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Monday, June 30, 2008

Morgentaler to get Order of Canada

LifeSiteNews.com is reporting today that the Order of Canada Advisory Council has voted to award the Order of Canada to abortion advocate Henry Morgentaler:

OTTAWA, June 29, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - LifeSiteNews has received confirmation through various sources that the Order of Canada Advisory Council has indeed voted to award the Order of Canada to notorious abortionist and militant atheist Henry Morgentaler today or tomorrow.  There is reported to be a movement among Members of Parliament and others to attempt to stop the award or at least protest it as being inappropriate and against the opinion of a majority of Canadians.

In more Order of Canada news, The Canadian Press reported a few days ago that New Democrat MP Charlie Angus wants to strip Conrad Black of his Order of Canada. Black lost an appeal of his fraud and obstruction of justice convictions last week, which prompted Angus to call for the Governor General to remove Black for the prestigious Order of Canada.

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The case for stripping Black of the Order should be a no-brainer. They took it away from Alan Eagleson, who served less time than Black for comparable crimes, so taking it away now should be a pretty obvious step. Personally, I think Black should have lost the Order the day he renounced his Canadian citizenship, but even now that seems to be a further relevent consideration in taking back the honour. We don't need to be giving our top award to British felons doing time in US jails.

As for Morgentaler, let me just say I am surprised he is getting it. I'll leave other comments for the usual gang of whining outraged commentators. Rage on!!!

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-06-30 10:47:51 AM

Unlike Morgentaler, who is a murderer of infants, Lord Black has made a very important contribution to Canada. Patron of the arts, newspaper publisher, scion of industry etc.

Posted by: atric | 2008-06-30 12:00:01 PM

For citizens who make a differnce, who improved the country, who have a desire to build a better nation? To be presented by a Haitian voodoo princess, who was caught on tape toasting the breakup of Canada.

It's a joke. Nobody gives a rat's about it.

Posted by: dp | 2008-06-30 12:00:21 PM

Chretien invoked the Nickel resolution of 1918 to
vindictavely prevent Black from retaining Canadian citizenship and being knighted by the British simultaneously all because Black's newspapers exposed his corrupt, scandalous government.
If the leader of the most corrupt government in Canadian history rates the Order of Canada then let's also hand them out to every tin pot dictator.

If Morgentaler deserves the award then so should Bernardo and Olsen.

Posted by: Bocanut | 2008-06-30 12:23:47 PM

Canada has surely lost it's way.

Posted by: Sounder | 2008-06-30 12:49:59 PM

Yes, Chretien invoked an obscure law to prevent Black from keeping his Citizenship when he became a member of the British House of Lords. We all know why. Chretien was being small minded and vindictive, to quote Gomery, "small town cheap" as well.

Black is the intellectually superior to Chretien as well as NOT A LIBERAL. Wonder if he would have been able to accept something similar from the Isle of France and still retain his citizenship?

Chretien was the leader who enabled Adscam was he not? How about some other shady deals that went down during his watch, anyone care to list them?

The Order of Canada has long ago had it's value diminished, as has the Nobel Prize for the same reason.

The rumoured Morgantaler award makes no sense, but then, it doesn't have to apparently. Common sense might dictate it should not be given to someone whose "contribution" to the country is controversial.

Neither should Senate appointments be given to toadies and bagmen of the PM as Chretien was really good at. Several who stroked his ego found themselves with a cushy seat in the Senate.

Chretien is a very mediocre man IMHO.

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-06-30 1:13:54 PM

Is it just me, or does Lord Black of Crossharbour sound like the name of a villain in an RPG?

Still, I think Conrad Black is pretty cool and it was a sad day when he was convicted.

Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-06-30 1:33:35 PM

It is quite clear that western and eastern Canada have a different vsion for this country. To allow this man to receive the Order of Canada shows this. "Canadian values" are being judged by elite idealists that have lost touch with common folk. I have never been a seperatist, but it is clear that the four western provinces see things in a very different way than the east. It's a sad day for Canada as a whole.

Posted by: Boggy | 2008-06-30 4:21:09 PM

There is some hope. Last week, the British government withdrew Robert Mugabe's honorary knighthood. Morgantoler's award can always be taken back.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-06-30 5:45:21 PM

Mugabe's followers would slit his throat if he blinked. He won't blink. Black's followers would ostracise him totally if he blinked. He won't blink. Morgentaler's followers wouldn't know a blink from a sneeze.

Posted by: dewp | 2008-06-30 5:58:57 PM

To dp: The Governor General of Canada is not a "Haitian voodoo princess". She is a grand and fine lady representing Canadian values and aspirations, deserving of the highest praise. Her skirmish with the separatists is a footnote of insignificant significance. Try to keep a reasonable perspective.

Posted by: dewp | 2008-06-30 8:54:29 PM

See the "work" of abortionists at http://www.AbortionNo.org. Then ask yourself is this "work" worthy of The Order of Canada? SJG.

Posted by: Stephen J. Gray | 2008-06-30 9:03:04 PM

Her skirmish with the separatists is a footnote of insignificant significance.

