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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Liberals love McCain, "the country's foremost progressive champion"

As anyone who saw the recently pulled Obama Love video can attest, Amber Lee Ettinger, the "Obama Girl," is not the only one with a crush on Obama; the American, Canadian, and international press have also gone positively ga-ga for smooth Barry.

Lest you despair McCainiacs, let me assure you that the cheering squad we call The Fourth Estate are equal opportunity ass-kissers. A week ago, Jonathan Chait, a senior editor at the liberal magazine The New Republic wrote an opinion piece called "A McCain Presidency Wouldn't Be So Bad," despite the lukewarm title, Chait is quite pleased with the prospect of President McCain. Remembering McCain's record in the Senate as a "maverick" liberal Republican, he lays it out:

"[John McCain] was an opponent, on moral and fiscal grounds, of tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited the rich. He was also a fierce opponent of the extreme elements of the religious right. He was a proponent of global-warming legislation, the Law of the Sea Treaty, a moderate immigration bill, expanded public financing of elections, a tobacco tax, and many other liberal reforms...
McCain's most longstanding conservative principle is his aversion to wasteful spending. But this has always sprung from an aversion to waste, not a Goldwater-esque opposition to government in principle. McCain's reformist impulses on spending are far more congenial to the progressive vision."

With friends like McCain, conservatives planning to vote Republican in November hardly need enemies. Perhaps that's the sentiment behind the movement of conservatives back to the party of Jefferson and the return of the dixiecrat that Jim Antle of the conservative American Spectator documents at Taki's Magazine. Even if dixiecrats fail to make a strong showing in the next congressional election, many blue-collar traditional and religious conservatives, whose least favourite Republican has long been John McCain, will stay at home on election day or cast a ballot for an alternative like Bob Barr.

I'm not sure how I'm going to endure the rest of this election season, the media love affair with both major party candidates for president is nauseating. Love-struck "journalists" slobbering over their keyboards as they pen devotional romance poetry for their Messiah and broadcast news personalities trying to keep their jaws shut as they make shameless public displays of affection might have been tolerable for me if the race for the presidency weren't between a douche and a turd whose greatest aspirations are to be the second coming of FDR–I may not be able to turn on the network news again until December.

BTW, Jonathan Chait is hardly the first New Republic liberal to gush over McCain:

Michael Lewis, The New Republic, Sept. 30, 1996:

"The shock of finding a Republican outside the Democratic convention is followed by a disturbingly pleasant sensation. I'm beginning to understand the war that must occur inside a 14-year-old boy who discovers he is more sexually attracted to boys than to girls. The longer I hang around McCain the harder it is to fight the feeling that just maybe I'm ... Republican."

Charles Lane, The New Republic, Oct. 18, 1999:

"A feeling is building up inside me, and, rather than continue trying to keep it to myself, rather than deny it any further, I think it's time finally to open up and discuss it publicly. I didn't want this to happen. I know it shouldn't be happening. But it is: I'm falling for John McCain[.]"

More on pinko McCain here.

(HT: Matt Welch)

Posted by Kalim Kassam on July 26, 2008 | Permalink


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More progressive than Ralph Nader and Al Gore and Obama? Have you read Obama's policies?

Y'know, the writers here at WS would gain a lot more respect if they were more forthcoming with their mancrush on Obama. It's really no secret that neo-cons and "libertarians" generally support Obama because they are both fundamentally brainwashed to nut-hug black people to show the world what progressive nonracist goodthinkers they are.

(And on that note: why no female writers at the Shotgun? Please don't point to the one woman post a month as backtalk)

It's pretty obvious that Jaws and Watson have a serious boner for Obama, now we can add Kalim.

The criticisms of McCain, and Harper, and John Tory of not being right wing enough curiously and invariably come from the extreme left wing of their respective parties.

