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Friday, September 26, 2008

And another Liberal blogger candidate blogs some stuff he probably shouldn't have

This time, it's Prince George Liberal candidate Drew Adamick.

In a July 4th post from this year, entitled "Why the Liberals need to revamp themselves or die off," Adamick wrote:

"I’ve read the Liberal “Green Shift”. It’s about time the Liberals came out with some kind of policy. Too bad it’s flawed in many respects: it does not truly reflect the current realities of rural and northern Canadians, it does not penalize heavy polluters enough, it does not truly provide incentives for people to take transit, drive less, use fuel-efficient vehicles, it does not provide enough incentives for people to use less fuel. I’m not against carbon taxes per se, just the two proposals that were put out there.

The Liberal proposal is a tax shift, plain and simple…

This plan is not “revenue-neutral”. Seriously, when are taxes “revenue-neutral”? I guess that’s some pretty good weed they’ve got going around Liberal policy conventions as of late. They come out with nice ideas, just not ones that are practical and can be easily sold to voters (well, I suppose they could be if they were more up front about what the policy entails)."

He backtracked quite a bit in a post on September 19:

"My reaction to the Green Shift was a knee-jerk one. Combined with the recent introduction of the provincial carbon tax and how it may affect Northern BC, I felt at the time that it was a flawed policy. And I also had some critical words for Stephane Dion as well as a leader for coming out with this policy at this time.

I then later took the time to read the policy in detail and reflect on it. And you know what, it is pretty good policy, and very thought out. I better understand the potential benefits the plan has to our environment, our economy and our communities. I also feel that regardless of whether or not the plan is good or not, Dion at least has the integrity to stand behind it and even make improvements on it. He's putting his neck on the line, being very much the Stephane Dion that stood up to Lucien Bouchard and Quebec seperatists and never backed off. Gotta admire and respect him for that."

Blogging: now more dangerous to political candidates than ever.

h/t Robert Jago. He's nailed another one.

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Like no one ever changed their mind. Why Mr.Harper just called an election, which is not in keeping with his fixed election date promise, and we are paying for it...need I go on?

Posted by: Takeoffa | 2008-09-27 7:50:59 PM

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