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Monday, September 29, 2008

Desperate dishonour

When exactly will Henry Morgentaler actually receive his Order of Canada pin from the G-G? I haven't heard, but I expect the justifiable controversy over the granting of the award to the notorious abortionist will spark another round of criticism.

Meantime, my Report Magazine cover story on the affair has now been posted at the publication's website.

Posted by Terry O'Neill on September 29, 2008 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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I expect that it will be awarded sometime this fall-- maybe later in the season.

Posted by: SUZANNE | 2008-09-29 10:34:13 AM

If past precedent is any indication, the ceremony will be in the fall, which means, sometime in October.

Posted by: Ricky Martin | 2008-09-29 2:09:40 PM

That is a well-written account of the controversy. The rejection of Somerville, and the subsequent appontment of Morgentaler, Hawkes, etc., tells us a lot about this advisory council. It tells us that "controversy" is only a bar to appointment when it involves taking a position that is politically incorrect.

Also, I note that several members of that advisory council are well known for their pro-abortion advocacy. Patricia Baird has actually written a book about "pro-life violence."

Posted by: TSS | 2008-09-29 2:36:32 PM

What exactly has Somerville done that was of actual benefit to someone besides Somerville?

Posted by: deBeauxOs | 2008-09-29 7:07:25 PM

As someone who appears to either write for or advertise the vile 'bread and roses' blog, I think you have the status of a troll on this website, and that is why your comment should just be ignored.

Posted by: TSS | 2008-09-29 7:38:57 PM

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