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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marc Emery: Scary Times

L_5ea3b6527f30b04e54c1309f3afabfb8 On Thursday, July 10, Vancouver police visited Marc Emery's place at 1350 Commercial Drive where he was planning to put in a new store. According to Emery, they picked up the phone and gave the landlord a buzz, telling the landlord that Emery wasn't going to get a business license, that he sold drugs, and that Emery had an advertisement in the window saying that marijuana is for sale inside. Within 24 hours, Emery's landlord terminated his lease.

This latest bump-in with the law has motivated Emery to pen a lengthy column for our readers at the Western Standard entitled "Risky Times." Not one to shy away from a battle, Emery skewers the Vancouver Police Department and various government agencies both here and in the U.S. for their sometimes-aggressive, and always liberticidal measures against the marijuana community.

"I am Goldstein from George Orwell’s 1984," writes Emery. "The drug war is perpetual war, and I am the mythical rebel recast as all-powerful drug lord that is poisoning the will of the nation, and of course, its children. Meanwhile the state runs amok passing new laws, regulations, requirements that make ordinary life a risky gamble with the prospect of jail, punishment, asset forfeiture, tasering, or any manner of police arrogance or brutality."

It's interesting, as Marc points out, that Vancouver is consistently ranked in the top-ten of best places in the world to live considering the generally laissez-faire attitude authorities tend to take. Marc argues that it is precisely because the authorities are so live-and-let-live that Vancouver, or "Vansterdam"--a play on Vancouver's association with Amsterdam--as many call it, is so highly regarded. A tolerant (and permissive?) culture, he says, is part-and-parcel of Vancouver's appeal, and the reason why Vancouverites are so happy with their city.

Of course, we can debate this.

One way to see if this generalization bears out is to compare all of the cities in the top ten, or to look at, for instance, the U.S. and the rankings of cities there. I don't know much about Plymouth, MN, or Fort Collins, CO, or Naperville, IL, (the top three cities) but their demographic and population details give me the impression that they are probably family-oriented, old-fashioned, small-town sorts of places. San Francisco, a city that screams "Vancouver of the South," doesn't even crack the top 100. Meanwhile, Zurich, Vienna, Geneva, and Auckland (numbers one through five, with Vancouver placing fourth this year) are difficult to rank on a "live-and-let-live" scale (Amsterdam is not on the top-ten list, which would have at least given strong confirmation of the claim).

Still, there's something special about Vancouver. And no one can deny the significance of the marijuana community in that city. As well, no one can deny that Marc Emery really is the fountainhead of that community. To get his take on his treatment at the hands of the various police and government agencies, and why he thinks we live in "scary times," you'll have to read his whole piece.

Emery's extradition hearing, meanwhile, is scheduled for February 9 to the 17th in B.C.'s Supreme Court. It will be interesting to see what the government of Canada decides to do in his case, and we'll be covering it from beginning to end.

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Extradict him too. Some time in a US federal pen ought to teach this slacker some manners.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 10:29:42 AM

I don't know much about Marc, and suspect I disagree with him on many moral issues. But while I don't mind sharing my opinions on how one ought to live their life, as a feedom loving Canadian, I believe he should be allowed to say and do stupid things. What he does with his own life, and between other concenting adults, is non of anyone elses business.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 10:55:37 AM

If Marc is to be free to do what he likes, Police, gov't, rest of society, and especially the Landlord should be free to do what they like. Marc should be free to raise funds, buy his own property, and go from there. The lack of true property rights is the root of the problem and prevents Canadians from all sorts of good, bad or otherwise endeavours. Marc complains of his losses here, but Landlord would have lost much more - both are strangled by the hands of a fascist state. I don't agree with Marc, what he does, and how he goes about it. But I have to defend his rights, because next they'll be after the rest of us.

Posted by: momathome | 2008-07-15 11:11:55 AM

momathome, agreed. Likely Marc would find it difficult to rent anything anywhere. Too bad for him, but that is, or should be, the right of any landlord.

However, the police are wrong to do what Marc accuses them of. This is the scary part of the story.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 11:20:14 AM

He should be grateful to be going to jail for a few years. It will mean an end to his persecution ... for a while.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 11:30:35 AM


I think you like Marc about as much as I do. He believes in freedom because he wants to do the things he does. I believe in freedom because I mistrust governemnt to look out for my best interest. And I mistrust any entity that spends other people's money and has the legal right to use physical force to get me to live my life by their morals.

