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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Milton Friedman still ticking lefties off even from the grave

The University of Chicago is slated to name an Economic institute after Milton Friedman, but the social sciences and humanities faculty (i.e. the left flank at U of C) are signing a petition to prevent the university's administration from choosing the Free to Choose author's as its namesake even though Friedman made famous the "Chicago School" right there at U of C. That's not enough for the leftists. Some 100 professors are worried

about intellectual diversity. The lefties point to statements in the proprosal that say the institute will "Typify some of Milton Friedman's most interesting academic work." That is simply unacceptable. According to one Music professor Robert Kendrick, "I don't think any institute of any educational institution should be so strongly aligned behind a single ideological program." Really Bob? Why don't you apply that logic to the Humanities and English departments at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. John Cochrane, a business professor even gets it wrong in trying to assuage the knee-jerks of the humanities lefties. "There will be no ties to any party," he said. "It will not be a home for administration officials while Republicans wait out the [ Barack] Obama administration." John, the lefties aren't worried about republicans hiding out. They are worried about free-market capitalism--not exactly something current Republicans can claim they have a consistent record of support. Read between the lines of this statement: "For many people who travel around the word, the university has had a pretty bad reputation that is tied to the Chicago School and economic principles that Milton Friedman advocated," said Yali Amit, a U. of C. statistics and computer science professor. (Okay, so maybe not all the socialists are in the humanities) In other words, its Friedman's capitalism not his politics that are causing all the kvetching.

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No news here folks, just more proof that academics are one of the two largest threats to Capitalism (Friedman's words). Socialism, through it's Fuhrer concept (Von Mises words) provides a safe haven for these elitists who consider themselves more enlightened and deserving of their natural role of replacing the market when it comes to the myriad of decisions facing the lowly rabble. Take away their Ivory-Tower tenure and they would at least be accountable to their respective administrations rather than academic institutional (union or union-like) socialist herd mentality.

May the Internet replace 99% of them at a small fraction of the current cost of near exclusively leftist biased education.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-06-22 12:15:31 PM

John, well said!

Posted by: TM | 2008-06-22 7:50:42 PM

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