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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ted!

Alberta's greatest living conservative–and my friend–Ted Byfield, turned 80 last week. As most of those reading this blog will know, Ted was the founder of the newsmagazine Alberta Report, which for 30 years was the only conservative magazine in Canada, and was the inspiration for its woefully short-lived successor, the Western Standard. Ted has by no means settled into graceful retirement. He's busily working on the 12-volume history of Christianity, The Christians, whose seventh volume I recently helped him complete. I would urge anyone interested in the single greatest shaping force of western civilization, and in helping Ted fulfil his final dream, to buy this very readable book. You can get the details at www.christianhistoryproject.com. Those who want to wish Ted a belated happy birthday or contribute financially to his project (a couple of hundred thousand would come in handy just about now) can email him at tedbyfield AT shaw DOT ca. His son Link and daughter-in-law Joanne threw a nice party for him at their acreage north of Edmonton. If you want to hear about the party, along with a couple of Ted Byfield anecdotes, you're welcome to visit my blog at ricdolphin.com.

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Happy Birthday, Ted!
(My dad turned 80 last week, too.)

Posted by: Grant Brown | 2008-07-15 11:40:33 PM

Hope you have many more Ted.

Posted by: peterj | 2008-07-16 12:35:29 AM

Hey, Ted!


You are a National Treasure and if the Order of Canada wasn't so besmirched you'd deserve to be on that Honours List.

As it is, there are a lot of us--though not enough--who know what you've contributed to the common good in Canada and how prescient you've been, all along, about the destructive social trends touted by too many lib-left forces in Canada.

God bless you! I think my husband and I are signed up for your latest volume; we'll have to check this out and make sure that we are...

Posted by: batb | 2008-07-16 7:53:37 AM

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