By defending Marc I defend you and myself. Today it is pot seeds, tomorrow it is religion, or how we raise our kids.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 11:58:45 AM

I wish the police were as persistent with child molesters, stalkers, wife beaters and rapists. Perhaps then people would have more faith in our criminal justice system. The only reason why Emery is even a house hold name (for us people who have not ordered his products) is because the americans are pressuring our government to participate in their (costly waste of tax dollars)war on drugs. I for one don't give a sh** what kind of seeds he wants to sell, we are ready export this guy but we'll keep the terrorists??? I'll take the pot smokers over the jihadists thanks...at least all they want is some Doritos and cookies.

Posted by: maya | 2008-07-15 12:11:47 PM

"I don't know much about Plymouth, MN, or Fort Collins, CO, or Naperville, IL, (the top three cities) but their demographic and population details give me the impression that they are probably family-oriented, old-fashioned, small-town sorts of places. San Francisco, a city that screams "Vancouver of the South," doesn't even crack the top 100."

In fact, no city with a population of 250,000+ makes the top 100 list. It is a list of "America's best *small-cities*". I'd like to see a quality of life ranking of major US cities and compare it to Reason Magazine's "nanny-city" rankings for the USA's 35 largest cities, Las Vegas came out on top and Chicago on the bottom. Permissive drug laws and laxness in enforcement was one of the criteria used in the rankings, along with measures to determine freedom to indulge in food, alcohol, gambling, sex, use guns, and be free from traffic cams and other surveillance.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-07-15 12:16:37 PM

Kalim, very interesting! I wonder if a city transforms as it gets bigger. Municipal governments want to win favor and be seen doing something. Perhaps the greater the tax base the greater the incentive they have to be busy.

By the way, didn't Chicago just get their first Walmart? I don't think Vancouver even has one.

maya, couldn't agree more!

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 12:56:14 PM

Emery is a drug dealer and a criminal. He should be - nay, must be - dealt with accordingly. I foresee long jail sentences in his future.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 1:26:55 PM

send him to jail on your dime...not mine. People make their own choice to purchase Emery's products..which are not illegal in Canada BTW. Extradition should be reserved for capitol offenses. It is just another case of Canadian government tucking its tail between it's legs and bowing to the US.

Posted by: maya | 2008-07-15 1:35:14 PM

maya, it's not as simple as the Canadian government bowing to the US. Canada is not better, and in fact worse in many respects, when it comes to freedom. Getting elected, public perception, and taxes, are probably more behind legislation that limits our freedoms than anything els.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 2:07:08 PM

Looks like maya's another one of Emery's meek followers. The guy is a drug dealer, not a national hero!

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 2:15:11 PM

Zebulon, many laws have changed of human history. One day you are a farmer, the next you are a criminal for not registering your gun. One day you are a criminal for selling booze, the next day you are running a successful liquor store. One day you are illegally selling yellow margarine, then next day it's OK.

So, today Emery is a criminal, tomorrow? If he is a criminal, it is because of legislation.

Stealing is wrong, does that make the government thieves?

Marc may be an idiot, I have never met him. I probably wouln't like him. The point maya is making is not about him.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 2:38:25 PM

Such a rolling missive, P.M. The fact is that Marc Emery CANNOT claim to be the white-hatted, clean-hearted good guy he likes to paint himself as, because despite his hearstring-plucking soliloquy about how legalizing marijuana and Vancouver's livability index go hand and hand, he sold seeds not only in Canada, but in the U.S. as well. He smuggled illegal goods into a foreign country. This would be a crime even if the goods were otherwise legal on both sides of the border.

When he started peddling his illegal wares in the U.S., he added an international flavour to his crusade and deliberately poked the Americans in the eye with a stick, doubtless giggling with self-congratulatory glee all the while. Well, the "bully" has just poked back--and in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, with a much bigger stick. Marc doesn't have anyone to blame for his woes but himself.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-15 2:45:15 PM

Actually, Maya, the Americans are offering to jail Marc on their dime--and over your protests, no doubt. This isn't about the money.

