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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hey, Saskaboom, don’t forget the debt

In “Debt repayment a crucial priority for Saskatchewan,” Saskatchewan director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Lee Harding, writes:

“Call it ‘Saskaboom.’ Saskatchewan is currently first or second in Canada in almost every category of economic growth. In the midst of this, Premier Brad Wall has asked for public input on how best to deal with the province's newfound wealth. Yet, one priority should be clear: eliminate the provincial debt. If we don't take the opportunity to pay it off in good times, when will we?”

By the way, if you count the province's unfunded pension liabilities, the debt is $14.6 billion.

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I'm proud of the people of Saskatchewan. In my entire life I've only met one I didn't like and he was a Lawyer so I don't hold that against the province. Perhaps the province could take a lesson from the federales and open their own central bank...then they could just "print up" the money they need to satisfy the debt, just like Ottawa. :)

All kidding aside, its refeshing to see a Provincial Government exercising some of the powers vested in it by the British North America Act instead of acting as a mere satellite to the big central government, in much the way satellites operated in respect to Moscow. A reversal of the communist trend we are having here in Canuckistan.

Posted by: JC | 2008-08-03 7:15:27 AM

Saskatchewan isn't quite there yet. Those of us who've worked in the Alberta oilpatch for the last 30 some years know there's a socialist government struggling to get out. We've heard all these claims come out of Saskatchewan before, only to see the NDP rise to power. It was a bit before my time, but I've heard the eletion of 1971 resulted in more cancelled projects than any recession in oilpatch history.

I just got back from a trip to Nova Scotia. They have a big chunk of cash that the premier wants to pay down their debt with. If they don't move fast, the NDP will get their hands on it. There need to be legislation regarding debt and deficits. Six hundred million will buy a lot of votes.

What a different bunch those maritimers are. I grew up there, but I've forgotten how they think. They watch CBC television on a regular basis, even though they have access to real programming. A guy I grew up with was telling me he doesn't like PM Harper because he doesn't allow his cabinet enough freedom to talk to the press. I almost laughed in his face. My most vivid memory of this guy is the time he took 6 hits of acid, and had to be taken to emergency. He's lived his entire life on his parent's farm. Before the CBC started this story, he didn't even know what a cabinet was.

Posted by: dp | 2008-08-03 12:22:09 PM

dp, you'll find that regional newscasts are tailored to local ways of thinking and not at all alike across the country. Its the old "tell em what they want to hear" thing.

Posted by: JC | 2008-08-03 12:43:13 PM

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