Us *authentic* conservatives seem to have less of a problem with their lack of conservativism than others. The Occam's Razor explanation is that the extreme left wingers such as Jaws are silly little saboteurs who are ashamed to identify with the side they *really* belong to - the progressives - so they pretend to be disaffected right wingers with the intent of sabotaging the right. For example, in listing McCain's faults there is the glaring omission of his amnesty for illegals policy, which is probably the policy that his supporters disagree with the most. Not here at progressive, illegal alien loving WS, though.

After the fiftieth or so post praising Obama and criticizing McCain you, the Western Standard, are beyond any reasonable doubt supporters of the Democratic candidate, and just because you are too duplicitous to come out and say it plainly it doesn't mean you are off the hook.

"I LIKE Obama" - Terrence Watson

Posted by: Mocker | 2008-07-26 6:21:42 AM


You ask: "More progressive than Ralph Nader and Al Gore and Obama? Have you read Obama's policies?"

The "foremost conservative champion" line comes from the Chait article:

"Eight years ago, I was a hard-core liberal McCainiac. Here was a Republican saying things no other Republican would say and fighting, Teddy Roosevelt-style, to wrest his party from the hands of the plutocrats who controlled it. And, in the years immediately following that run, McCain established himself as perhaps the country's foremost progressive champion."

I have read Obama's platform, and McCain's. McCain is running on a now-boilerplate red-state fascist platform instead of a liberal Republican one, which makes him "less progressive" than Gore and Obama. I'm not sure about Ralph Nader, although the man is clearly anti-capitalist, there's much for a conservative to appreciate there. Let's begin with his criticisms of perpetual warfare and the military-industrial-complex, other forms of government-business collusion and his commitment to end corporate welfare. Take a look at this interview with Pat Buchanan, you might find yourself having some sympathy with his views on immigration in particular: http://www.amconmag.com/2004_06_21/cover.html .


Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-07-26 7:05:24 AM

"McCain is running on a now-boilerplate red-state fascist..."

Fascist. Western Standard columnists are now referring to the GOP candidate as a "fascist", who panders to "red-state(s)" - a code word for white people who work for a living and judge a man on the content of his character. This, in addition to praising Obama on a near daily basis.

"Fascist". Well. My work here is done. Might I suggest you take your act to Daily KOS, where it belongs?

Posted by: Mocker | 2008-07-26 7:28:59 AM

Fascist? Hag!

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-26 9:32:44 AM

"It's really no secret that neo-cons and "libertarians" generally support Obama because they are both fundamentally brainwashed to nut-hug black people to show the world what progressive nonracist goodthinkers they are"

What a completely assinine statement. Libertarians support Obama? Are you putting Scotch on your Corn Flakes?

Libertarians are more likely to vote "none of the above". Since Obama stands for absolutely nothing that anyone can actually identify and McCain is an obvious choice for the corporate elite Globalists....either choice is a bad one.
And the lesser of two evils...is still evil.Especially when the whole thing is an absolute carnival of lies and Bulls**t.

This is one Libertarian who urges people not to vote at all. Whether you vote right or left....the the same circus goes on 24/7. Other than giving these criminals the endorsement they need from you, your vote is irrelevant anyway.
The same policies of government encroachment and waste come in both red and blue.
As for Fascism...the whole system is fascist. That comes in red and blue too. Have a nice day and pay your taxes!

Posted by: JC | 2008-07-26 9:42:15 AM

The day is coming when the streets in the USA will be like the streets of the Belfast of twenty years ago or worse, Lebanon.

This culture war that's going one in the west cannot stand forever, the shooting will start at at some point.

When there is no one to vote for and the only option is to forgo your right to vote rather than endorse monsters, the lid will come off the steamer sooner or later.

I hope it's televised.

Meanwhile ... a pox on all both houses.

The infection of the Left where decisions are made on 'feelings' has affected the right to some extent. I agree with Mocker, this WS is now a liberal place.