Moreover, while selling marijuana seeds may technically be legal, he is intentionally enabling people to grow them, the act of which is illegal. This odd legal loophole--that there are no legal uses for a legal product, apart from those with "medical" exemptions--doesn't alter the basic truth of what Marc Emery is--a drug smuggler. And a narcissistic one at that.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-15 2:48:38 PM

1. Interesting that you wish the cops were as persistent with molesters, rapists, stalkers, and wife beaters, Maya. The victim in every one of those but one is female, and women tend to lump themselves in with children when playing the victim card (not when hammering against the glass ceiling, though). You seem to suffer from the common misconception that violence against women is inherently more evil than violence against men. It isn't. And children are more likely to be abused or murdered by their mothers than their fathers--and never mind 110,00 abortions per year. Women are not as special as they imagine.

2. The case against Marc Emery is essentially proven; there is no doubt whatever he did what his accusers say he did; he freely confesses all and then thumbs his nose at his accusers. Contrast this with domestic violence, where it's very often a he said/she said affair with no proof whatever. Oh, and did you know that in 53% of all domestic dispute the woman hits the man first?

3. I agree we need to do much more to get the terrorists out of the country. But until that happy day when the judiciary and the government work up the balls to do it, it's no excuse for being lax with other criminals. Just because there's still a convicted killer on the loose doesn't mean the cops stop giving out speeding tickets.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-15 2:54:22 PM

Zeb, I get called lots of things which is OK, my shoulders are strong...but it's a first time for "meek" my husband will get a laugh out of that one as do I! Ps. I never called the guy a national hero...I think our tax dollars would be better spent on real criminals, and I KNOW the VPD have better things to do.

Posted by: maya | 2008-07-15 2:54:40 PM

Zebulon, or anyone else for that matter. If I may I would like to ask you a couple questions. Have you downloaded any music or videos to your computer? Be honest now. If you have, you are now a criminal. Think about that.
Do you believe that prohibiton fuels terrorism? Think about that statement. Now, do you support prohibition? Thank you for your answers.

Posted by: Kerry O'Grady | 2008-07-15 3:06:16 PM

"Interesting that you wish the cops were as persistent with molesters, rapists, stalkers, and wife beaters, Maya. The victim in every one of those but one is female, and women tend to lump themselves in with children when playing the victim card......"

I am not sure where you are going with the above...who says men are not victims of the above mentioned crimes, certainly not me. My point which I guess you missed (because you still want to debate the abortion thing?) is that the police deptartment have better things to do. Pretty simple.

We are all special.... I am sorry if your parents didn't tell you that growing up.

"Oh, and did you know that in 53% of all domestic dispute the woman hits the man first?"

No I didn't thank you for that enlightening fact which again has nothing to do with my point of the cops have better things to do than follow Emery araound calling his lanlords .

Posted by: maya | 2008-07-15 3:07:19 PM

So, if the police told Emery's landlord that Emery was going to be using the premises to sell pot, why wasn't the answer "I know"?

Look, I'm with the late Peter Tosh on the big issue: you legalize it, and I'll advertise it. But the police here protected a landlord from someone who lied to him and would have cheated him badly. I'm supposed to be upset? I'm not. Good for the police.

Posted by: ebt | 2008-07-15 3:29:23 PM

Shane, point 2, last sentence, I would agree. I have seen with my own eyes, far more abuse from women than men.

Marc may be guilty of the offences, under current legislation in Canada and the US, that he has admitted to. Whether or not he should be brings us to the debate about legislation vs. law.

Posted by: TM | 2008-07-15 3:45:55 PM

Some loser trying to evade serious jail time calls himself a national hero in defense of freedom, and you people fall for it? Who's the fool?

Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King were heroes because they were willing to do time for their actions. Emery is a criminal, pure and simple. If he ever came to my door, he'd face my kind of justice.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 3:45:57 PM

Kerry wrote: "Zebulon, or anyone else for that matter. If I may I would like to ask you a couple questions. Have you downloaded any music or videos to your computer? Be honest now. If you have, you are now a criminal. Think about that."

Come on, Kerry. Moral relativity is so 1990s. There's no comparison to be made between an international drug smuggler and someone snags a few MP3s. I download songs but I do pay for them, so there's your answer to question number one.

