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Friday, August 22, 2008

ChiCom-owned bank sued for funding Hamas

The victims of Hamas attacks are suing Bank of China for knowingly funding said attacks - and from the inital looks of things, they have a case.

If said inital look is correct, this could finally expose Beijing as the terrorist-funding/arming regime it has been for decades.

Posted by D.J. McGuire on August 22, 2008 in International Politics | Permalink


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Stop bashing China! Don't you know they're the most progressive country on earth? So sayeth Pierre Trudeau (PBUH) and Maurice Strong.

Ugh. I feel dirty now. Please forgive me.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-08-22 10:43:26 AM

China back jihadists. We should back Uigher Freedom Fighters struggling against Chicom oppression in Turkestan.

Posted by: dave | 2008-08-22 12:46:18 PM

Complete and utter non-sense.

The neocon cabal is reeling from the fact that they will never infiltrate and corrupt China and Chinese society the way they have morally bankrupt western nations.

The greatest terrorist nation on this planet, Israel, is funded by almost every major bank in the US which in turn is run by the Cabal. Thus if we are going to express shock and outrage, it should start with disgust at our own financial institutions for becoming instruments of the Cabal.

To compare Hamas to Israel is like comparing a juvenile delinquent who occaisionnally vanadalizes a few cars, to a psychopathic murderer like Jeffery Dahmer who sadistically tortures then eats his victims. No one surpasses the Israelis in the art of torture and murder.

This neocon/cabal propoganda against China is sickening.

Posted by: Joe | 2008-08-22 2:54:46 PM

Joe = troll.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-08-22 5:11:55 PM

This is a surprise?

Joe: BLOW.

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-08-22 6:50:05 PM

Hate to educate you Joe--but FACT REMAINS banks don't fund nations--they lend money for profit.

In the free world--something you may wish to educate yourself about--borrowing is something free nations may do from institutions in the free world--and it is never for "free".

Something you might want to add to your halal! A little interest maybe?

Hamas aka porkbutts (you know "ham" plus "A$$" from where I come from)--is the opposite to free and very similar to China in that they too are not free. They destroyed their ability to be free when they murdered approx. 50 m of their educated citizens and replaced them with automatons--those who cannot think freely but who can immitate as necessary and on demand. And likewise, pigbutts murdered every free thinking person--forces their women to be (not only plug ugly but forced into submission) ignorant and uneducated (not unlike yourself--so it seems). Although you are invisible your ugliness shines through your retarded words like a sty.

And I do agree--you cannot compare pigbutts with Israel. Pigbutts are Dalmer to a T while Israel is a light--not just to the world--but especially in the surrounding location.

And to the rest of the folks here--I said goodbye awhile ago--I just had to pop by to see what froth, scum, snot and filth was still trolling about--relishing in western freedom. Tragic for you the trolls keep on schlepping through leaving behind their exceedingly odiferous stench.

BTW--how's OBS doing?

Posted by: Lady | 2008-08-22 10:56:13 PM

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