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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Campaign

I'm mobile at the moment, so this will me a short one - and no links either.

1) The delay in announcing Obama's VP is either a very good or a terrible sign. It indicates either panic because of an aborted pick (either someone pulled out or they found something) or a surprise. It might be Clinton now - the Obama people might have been ready to pull the trigger on Kaine or Biden and they might have seen the polls and panicked.

I don't think that we're about to see some coup from Obama for my next reason,

2) The "McCain doesn't know how many houses he has" attack, especially in it's scale, is bizarre and desperate, especially given Obama's own house issues. It's so strange and so quick and so massive that it can only, I think, be the product of a panicked reaction from above.

3) if the born-alive stuff gets around, this election is over.

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I agree that the house issue isn't going anywhere. It's usually customary for a politician to separate himself from day to day family business. I think his answer shows how focused he is on his job. His wife is obviously capable of handling business matters.

Posted by: dp | 2008-08-21 9:21:21 PM

I think the born-alive thing needs to be brought out in the open but McCain needs to wait and not peak too early. I assume that this is what you speak of:


All senators (even pro-abortion senators) voted to outlaw this form of murder but Obama refused to vote for a law outlawing it at the state level. In the event that somebody is unaware of this form of "abortion" is where labour is induced prematurely and the baby is removed and left to die.

Posted by: Stop The Murder | 2008-08-21 11:10:50 PM

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