Kerry wrote: "Do you believe that prohibiton fuels terrorism? Think about that statement. Now, do you support prohibition? Thank you for your answers."

No, resentment fuels terrorism. That's why marijuana became popular only in the 1960s, three decades after it was criminalized. The baby boomers were filled with resentment towards their elders--for what, God knows, for they enjoyed the most prosperous era this country has ever known, courtesy those same elders--and their use of illegal drugs was a way of expressing that resentment. Young people in general are extremely resentful of authority but it was particularly bad during the 1960s. Answer number two.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-15 3:47:55 PM

Maya wrote: “I am not sure where you are going with the above...who says men are not victims of the above mentioned crimes, certainly not me. My point which I guess you missed (because you still want to debate the abortion thing?) is that the police deptartment have better things to do. Pretty simple. “

Then why did you mention only criminals who traditionally target women? Don’t try to tell me that was a coincidence.

Maya wrote: “We are all special.... I am sorry if your parents didn't tell you that growing up.”

I suggest you look “special” up in your dictionary, Maya. If everyone is special, no one is. Because then the word has no meaning.

Maya wrote: “No I didn't thank you for that enlightening fact which again has nothing to do with my point of the cops have better things to do than follow Emery araound calling his lanlords.”

Cops have to enforce all laws, Maya, not just the ones you agree with or consider important. We could have the cops focus exclusively on murders, but that would mean no one would ever investigate your stolen car or mugged grandmother.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-15 3:52:52 PM

P.S. Kerry, you admonished us not once, but twice, to "think about that." Perhaps it's your turn to consider the arguments above and do some thinking.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-15 3:54:25 PM

Many of you are judging Marc Emery by what he supports and condones. While it may be true that you can at least derive some knowledge of a person by what they do, you still don't know Marc as a person and therefore have no right to pass judgment or prejudice on him.

To me, Marc Emery is a very compassionate person willing to help everyone and anyone who needs the help. He has helped thousands of terminally ill patients cope with the pain of their illnesses, and side effects of the treatments, by providing them a means to alleviate it.

Marijuana users are rarely violent, if at all. We do not commit crimes to get the substance we love so much. The majority of responsible adult marijuana users are extremely productive members of society. I'm a very successful web developer in Los Angeles, and a regular user of marijuana. Marc Emery has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in tax revenue through his various businesses that have been channeled back into public projects.

Can you testify to the same for, let's say, an addicted cocaine or heroin user???

I rest my case.

Posted by: Ryan Marshall | 2008-07-15 4:17:34 PM

Ryan, what a load of bullshit. Good only for a laugh.

In 6 months, no one will remember Marc Emery, thank God. May he use his time in jail to reflect on more healthy and productive pursuits that are in the greater interest of his family and his community.

Being a drug pusher is hardly heroic.


Posted by: epsilon | 2008-07-15 4:26:13 PM

I'm not gonna waste time and argue the case for Marijuana. We all know the truth, and that is that Marijuana frees the mind and heart.

This small defeat is, well, ridiculous. But, all is not lost. The VPD will pay for this one, even if it's only in karma.

BTW: The poster in the window at commercial drive spot says it all- We don't sell pot.

"Don't smoke the official dope, smoke the dope dope." - Allen Ginsberg

Posted by: Brad McCall | 2008-07-15 4:27:30 PM

ebt, Marc Emery doesn't sell drugs, nor did he plan to. In his current locations, Marc sells marijuana literature, paraphernalia, clothing, food, and offers lounges with vaporizers for customers to smoke their own pot. Marc knew it was a ballsy move to open up a big new store on Commercial called "Marc Emery's Pot Headquarters," Marc doesn't hide in the shadows–he always tries to be direct, open, and honest. If the Vancouver Police Department told Marc's landlord that he was selling pot, the answer should not have been "I know", but rather "stop harassing me and my tenant, you liars."

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-07-15 4:36:23 PM

Sounds like Emery is one stupid person. He attracts trouble like a magnet. Time to drop that zero and get yourself a hero!