Oh well, back to SDA and 5ft of F. to some reality. don't know why I bother visit this place anymore anyway. Like Obama, it's starting to stink to high heaven.

Posted by: John V | 2008-07-26 10:18:31 AM

JC, good comments. Maybe some people are mistaking freedom loving, classical liberal types, for todays "tolerant" left liberals.

There are many types of conservatives and liberals. But they tend to be more homogenous than libertarians. Rather than identifying themselves by the color of the party, they identify with the philosophy.

That's the way I see it anyway.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-26 11:06:35 AM

Of course, John McCain's not perfect. But, then again, I am personally of the opinion that there is no perfect candidate for the Presidency, save myself, and obviously there are a number of issues there.

Is he objectively better than Obama, from a conservative point of view?

Of course he is.

He's solid on guns. Has been his whole career.

He's always been relatively sound on social issues.

And, on the things that matter most to me - he's a million miles better than Obama.

He's a patriot and will never let America lose a war. Obama could throw away all that so many spent so many years struggling to achieve in the Middle East.

He will aggressively defend America and the West. Obama won't. Voting for Obama is practically voting for the next terrorist attack on America, since Obama will obstruct and dismantle the security measures that have prevented one over the last seven years.

On the economy, Obama endorses massive tax hikes and new spending programs. McCain doesn't.

Indeed, when was the last time there was a serious candidate for the Presidency as hostile towards government spending as John McCain?

Bob Barr isn't going to be President. That's just a fact. Not that I'd vote for him even if he could be (and if I could vote in U.S. elections), but there we are.

So, the choice is - McCain or Obama? For a thinking person, for a moral person, that's no choice at all - it has to be John McCain.

Posted by: Adam Yoshida | 2008-07-26 11:46:35 AM

Obama mania is an example of just how deep the thought process goes for large numbers of people in the US and elsewhere.

For many, if not most Liberals, it's more about what meets the eye, a good looking, smooth talker to get 'em swooning and sopping up the snake oil.

Those with a brain will vote McCain!

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-07-26 11:55:54 AM

A lot of "supposed true conservatives" seem to detest John McCain. Well, here is one proud conservative who will strongly back McCain. I don't agree with him on every issue but the ones I do are important to me. First, McCain will finish the job in Iraq. McCain was one of the first supporters of the surge in Iraq which has shown that untying the hands of field commanders was what was needed to deal with the terrorist scum. Obama would have had the U.S. run out of Iraq with its tail between its legs which would have emboldened our enemies. Second, McCain is a lot better on guns than Obama. McCain supports gun ownership, the castle doctrine, the right to carry a concealed weapon, and opposes New Orleans style gun seizures. Obama supported a handgun ban when he was in the Illinois senate and has(at different times) come down both in support and opposition to th D.C. gun ban. Third, McCain is pro-death penalty. Obama opposed the death penalty when he was in the Illinois legislature. Only when he began to run for president did he alter his position. Now he supports the death penalty in certain circumstances including child rape. I wonder if Obama is doing this because he know that since 1980 the anti-death penalty presidential candidate has lost(1984 and 1988). Fourth, McCain is solidly pro-life while Obama has a 100% pro-abortion record. Obama even opposes parental notification and bans on partial birth abortion. Fifth, McCain has promised to push for strict constructionist judges read conservative. Obama has spoken highly of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sixth, McCain has said he will keep the Bush tax cuts. Obama will raise income taxes, capital gains taxes, and corporate taxes. Also, don't be surprised if Obama's health care plan(which includes insuring 12 million illegals) turns out to cost more than he thought and requires yet more taxes. Seventh, McCain will drill offshore for oil, build nuclear power plants, and work on alternative energy. Obama opposes drilling, gives mixed signals about nuclear power, and just utters conservation.Eigth, While I don't agree with McCain 100%, I do find him honest. Meanwhile, I disagree with Obama virtually 99% of the time and notice that he positions himself on an issue based on the audience he is speaking to. I feel that many of my fellow conservatives want Obama to win because they believe that he will be as big a screwup as Jimmy Carter was. They think Obama's poor performance will lead to Republicans regaining control of congress in 2010(like in 1994) and easily winning the white house in 2012(like Reagan in 1980). The only problem is that the country would suffer under Obama in the meantime. Also, Obama as president just might pull defeat out of the jaws of victory in Iraq. Victory in Iraq is more important to me than ideology. So is America's well being. Also, a lot of my fellow conservatives don't follow the conservative guidebook either. For example, Shawn Hannity criticizes McCain's conservative credentials. Yet, Hannity was quiet when the New Jersey legislature went behind the public's back and voted to end the state's death penalty. A position that was opposed by most New Jersey citizens. He also has failed to call out Al Sharpton when he comes on Hannity's shows and lies through his teeth. Why is that? I 've noticed Hannity is tougher on some Republican congressmen than he is on Sharpton, Louis Terrell, or Jesse Jackson. It seems to me that a true conservative should be able to challenge a liar, racebaiter, or leftist just as hard no matter what their skin color is. Voting for McCain and proud of it!

