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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two Elections?

If the speculation about a fall election in Canada turns out to be correct, then this means that we will have two elections around the same time in North America. The last time, I recall two elections almost coinciding was twenty years ago in 1988 when Brian Mulroney was re-elected on a free trade platform and George Bush Sr. was elected on a "read my lips no new taxes" platform. I am not much of a political expert  as many of my co-bloggers and readers, but I think it would be neat to have two elections around the same time.

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A federal election in Canada was called on October 22 and the vote held on November 27 in 2000. So formally the campaigns overlapped by about 17 days, but because the American election took several more weeks to determine the result, the US election really overlaped the entire period of the Canadian campaign.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-08-23 7:40:51 AM

As most Canadians are incapable of distinguishing between Republicans and Conservatives, I would fear that a strong showing by McCain would adversely affect Harper's chances in the eastern half of the country. Hopefully Harper calls his first.

Posted by: Kesler | 2008-08-23 9:18:55 AM

"Hopefully Harper calls his first."

I hope we don't have an election in Canada at all. (a) It likely wouldn't change anything. (b) I rather like it when Parliament is deadlocked and can't pass any more laws that reduce our freedom. (c) The longer Dion stays as leader, the less likely it will be that Rae or Ignatieff will contest the leadership when he loses. (d) The longer Canadian's are threatened with the Green Shaft while global temperatures keep falling, the better Harper's chances of eventually forming a majority. (Imagine campaigning on the Green Shaft in a -30 degree cold snap in the dead of winter!!)

There may be more good reasons others can think of.

Posted by: Grant Brown | 2008-08-24 12:08:01 AM

There is at least one sign Dion and the Liberals are running scared. They know bloody well their carbon tax scheme won't sell, even under a stolen name, so Dinky Dion has pulled the last refuge of a desperate politician, abortion.

The stupidity of him to say it's important to know Mr Harper's opinion. Well that would be important if we lived in a dictatorship like the Liberals are fond of with whipped votes on such issues. They whipped for same-sex marriage under Martin did they not? Previous to that they all voted to retain the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

Harper has said abortion will not be on the table while he is PM. If it were forced it would be a free vote. The MP's mirror the general population on this issue so Dion is out to lunch on this one.

How much longer can we just sit back and allow desperate politicians like the Liberals to tinker with the moral fiber of the country for votes?
Why are we so complacent in allowing the biased media to prop them up?
We don't elect people to govern us to engage in social engineering. It's what the Liberal Left are all about.

The Liberals may bluster and say they're ready for an election, Rae and Iggy are, but is Dion ready for the campaign debates?

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-08-24 7:04:18 AM

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