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Monday, September 22, 2008

Conservative reactions to Chris Reid resignation

Chris Reid, former Conservative candidate in Toronto-Centre, resigned yesterday after some of his blog posts were brought to light by BigCityLib. Suspecting that Reid's "resignation" had everything to do with the positions he expressed on his blog, right-wing bloggers are--how do I put this?--livid.

And they're targeting their anger at a Conservative Party that appears to be aggressively backing away from issues and positions that appeal to principled conservatives. Like allowing concealed carry permits in Canada, opposition to abortion, and so on.

A little round-up of initial reactions:

Ghost of a Flea (Nicholas Packwood):

"Voting Conservative is not the same thing as voting conservative. I do not have a clue who is standing for the party in Trinity-Spadina and what is more I do not care. Next door in Toronto-Centre, the party has abandoned its candidate (and its principles and common sense) for committing thought crime. Chris Reid had the temerity to speak the truth and, I expect, thereby endanger Stephen Harper's milquetoast agenda.

Mr. Harper, you may get your majority. You will use it to carry on the same liberal government this country has determined to be its fate. You will do with it exactly what Brian Mulroney did with his majority: Piss it away and earn the contempt of his countrymen. Pierre Trudeau was wrong for Canada. You, Mr. Harper, are not even wrong. At this point I would prefer to see Jack Layton as Prime Minister. It is possible his beliefs -- while misguided -- are sincere.* And at least the rest of us would know who to throw rocks at.

I am too angry to write..."

Jay Currie:

Titled: "CPC = Wimps"

"Now I happen to disagree with Chris Reid on guns as I really don’t think they solve a lot of problems; however, it is a mark of Harper’s cringe in the face of the TO media that Chris was required to “resign” as a CPC candidate."

Five Feet of Fury (Kathy Shaidle):

Titled: "Disgraceful: Conservative Party dumps candidate who actually makes sense"

"The Conservative Party of Canada is a gang of grasping, tiny minded, unprincipled jackoffs...

A commonsensical guy who speaks for millions of decent yet cowed, intimidated, pc-ed to death Canadians gets dumped as a candidate because some loser Liberal blogger doesn't like him."

Blazing Cat Fur:

"Chris Reid deserves better Mr. Harper. This silly move seems designed to curry favour with the media. How's that workin for ya Conservative Party? We already have a brokerage party, they're called the Liberals."

More as the reactions get posted.

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Nice to see I'm pissing all these folks off.

Truth to tell, all the media attention came AFTER the resignation announcement. Nobody paid much attention until the Tories pulled the plug on Reid (if that's the way it happened). If they had just done nothing, who knows, it might have all blown over.

Posted by: bigcitylib | 2008-09-22 1:39:35 PM

BigCityLib, you can be sure that the opposition parties had this one filed away in their hat of dirty smears to pull if the going got rough, which it is likely to. The Tories probably decided it was better to remove the target from their hide.

This election, perhaps to a degree never before seen, is all about optics and political correctness. It has come to this because the majority of Canadian voters are "swing" voters without any strong ties to a given party or even a given ideology.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-09-22 2:39:44 PM

BigCityLib: I could care less what you think. You have not pissed me off. Stephen Harper has pissed me off.

Shane: Respectfully, this election, perhaps to a degree never seen before -- certainly not since the worst days of 1940, is about the survival of this country and the liberties upon which it was founded. The fact the PMO has sided with the opposition and the legacy media in making it about optics and political correctness is shameful.

Posted by: Flea | 2008-09-22 5:01:34 PM

Ditto Nick.

Strangely, winning is not the only thing. Winning for the right reasons and without pandering is critical.

Tell the national media to take a hike and stand by your candidates even if it costs you the good opinion of BCL - who, I'm afraid, is not exactly likely to vote CPC.

All that "resigning" Chris did was prove that Steve Harper is willing to stoop as low as necessary.

Posted by: Jay Currie | 2008-09-22 5:26:33 PM

I can assure you that this was a calculated response from the Conservative Party.

They appraised the stakes and are prepared to risk the ire of their base.

BCL, I ain't got time to be mad at you;)

Posted by: Blazingcatfur | 2008-09-22 5:27:23 PM

I addressed this (and the recent NDP firings) on my blog last night (http://www.jeremymaddock.com/2008/09/canadian-political-parties-declare-war-on-principle/ ). It seems to me that all of the major parties have a fundamental lack of courage when it comes to running principled MPs, and are more than willing to purge "controversial" candidates from the party organization at the slightest whiff of bad press.

1964 Republican Presidential nominee, Barry Goldwater, said that "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Canadian politics today seems to be the exact antithesis of that statement.

Posted by: Jeremy Maddock | 2008-09-22 10:50:23 PM

Jeremy: I came across your blog recently, I think you were sending traffic in our direction and I checked it out.

I agree with you, and I'm extremely disappointed. This election is about absolutely nothing. It could be about marijuana, it could be about free speech, it could be about the economy. Instead, it's about a bunch of bullshit--this candidate is controversial, that one is dropping out, here's another resignation.

"Leadership"--who gives a shit? Where is he leading us to? That's more important than some quality that can be used for good or bad. I'd rather have a bad left-wing leader who couldn't organize her way out of a paper bag, than a competent leader who's busy marching Canada in the direction of an even bigger government.

Any time anyone threatens to make this election about something concrete and policy-oriented, it gets derailed with nonsense. Totally disappointing.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-09-22 11:00:01 PM

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