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Friday, June 27, 2008

Lefties ♥ Levant

Toronto's Eye Weekly has a feature article about former Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant. There are, as one might expect given the publication, the usual jabs at Ezra, the "ranting neo-con stereotype", but the article is still well worth a read.

"It’s now been over 850 days since Levant’s former magazine was the subject of a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission for publishing those Danish editorial cartoons, a dozen satirical images of the prophet Muhammad.
What might have been perceived as a stunt by a garrulous young media mogul to get banned from the newsstand at Indigo and gain national publicity for a regional magazine has turned into a fight against Canada’s institutional definition of human rights — and the tribunals implemented across the country to enforce it."

I'm often asked by Western Standard readers what Ezra Levant does now that he's parted ways with the magazine, the profile gives a little window into his life, background and motivations but also into his time spent blogging, researching for his book on the HRCs, and traveling for speaking engagements.

" 'Rather than seeing this as unfinished business with the magazine,' says Levant, 'I had the time to go through seven or eight years of rulings from the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Not just judgments, full transcripts of 200 cases.
'I wouldn’t call it destiny, but it was a fortunate coincidence that they decided to go after me when I wouldn’t roll over. I’m stubborn — stubborn, and organized.'
The curtain rose in January of this year, when his defiant appearance before a human rights investigator was filmed — and promptly posted online, putting Levant’s daily blog diatribes in context."

Reading about Ezra's Alberta HRC investigation, I just had to go back and watch those youtube videos again. What a great start to my weekend!

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It is a bit unfair to categorize Eye Weekly as leftist. To be sure, they are owned by the Toronto Star and target creative types. And their confusion about what they do stand for is underscored by the presumption that Ezra is "the kind of person [their readers] don’t like."

Still, behind that leftist veneer are indisputable libertarian underpinnings. Unlike the Star, I find myself often agreeing with EW's editorial positions. They are right on target with this one

Posted by: Steve | 2008-06-27 9:57:34 PM

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