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 4:46:28 PM

Zebulon Pike i hope you never have an illness that can only be helped from marijuna.if i was as blind as you are my child would be dead.she has intractable seizures and there is not one single pharmacutical drug left to try.she is a legal medical marijuana exemptee and for you to say that a man that is fighting for peoples rights should go to jail is disgusting.my childs doctors agree with the marijuana infact they will be starting to try it on others.if i had not tried this amazing plant i would have had to bury my chilod and you will never convince me or any parent dedicated to saving thier childs life that marc should ever go to jail if it werent for him i couldnt look into my childs smiling eyes and hear her laughter.you need to educate yourself.unless of course you think death is much better than living life.

Posted by: cheryl | 2008-07-15 4:52:46 PM

Cheryl: keep your poison away from me and my loved ones. I shoot back.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 4:54:13 PM

poison wow i have nothing but pity for your ignorance too bad u refuse to be educated.my prayers r for your family and you that u never have to suffer because u might as well just shoot your own family.by the way threating to shoot me wow thats mature.what are u 10 yrs old?

Posted by: cheryl | 2008-07-15 5:11:46 PM

When it comes to simple drug possesion for personal use in Canada the verbal rhetoric used by many politicians that contributes to the legal gray area amazes me. The gray area is either so long or so wide depending on the ruling Canadian party.

Simply put a 'War on Drugs' stance leads down a road of instant failure. In fact a simple analysis of 'War on Drugs' statistics one could argue a reverse effect has taken place - drugs have become cheaper, an increase in the number of addicts, and an increase in demand. Financing such wars are ludicrous. Monies allocated to healthcare and education is a better investment.

Posted by: Chad Fetterly | 2008-07-15 5:40:14 PM

If some druggie breaks into my home looking for something to steal to support their habit, they'll leave in a body bag, guaranteed. I have rights and freedoms too.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 5:40:55 PM

Apparently I don't need to voice my opinions, Shane Mathews already knows what I am thinking! lol.

"Then why did you mention only criminals who traditionally target women? Don’t try to tell me that was a coincidence."

I mentioned heinous crimes, without thought to the "traditional" victims or perpetrators. Those were examples used to illustrate that the police are clearly harassing a man who has not comitted a crime in Canada. For what "crime" was it necessary for the police to call his landlord......none. Obviously they did not find anything on the premise that they could charge him with. Obviously the city gave him a business license. Does he grow the seeds, does he sell bud? Obviously not or he would be in a Canadian prison. I don't care which crimes the police busy themselves with but at least with one that there is an actual offense for. Maybe if the VPD had shown that much interest to the woman who reported the crazy man on the pig farm there would have been less bodies.


Main Entry: 1spe·cial
Pronunciation: \ˈspe-shəl\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French especial, from Latin specialis individual, particular, from species species
Date: 13th century
1: distinguished by some unusual quality; especially : being in some way superior
2: held in particular esteem
3 a: readily distinguishable from others of the same category : unique b: of, relating to, or constituting a species : specific
4: being other than the usual : additional, extra
5: designed for a particular purpose or occasion

We are all special, even you...even if you don't think so.

Posted by: maya | 2008-07-15 5:52:12 PM

Speaking of "special", according to Wikipedia (not the best source, I know, but oh well), when Emery is extradicted, he will spend his sentence in the Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado. That's where the put the worst of the worst.


Here's who his cellmates will be - well actually he will spend 23 hours a day alone so he will have no human contact. They include John Walker Lindh the American Taliban, Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Ted Koczynski the Unabomber, and Terry Nichols the Oklahoma City bomber.

All this in support of his drug habit. Emery is a poster child for what drugs will do to you.

Here's my suggestions for the recriminalization of drugs:

1st charge, 10 hours community service, record expunged after one year. My preferred form of community service = cleaning highway embankments.

2nd-10th charges, increments of 5 hours per charge, record expunged after one year.

11th - 1 year in jail, permanent criminal record because you obviously can't be trusted. Good luck finding a job.

12th - 5 years. And so on until you die, loser.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 6:04:45 PM

i completely agree with protecting ones family yes but i have never heard of someone smoking pot and break and entering into a home to cause violence harm or theft.....that doesnt even close to fit the pharmacology of marijuana or its effects on its users.
the gray area is definately way to large.
i must say it baffles me that canada accepts the taxes marc pays for doing NOTHING wrong,but then can agree to hand him off for jail time.wouldnt that make the candian government guilty aswell of illegal drug dealing? if the government can happily take the tax money then he is not guilty of breaking the law.

