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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Western Standard exclusive: Investigative reporter and documentary film maker exposes the ongoing injustice of the Stonechild case

In February 2000, 25-year-old Jason Roy contacted the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to report the results of his “visualization exercise” nine years early in 1991, during which he claims he remembered seeing Neil Stonechild in a police cruiser the night before the aboriginal youth was found frozen to death in 1990.

On Friday, August 29th, investigative reporter and documentary film maker Candis McLean will reveal, exclusively for Western Standard readers, a report on how this unsubstantiated, decade-old personal account of the Stonechild incident from Roy, a juvenile delinquent who was admittedly drunk at the time, destroyed the careers of two Saskatoon cops.

Speaking out for the first time, former Saskatoon police chief Dave Scott is calling the Stonechild case “the biggest injustice ever perpetrated in this province.”

McLean first covered the Stonechild case for the Western Standard in December 2004 in “Case (not) closed.” In June, the Stonechild case was in the news again when the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal dismissed an application to throw out the results of the public inquiry into the freezing death of Stonechild. The two police officers implicated in the death had sought to quash Justice Wright’s conclusions about their role, saying it was outside the scope of the investigation. Larry Hartwig and Brad Senger were fired from the Saskatoon Police Service after the inquiry's report was released.

Some legal and law enforcement experts believe “Justice Wright…chose to overstep the boundaries of his mandate and to draw conclusions he was not entitled to draw.”  They also question the evidence used to build a case against Hartwig and Senger in this highly charged political inquiry.

Don’t miss “The Stonechild stink test” investigative report by Candis McLean and retired Saskatoon Police Service Cst. Larry Lockwood.

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So much ado for a drunken dead, Indian. Only in Canada.

Why would anyone want to be a policeman in this country today. It is completely stacked against the cops.

Between to po' downtrodden Indians, illegal Immigrants, Druggies and the mentally retarded street people ... Our society cannot make any real progress. We are mired in the issues of the lowest denominator. What a waste of time and money.

I am for putting some money and effort promoting the smart people in our society, the people who can actually achieve something that we will all benefit from.

More scholarships for bright students in the areas of maths and sciences. We have too many social workers, teachers and stupid people. We need to raise the bar a lot or we will continue down to vortex to a stupid, poverty stricken, unfree society.

Less tax for entrepreneurial types who will create wealth, jobs and prosperity.

It's really quite simple.

Posted by: John V | 2008-08-28 12:41:42 PM

I am waiting for a TV series where the defence attornies are the heroes and protagonists, rather than always defence attornies and cops. Hartwig and Senger are the victims, at least in part, of political correctness winning over the presumption of innocence. Anyone not frightened by this is not paying attention.

Posted by: TM | 2008-08-28 2:37:32 PM

Sorry for the double post. I posted one, then when it didn't show I posted again, only to see them both.

Posted by: TM | 2008-08-28 2:45:31 PM

Sask Justice has a long history of gaffs and blunders... Martensville and the Stonechild inquiry are just two that have received national and international press.
Cst Senger and Cst Hartwig were effectively tried in the court of public opinion by news agencies (so-called)like the star phoenix who do a lot of advertising business with groups like the federation of saskatchewan indian nations and the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Association (SIGA)... I have absolutely no doubt that Sask Justice used these two police officers to appease special interest groups and individuals...
I am sickened and disheartened by what our justice system has become... "a legal system", because there is no "justice" in many cases...

I hope the truth of this matter eventually comes out and shows just how incompetently this matter was mishandled...
Shame on everyone who accepts that innocent people can be brutalized in this day and age in an attempt to "placate" individuals and groups with their own slef serving agendas...


Posted by: Myrna | 2008-08-30 6:58:04 PM

I am guessing most of you, with your "informed" opinions on how the case was handled have actually read the 380 page report compiled by Justice David Wright.


I am struck with the reasonableness and accuracy of the conclusions he came up with as he actually walked the reader of the report through his reasoning. In my estimation I would say that I agreed with every summation that he made.

The Saskatoon Police Service were obviously covering up for Senger,Hartwig. Reading the report as well as the interviews with the SPS I would say those are safe assumptions.

Although I do agree with Myrna this matter was handled improperly, and still is to this day. Senger/Hartwig should be charged criminally, and half the police force for "handling the matter internally" and conveniently forgetting about it.

CST. Larry Lockwood (cst) I know I met you a time or two, and you allways struck me as a fair fellow, you would do better then to hang out with the rabble in this Unsubstantiated self victimising rag, that promotes negativity.


Posted by: Pardeep | 2008-09-29 1:15:34 AM

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