ground, potheads are in charge of it.

Posted by: Conrad | 2008-09-21 2:05:29 PM

TM wrote: "However, the problem with your statement, is that it presumes freedom is somehting that can be given by the state. It cannot."

Philosophically and poetically, TM, you're correct. In practical terms, you're wrong. The state can imprison a man with perfect justification and, within limits, dictate the time of his release, if ever. A society in which some people are held in slavery or servitude can emancipate those people.

It is legal tradition in common-law democracies that all people have all freedoms except those circumscribed by the state, for whatever reason. In other words, any act not forbidden is permitted. However, outlawing marijuana is not the same as depriving you of your liberty. With so many serious government failings and abuses out there, TM, it really is a head-scratcher how some people can use a non-issue like pot laws to measure a society's relative freedom.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-21 5:57:55 PM

Well, actually I don't "own" my own body, because I didn't make it. But I am the first steward of my body. I don't do drugs. I don't think they help you.

I eat a healthy diet. I'm also a mother. So, even if I wanted to use drugs on a regular basis, a) I wouldn't do them while pregnant, because my body is providing a growing place for another person's body, I'm giving another body hospitality so that it can grow in a healthy and natural way and b) I wouldn't do them while my children were under my roof so that I could be a responsible parent. I don't happen to think that smoking pot or doing other recreational drugs in front of my kids is providing a positive role model.

My freedom stops where I interfere with others' freedom. There's a difference between freedom as license to do anything I want to do when I want to do it because I want to do it and freedom to choose the best for myself and others.

I'll take the second kind of freedom any day--because the first kind leads to a dead end which is all about narcissism.

Posted by: batb | 2008-09-21 7:44:36 PM

Couldn't have put it better myself, BatB.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-21 7:50:14 PM

Thanks, Shane.

FYI, I've filed these comments under "Potheads are narcissists."

'Nough said.

Posted by: batb | 2008-09-21 8:05:51 PM

"... Why are doctors and governments the gatekeeper of our own personal medicine choices?.."
.................................... quote the Prince of Pot..

Our understanding of why doctors and govts are the gatekeepers of mediciene is because:

1) we put them there as our credible appointed societal agents:
- they are not invaders or interlopers

2) because the stuff they work the gate against is often toxic, dangerous and/or lethal.:
- this is not voodoo or fiction

snappy similies & clever metaphores are unavailable at this time

Posted by: 419 | 2008-09-21 10:42:21 PM

So... what the heck are the "extreme wings of the drug legalization movement"?

What, like Law Enforcement Against Prohibition?

Posted by: Allan | 2008-09-22 8:01:41 AM

Those particular law-enforcement officers wouldn't happen to be baby boomers, would they, Allan? You realize that according to recent studies boomers use more drugs than any other demographic, including teens?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-22 8:15:15 AM

Shane: "...according to recent studies boomers use more drugs than any other demographic, including teens"

I'm a Baby Boomer--not said with any pride.

What a bunch of greedy, selfish, me-first a**holes my generation have turned out to be. You know all that marching for "Give Peace a Chance" and "civil rights and equality for all"?

Well, it was a sham. It was just a front of faux-compassion, while my generation followed on their own merry way, slashing and burning, turning on, tuning out, and taking, taking, taking.

BTW, their slash-and-burn, money-grubbing, drug-addled me-first fest went hand in hand with the let's-kill-God frenzy of this generation. It's not a coincidental pairing.

I don't know if there's ever been such an entitled yet greedy and narcissistic generation. Look at all we could have done for our children and grandchildren but haven't. When Grandma and Grandpa are still toquing up--that is, if there are any kids--Canada, we have a problem.

Boomers are in arrested development. When at 60, you're still behaving like a the-world-revolves-around-me adolescent (aka Marc Emery's "We all have a right to drugs. Its OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL LIFE [my emphasis]") it's time to step back and take another look.

We owe far better to the younger generations of Canadians.

Posted by: batb | 2008-09-22 8:46:58 AM

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