Posted by: cheryl | 2008-07-15 6:06:24 PM

Zebulon and so on: I'm amazed by your positions. Maybe "shocked" is a better word. I'm pretty sure you're exaggerating your positions for the sake of getting reactions like mine, but I'm not so sure.

How can anyone think that pot warrants tossing a guy in with the Unabomber? No one reasonable would think this.

Maya is right--the police are wasting their resources on marijuana. If people want to smoke pot, let them. There is no evidence that pot smokers commit more real crimes, no evidence that pot smokers are dumber (in fact, there's evidence to suggest that they are slightly academically better than abstainers at the highschool level), no (solid) evidence that pot is a gateway drug to worse drugs, and every reason to think that just about every "kind" of person has or does now smoke pot.

At any rate, it doesn't matter. You don't have a case other than "he broke the law, ipso facto he deserves jail." Of course that's a non sequitur, but I don't want to derail your moral crusade by insisting on good reasons to agree with your position, or even arguments that work.

Or, you could offer something by way of argument.

Emery never hid anything that he did. He advertised everything, and willingly cooperated with the police. He paid his taxes, and noted that he got money from marijuana seed sales on his tax returns. He gave the government access to all of his financial information. He hides nothing. That's partly why judges have looked so kindly on his cases, in general, whenever he appeared before one (except for that one in Saskatoon).

He *is* willing to do the time. He could have sought asylum in his brother's church. He could have fled the country. He did neither. His *mission* is to legalize pot. If he can stir up Canadians to jump to his defense, that furthers his mission. Good for him.

And, of course, let's not forget the ominous parallels between this case and Canada's Human Rights Commissions...

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-07-15 6:33:46 PM

dear Zebulon do you know the definition of poison?
allow me to cite from the dictionary
1. A substance that causes injury, illness, or death, especially by chemical means.
2. Something destructive or fatal.
3. Chemistry & Physics A substance that inhibits another substance or a reaction: a catalyst poison.

No death was EVER in history caused by the cannabis plant. even the DEA confirms it.
One more thing, please someone correct me if i'm wrong, (this one goes to those who say Marc wasn't willing to spend any time in jail) but indeed Marc SERVED time in jail already and proposed to spend time in the USA if his two friends Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey were spared the sentence from the USA.
Oh! and did anyone in here knew that in the 30's scientists declared that cannabis was LESS addictive and harmful than tobacco or coffee?
inform yourselves on FACTS before stating ANYTHING. I personally do not use cannabis recreationally, however i know many people who use it and they function in society much better than many who smoke tobacco and/or drink coffee.FACTS

Posted by: Bolzen Ukepi | 2008-07-15 6:41:49 PM

"He *is* willing to do the time."

Then why is he fighting extradition?

He's a punk using the guise of "Canadian nationalism" to evade responsibility for his offenses.

That some see him as a hero is truly sad.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 6:42:49 PM

The reason everybody thinks what emery does is a crime is because it's illegal, but the only reason it's illegal is because the government says so. So if the government says something bad then is it bad, no, thats their opinion. Sure, emery "Broke the law", but he did it because he wants to overgrow the government and to finally let them know, the war on drugs is not the answer. Marijuana smoking has it's risks along with many other things, but why should someone have their life thrown away not because of smoking too much but because of being caught growing or something. They say drugs break families, in some cases, yes because of the different beliefs in the family but most of the time it's because someone gets arrested for some stupid posession charge or manufacture charge making them go to jaila nd breaking the family up. Many people choose to trust the government and to believe what they say, but the government makes laws also to get their way and to have. Also on a last note, pot smokers are caring people people just like everyone else, it's everyone else who paints a picture that they are bad druggie people. Is it honostly a sin to feel good once in a while? I mean come on, pot is a natural plant and it can be eaten and in which cases has NO HEALTH RISKS! (so why is it bad again?). People claim it makes you dumb, BS! If you smoke it a lot you are always partially high, and it could cause you to forget a little more than normal (barely able to noticet he difference) but once it has worn off completely (after THC's halflife in your body) you would be back to 100% normal. They say it kills braincells, BS! It turns certain braincells off in your brain during the effects(The High) but then inspires more braincell production after the effects. Pot is addiciting, somewaht true. but when someone is addicted to pot they smoke 1 joint a day and if they dont ahve the money to buy more pot they will not have withdrawal symptoms and wont make them crazy. Now there are people addicited to smoking tobacco, half-1-2 packs a day!!!!! people addicited to alcohol are even sometimes on the street and its legal?! THC the active chemical in MJ is not a toxin and u would fall asleep FAR before you could smoke enough MJ to die. You can OD on alcohol very quickly!