Posted by: dewp | 30-Jun-08 8:54:29 PM

A skirmish doesn't usually involve raising your glass and smiling. I think you've indeed been dewped.

Posted by: dp | 2008-06-30 10:55:15 PM

Henry Morgentaler has be a boon to immigration and to multiculturalism by way of suppressing home grown Canadian reproduction.

Who represents the Odor of Canada better than he unless it could be Stephen Harper who could apologise for the very existence of us all?

Posted by: Speller | 2008-06-30 11:30:23 PM

my emails correspondence with CTV reporter Scott Laurie:

Well, in my research I found this:

Did the Supreme Court say that the existing law "violates a woman's right to security of person under section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms...."?

Yes it did.

Is the Charter of Rights a part of the constitution?

Yes it is.

Has the court allowed a woman's right to access abortion to be protected by the charter?

Well - according to Justice Bertha Wilson in her opinion - "section 251 violated a woman's personal autonomy by preventing her from making decisions affecting her and her fetus' life. "

She wrote, "the woman's decision to abort her fetus is one that is so profound on so many levels that goes beyond being a medical decision and becomes a social and ethical one as well."

She continues...

"By removing the women's ability to make the decision and giving it to a committee would be a clear violation of their liberty and security of person."

So, yes, the court has given those rights protection.

Has a new law been adopted in the 20 years since this ruling?

Despite at least one attempt, no.

You disagree with my choice of the word "enshrined" - but the de facto effect of our court's ruling, until a new abortion law is passed, is that abortion is protected by the charter which has been entrenched in our constitution since 1982. .

I'm sure the country will continue to wrestle with this issue for generations.

below is my email that Scott responds to posted above:
From: Merle T
To: Scott Laurie
Sent: Wed Jul 02 23:50:07 2008
Subject: abortion.

Dear Scott,

According to your commentary today you said that access to abortion was "enshrined" by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Morgentaler decision. That is simply not true. The court simply did away with the old law and left a huge lawless void in Canada with no real limits to gestational age for abortions.There is now no abortion law at the federal level at all and now Morgentaler has been awarded for making abortion on demand a reality in Canada.

Please do some research before making such statements.

Thank you,

Merle Terlesky

Calgary, Alberta

my response to that email is below:

Well Scott the Court did not I think intend to allow for abortion on demand in this country and that is what we have now. You just said there has been no law in 20 years. The parliment of Canda has not passed any legislation either so there is " no law" per say.
I disagree sorry that the charter enshrines abortion rights. What we have is a lot of weak and cowardly politicians of ALL stripes that refuse to introduce any limits to abortion in Canada.
Does a woman have the right under the charter to abort her baby at 18 weeks or later without any threat to her life if the pregnancy was carried to full term? Show me please where there is any limit on gestational age for abortion is Canada- there is none!!

Scott abortion clinic in Toronto
12 weeks pregnant $450.00
12 or 13 weeks pregnant $550.00
14 or 15 weeks pregnant $650.00

If you are a resident of another province, you will need to bring your medicare card for that province and the fees are as follows:

<12 weeks pregnant $300.00
12 or 13 weeks pregnant $400.00
14 or 15 weeks pregnant $500.00

Cabbagetown Women's Clinic offers women:
Both first trimester (5-12 weeks gestation) and second trimester (13-23 weeks gestation) therapeutic abortion procedures

Morgentaler clinic info:
Our clinics perform abortion procedures from approximately 7 weeks up to approximately 19 weeks gestation, however each location may have different provincial gestational guidelines. If your pregnancy is earlier or later than our gestational limits, we will do our best to help facilitate information or an appointment at another facility that can accommodate your needs.

23 Weeks Scott that is very late and no need for that abortion to be carried out due to a threat to the womans health.

So this is not health care at all, this is abortion on demand whenever and for whatever reason. No need to award Henry for this. BTW I was also a clinic escort for Henry in Toronto at his former Harbord Street Clinic. My home home on harbord was also a safe house for woman awaiting an abortion

Posted by: Merle Terlesky | 2008-07-02 10:54:34 PM

"the Court did not I think intend to allow for abortion on demand in this country"

I'm not sure it is up to you to interpret or "think" what the Supreme Court of Canada "intended".

Posted by: ariel | 2008-07-19 9:17:34 PM


"I'm not sure it is up to you to interpret or "think" what the Supreme Court of Canada "intended"."

Actually, we have something in this country called freedom of conscience or, if you prefer, freedom of opinion.

He can interpret the judgement of the Supreme court any way he wishes. It has no force in law, however.

And who knows, he might even be right.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-07-19 10:12:06 PM

Ariel wrote: "I'm not sure it is up to you to interpret or "think" what the Supreme Court of Canada "intended."

Well, let me make it clear for you. The existing law did make exceptions where the mother's life was in danger but the application was inconsistent, and it was this injustice the court sought to correct. That they intended for Canada to have NO law on abortion is not supported by the facts.

Of course, since opinion on the ruling was so divided that no rationale for striking down the law garnered more than two signatures, it's hard to know what they had on their minds. In any case, it's not for you to say who can or cannot think or interpret. That's a weak argument--in fact it's not an argument at all.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-07-19 10:35:05 PM

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