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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dion's ads suck

In this ad posted by Peter Jaworski earlier;

Dion is trying once again to connect Harper with the unpopular Republicans. By inventing Harpernomics they are reminding us of Reagonomics and by association Bush. This is a little weak since I doubt many remember what Reagonomics is.  Besides, the ad lacks the symmetry of the original.  Where is Dionomics?

Even ignoring the subtext, it annoys the hell out of me whenever he claims the Green Tax Shift will create 'green manufacturing jobs'. What the hell is that? Do we really need another government-created industry? If green jobs are wanted than the market will create them.

Meanwhile, this ad is so close to being good it makes me want to cry;

The ending is the only good part of the ad. Dion actually looks tough and strong at the end there. This message, however, is undercut by the rest of the video. Showing Dion's caucus is basically saying, "Don't worry I have all these people to help me govern." A strong leader doesn't need to fret about people worrying about him being in charge. So a bit of a mixed message there.

Plus, as my friend Peter pointed out, the clapping is really annoying.

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OH NO WHO WILL SAVE THE SPOTTED OWL?! Oh wait it's not like it's the linch-pin of the food web... maybe people need to worry more about mosquitoes and bees than spotted owls, polar bears. Of course it won't matter that we've got all those spotted owls when we're all bankrupt because of the Green Shyte plan. Of course we can eat those spott... wait no THEY'RE PROTECTED NNOOOOOO

Posted by: Pete | 2008-09-16 10:54:02 PM

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