Posted by: George | 2008-07-15 6:51:13 PM

Druggies should be put on the same level as child molesters. I don't want them anywhere near myself or my loved ones. Is that asking too much?

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 6:52:47 PM

you do drink alcohol do you? or coffee? or smoke tobacco? if you answered yes to at least one of them you aren't better than a cannabis user. you are no better than a child molester.

Posted by: Bolzen Ukepi | 2008-07-15 7:00:47 PM

ok i just need to mention some things about marijuana.it actually technically is a natural suppliment.heres why
in our brain we naturally produce endocannibinods and cannibinods.therefore when one smokes or eats marijuana you are actually supplimenting your natural need.everyone on the planet makes these in their body.if u have calcium suppilments or zinc or iron u are putting in elements your body already produces.that infact makes marijuana a natrual suppliment.medical science already knows this.as well cbd and thc combined in specific amounts does reduce seizures dramatically.i have medical proof on that.

Posted by: cheryl | 2008-07-15 7:01:52 PM

wait wait wait what is your favourite music genre? Jazz? Louis Armstrong loved Cannabis so much he entitled one of his albums "Muggles" wich was the term at the times referring to cannabis sigarettes. Rock? i won't even get started on that. Beat? figures the Beatles used plenty of LSD. Pop? same as Rock...maybe you could comfort yourself with classical music, but it is a fact that musicians used opium laced wine in order to get inspiration from the muse exeption was Beethoven who couldn't afford drugs due to his misery and deep faith in technique. what is it that scares you about drugs?
however i would like to see your reaction if faced with extradition charges because you sent some penicillin spores to Sudan where they are illegal (hypothetically not really, this was just to give you an idea)

Posted by: Bolzen Ukepi | 2008-07-15 7:12:03 PM

Nothing but weak arguments. Face it - with supporters like you people, Emery is going to spend the rest of his life in the Supermax with the terrorists.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-07-15 7:15:57 PM

"So, if the police told Emery's landlord that Emery was going to be using the premises to sell pot, why wasn't the answer "I know"?"

Marc Emery has never sold drugs. The DEA admitted it in court because they tried many times but Marc doesn't sell drugs.

Marc did sell marijuana seeds. He cannot now as his bail conditions forbid it, and have since the DEA/VPD raid in July 2005.

The new store would sell clothes, books, and paraphernalia. No seeds, no drugs. There was nothing illegal planned for the new store, just as absolutely nothing illegal happens in our current massive four-floor headquarters (plus convenience store across the street) on the 300-block of West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, where Marc has been a legitimate businessman and store owner for over a decade with glowing recommendations from his landlords.

Also, Marc Emery did not smuggle seeds into the USA. He offered them for sale to everyone in the world, just as hundreds of other seed companies did and still do. If anyone is guilty of "smuggling" seeds over the border, it's the Canadian and US Postal services. If not them, then the Americans ordering the illegal product and having it mailed to themselves are the guilty ones, just as they would be if they illegally bought and ordered Cuban cigars from Canada.

Regardless, Marc Emery did what he did because he wanted to demonstrate how unjust the laws are. He did the very same with Sunday shopping, obscene music records, garbage strikes and taxpayer-funded boondoogle events. He got arrested and jailed for standing up for those types of causes to change those laws, so did the very same with the seed selling business.

Just a few thoughts.

Posted by: Jodie Emery | 2008-07-15 7:24:00 PM

I support PMJ's comments on this one and I cannot say I know Marc at all. That is not the point. It is amazing how many talk about freedom (when their own is threatened) but then want government imposed morality for those with whom they do not agree. Sorry but you cannot have it both ways and to argue that this man is no different than a thief, rapist, murderer, terrorist or whatever is non sense.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-07-15 7:24:39 PM

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