Posted by: john t | 2008-07-26 3:24:47 PM

Adam Yoshida | 26-Jul-08 11:46:35 AM Said:
Bob Barr isn't going to be President. That's just a fact. Not that I'd vote for him even if he could be (and if I could vote in U.S. elections), but there we are.

Ahhh what a simple dismissal. Since you don't feel he can win, there's no point in listening to him or considering his positions. Of course, the same could be said of Nader and McKinney. How ridiculous that someone who hasn't the duty of our vote, could so easily dismiss any of the choices.

I'm a libertarian, and I couldn't stand any of the republicans, save one; Ron Paul. In no way can I support McCain, and in no way can I support Obama. I'm behind Bob Barr, save a miracle and Ron Paul winning the nomination.

If conservatives feel Voting for Barr ensures an Obama victory, so be it. It can only happen if they continue to back McCain, and refuse to support Barr. If Conservatives haven't learned their lessons from 2006, let them again savor the taste of disgusted American voters.

Posted by: Brad Forschner | 2008-07-26 6:37:34 PM

Of course - anyone who votes for a candidate with no chance of winning is throwing their vote away and objectively working on the side of evil (which, let's not mince words, is what Obama represents).

Democratic politics is compromise. Placing one's own moral self-satisfaction above the need to combat recognizable evils, even if one can twist oneself about to refuse to even accept that there are degrees of evil, is a supremely selfish act.

Posted by: Adam Yoshida | 2008-07-26 7:25:58 PM

what john t said.
There is nothing more odious than a junior leaguer to assume a position without the requisite grounding.

Posted by: reg dunlop | 2008-07-26 8:38:28 PM

If you vote for your second choice, because you view them more electable, you can send them the wrong message. This may be worse in the long run than sending them the message that Bob Barr is your preferred candidate by voting for him.

Of course, not voting is an alternative. What kind of a message this sends is debatable I'm sure.

Something to think about... "A truly informed person must understand that no one can be qualified to be president because no one can do what a president is expected and empowered to do." Sheldon Richman, in this article http://www.fee.org/in_brief/default.asp?id=1931

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-26 9:05:21 PM

Actually, you make things worse by voting for someone like Barr. Because the obvious solution to whiney people on the right, as we've seen in this country, is for people to move to the centre.

If the price of keeping your vote is losing three in the centre, it's not worth it.

For libertarianism to win, it has to be done from the ground up. For people who so profess to love local control, I don't understand why you're pissing away your resources - and the good will of many other people on the right - by trying to harm John McCain.

You're not going to win. The most you might - might - do is help to get a much worse candidate elected. That's not going to help libertarianism since all it will do is make people like me hate libertarians, which I don't do now. But, on the other hand, if McCain loses by a margin equal or less than the Libertarian vote, I will make it my mission in life to track down and spit in the face of every single Barr voter.

