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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beaverhill Lake fire: exclusive Western Standard photos and interview

Alberta farmers between Vegreville and Tofield took a break from harvesting this afternoon to observe a growing grass fire on the edge of Beaverhill Lake, approximately 40 kilometres south-west of Vegreville.

In an interview with RCMP officers, on the scene to prevent drivers from crossing the fire line tape, the Western Standard learned that the fire was caused by quads driving in the tall grass on the dry lakebed.

A bulldozer and aerial firefighting water-bomber are expected to be on the scene shortly to suppress the fire which has spread into the surrounding bush.

Beaverhill Lake is a shallow lake that was once the second largest lake in Alberta. It has been declining in size and depth for 30 years and is now largely dry. The lake is home to the Beaverhill Bird Observatory, a shorebird and waterfowl natural area.

(Exclusive Western Standard photos can be found below the fold.)

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(RCMP enforce fire line to keep drivers from Beaver Hill Lake fire)


(Vegreville and Tofield area farmers take a break from harvesting to observe a grass fire on the edge of Beaver Hill Lake)


(Smoke billows from the Beaver Hill Lake grass fire) 

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