No. The way you folks can win is the way you believe that politics should be done - from the grassroots.

For God's sake - think about it. Imagine if instead of throwing away $20 Million on Ron Paul's pointless campaign you had worked to raise say, half of that and used it to elect or, say five libertarian-leaning Republicans - young, attractive, and articulate ones - in safe Republican districts.

What would that mean in the long-term?

Trying the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. The Libertarian Party has been touting every election as its breakthrough for thirty-two years. It hasn't worked - and it's not going to work.

If you want libertarian ideals to win, you're going to have to try something different.

Instead of trying to sandbag McCain in the hopes that you'll get attention from the right (other than motivating people like to me to hate people like you), think about strategy.

Pick out, like I said, five safe and open House districts. Five five candidates. Get them elected.

Then, from there, in a few years you'll have a base to build a movement on. Elect a few more Congressmen - move some of your originals into the Senate or a Governor's mansion somewhere. Look for a star.

Then, in eight or twelve years, you can actually elect a President.

Posted by: Adam Yoshida | 2008-07-26 10:16:31 PM

Of course, John McCain's not perfect. But, then again, I am personally of the opinion that there is no perfect candidate for the Presidency, save myself, and obviously there are a number of issues there.

Is he objectively better than Obama, from a conservative point of view?

Of course he is.

He's solid on guns. Has been his whole career.

Adam, McCain has tried to bring major gun control reforms to his home state of Arizona on a couple of occasions. I know this from time spent living in Phoenix as well as staying in touch with friends there. He "Says" he's solid on gun ownership, but his "actions" don't bear that out.
He's as solid as any politician...you know! A chicken in every pot! He's a globalist and that requires disarming people. Don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth, its all scripted for him.

Posted by: JC | 2008-07-27 8:08:17 AM

Brad Forschner said:
If conservatives feel Voting for Barr ensures an Obama victory, so be it. It can only happen if they continue to back McCain, and refuse to support Barr. If Conservatives haven't learned their lessons from 2006, let them again savor the taste of disgusted American voters.

Agreed, things are going to have to get worse before they get better. And they won't get better until the general population becomes irate with the disfunction of the present system of control and compliance.

Posted by: JC | 2008-07-27 8:20:51 AM

Then, in eight or twelve years, you can actually elect a President.

Posted by: Adam Yoshida | 26-Jul-08 10:16:31 PM

IN eight or twelve years it will be too late. Things are moving to fast and the danger is too great to piss around with a dozen years to a savior.

I have noted that any and all politicians move left as they warm their seats and bask in the glow of power.

Just as we in the west have moved left as we bask in the glow of prosperity and high standard of living so it is with our alleged leaders. It's just another flaw in the human psyche.

Not until the shit hits the fan do people toughen up and use their brains instead of their emotions, to try to bring things back to a zone of comfort.

Voting in this polarized world is futile.

Not voting saves time and gas.

Not voting is better than voting.

Just like an alcoholic, we will need to hit bottom before we begin to relearn how to climb back up to some sort of top.

Life is a cycle and we are in the down cycle at the present time.

Yakking about it incessantly on this blog is nothing but a pastime.

Posted by: John V | 2008-07-27 1:06:47 PM

red-state fascist platform??? Are you out of your mind Kalim? Is this a statment you agree with Matthew??
What a joke you libertarians are indeed. You exagerate things to the worst possible outcome and are very childish indeed.

Posted by: Merle | 2008-07-27 4:16:42 PM

Well, McCain does himself no favours running a sleep walking campaign and having RINOs like Gramm dissing the average American for not being smart enough to understand that we have no recession, lets just ignore the real worry of stagflation.

In any case, it matters not, Obama just got an unsurmountable lead after his Berlin trip. Game over. America is now officially finished.

Posted by: Faramir | 2008-07-28 10:32:57 AM

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